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When They Get Jealous and Want Attention

Sam Chisolm

Sam tries to be mature about it, he really does.  But after going through what he’s lived, becoming a little overprotective just becomes a part of life.  If he sees you talking to someone he doesn’t recognize, red flags pop up everywhere, and he comes to collect you because “Faraday and Vasquez won’t stop fighting and they listen to you” or “Faraday took one of Billy’s knives and shit’s going down.”  If you know why he keeps coming up with excuses, you don’t say anything, and instead choose to appreciate how much he cares about you.

Joshua Faraday

Oh dear Lord, this man is the biggest child.  You’ve told him time and time again that there’s no need to be jealous, and that he can’t be the only one you ever talk to, but he doesn’t listen.  He uses the exact same routine every time he wants your attention.  You’ll be having a conversation, and you’ll feel a tap on your shoulder followed by a “Hey, Y/N; watch this!” You’ll turn around and he’ll show you the same card trick for the billionth time.  Then he’ll do the whole “For my next trick, I’ll make your acquaintance disappear!” Before pulling out his gun and shooting at the ground in front of his feet.  This can end in two ways.  You both getting escorted out of the saloon, or Faraday pulled into a duel out front.
It’s usually both.

Red Harvest

As his significant other, you can normally see when Red gets jealous.  He’s stiffer, and his face is stonier than usual.  But whoever you’re talking to can’t.  So when they notice the Comanche warrior staring at them from the other end of the bar, it’s little unnerving at first.  They shrug it off initially, but when they turn back to you, they can feel his gaze burning through them.  They unconsciously turn back, and sure enough.
He’s still staring.
And then they crack.  They’ll say their goodbyes, and with one last wary glance, they’re gone.  You’ll turn to Red with your hands on your hips and a “Really?” expression on your face, but the Comanche looks at you innocently.

Jack Horne

Jack’s been around the block a few times.  Jack is patient, and he waits for you to finish your conversation.  He takes an active interest in your social life and actually ends up befriending most of your friends as well.  He knows that you have the right to talk with other people, and he has no right to stop you, plus he trusts you wholeheartedly.  You let him go out with the rest of the Seven practically whenever he wants, so you deserve to do the same.
But he still stays near you throughout the night.

Goodnight Robicheaux

If Goodnight wants your attention, it’s easy for him to get it.  He just walks up to you and whoever you’re talking to, and eggs your acquaintance on until either a) the other person gets fed up and leaves, or b) the other person gets fed up and challenges him to a duel.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a) or b) because Goodnight manages to subtlety slip his name into the conversation.   The other person usually apologizes and runs off, but every once in awhile someone is dumb enough to stick around.
If the latter happens, Billy usually ends up getting involved.

Billy Rocks

Now, Billy won’t tell you he wants your attention.  And he’s so good at hiding his emotions that you won’t ever know that he’s jealous.  But the source of his envy will.  You never understand why the face of whoever you’re talking to suddenly pales, and why they quickly leave an instant later with a rushed farewell thrown over their shoulder.  At first, you think it’s something you said, but now you’re thinking it might have something to do with the fact that Billy suddenly shows up a second later, sliding one of his knives back into its sheath and dodging all your questions by taking a drink or changing the subject.


No one really lasts long when they talk to you.  It’s nothing you do, though. You’ll be having a normal conversation, when suddenly a pair of arms will wrap around you and a head will rest on top of yours.  You’ll try to carry on a conversation, but it’ll be a little more difficult.  There will be hands playing with your hair, and lips graze your cheeks and temples every so often.  Then it becomes a battle of wills.  You’ll try to talk like nothing is happening, but the arms around you will tighten and the lips will eventually move down your neck.  Your acquaintance usually breaks first and leaves.  You’ll try to be mad, but then he makes that face and you forget what you were even talking about.

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With the town of Rose Creek under the deadly control of industrialist Bartholomew Bogue, the desperate townspeople employ protection from seven outlaws, bounty hunters, gamblers and hired guns.


Regina King as Samantha Chisolm, an African-American warrant officer from Lincoln, Kansas, and leader of the Seven.

Charlize Theron as Johanna Faraday, a flirty gambler with a fondness for explosives.

Winona Ryder as Ellen “Goodnight” Robicheaux,  a Confederate veteran and sharpshooter who is haunted by her past.

Greta Scacchi as Jane Horne, a religious tracker and mountain woman.

Lucy Liu as Mary Rocks, an East Asian immigrant and assassin who likes to utilize in knives.

Bárbara Mori as Gabriela Vasquez, a Mexican outlaw who has been on the run for several months.

Julia Jones as Red Harvest, an exiled Comanche warrior and the youngest of the Seven.

EDIT: I’d like to thank @activationprotocol for pointing out my error in casting Lucy Liu as fem!Billy since Byung-hun Lee is Korean, not Chinese. I’m so sorry for my mistake. Mary Rocks’ actress is now Kim Nam-joo. Here is her picture:

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So there's a lot on the Internet about what goes on before a battle, and even during battle (at least, after you wade through all the video game information), but what happens after? Did the losers or winners bury their dead comrades, or was that left to the people who live on the land they fought on? Did anyone think to conduct funeral rites of some sort? Or did they just lah-de-dah off into the sunset and hope the opponents didn't follow?

A quick Google for the term “medieval battlefield graves” brought up plenty of info. Here’s one useful page

Though some battlefields were left littered with bodies, either if the battle was fought far from human habitation or to make a point

…there were plenty of recorded mass burials, like these at Culloden.

One of the best known is at Visby, where hot weather and fast decomposition meant the winners buried - or ordered the locals to bury - a lot of enemy casualties not from altruism but to prevent disease. They were already getting too unpleasant to strip or loot (given the stronger medieval stomach, that says how nasty the bodies had become) so ended up providing lots of archaeological evidence of what “low-to-mid-level” armour like coats-of-plates looked like.

It also gave graphic evidence of what medieval weapons were capable of doing.

Even the fairly sober “Blood Red Roses” documentary about Towton had people expressing shock about this. It’s as if the scientists came to their work in a haze of fictional chivalry and knights-in-shining-armour (or possibly just the supposed “bluntness” of European medieval swords) and were surprised when they discover that hitting a man in the face with what was more like a three-foot-long razorblade did the same then as it would do now.

A modern sniper’s head shot makes just as much mess - check the famous Zapruder film, and that involved just a 6.5mm round, not the massive Barrett .50 (14.5mm) which can go most of the way to the Dirty Harry thing of “Blow your head clean off”. Yet injuries from hot lead don’t seem to provoke the same surprise as those from cold steel.

There may have been funeral rites of some sort; in fact, it being a fairly religious age, there probably were. It would have been as easy for a priest to say a funeral mass over a hole with 100 or 1000 corpses in it as over a hole containing one.

Not doing so probably involved religious differences, as in the Crusades, or was just putting the spiritual boot in to interfere with the enemy’s afterlife, like this incident in the classic John Ford / John Wayne 1956 western “The Searchers”…

[Brad Jorgenson smashes the head of a dead Comanche warrior with a rock]

Reverend Clayton: “Jorgenson!”

Ethan Edwards: “Why don’t you finish the job?”

[He draws his gun and shoots out the dead Comanche’s eyes]

Reverend Clayton: “What good did that do ya?”

Ethan Edwards: “By what you preach, none. But what that Comanche believes, ain’t got no eyes, he can’t enter the spirit-land. Has to wander forever between the winds. You get it, Reverend?”

I don’t know how viewers of sixty years ago would have responded to this; maybe they weren’t shocked, maybe they thought “the murderin’ redskin had it coming”. Or maybe, since Ethan was played by a noted “good guy” like Wayne, they’d have felt properly uncomfortable since it proves that the character isn’t a hero but an anti-hero, with a corrosive level of hatred that goes beyond the grave.

A brief scene of a grave-marker near the beginning shows that Ethan’s mother was killed by Comanches - the death of a family member is one of “the usual reasons” for any revenge-driven movie character - and Martin Scorsese writes

(Ethan) hates Comanches so much that he actually has bothered to learn their beliefs in order to violate them.

(Ethan can also speak the Comanche language, going oddly far given his attitude which is that, quoting another film character entirely, “(I am) distrustful of language. A gun means what it says.“)

IMO this hatred at a spiritual level would have been equally shocking in Medieval and Early Modern Europe, at least among people of the same religion - you tried not to treat the enemy too badly either alive or dead in the hope that their side would do the same to yours.

It didn’t always happen - and still doesn’t, so we shouldn’t do any back-patting on that score  - but sometimes it did even when not expected. A mass grave from the Battle of Lützen in the Thirty Years War, which was a really nasty religious war between flavours of Christianity, revealed that…

A few facts have already come to light. For example, the corpses…were, at least, carefully laid to rest. The bodies were gathered from the battlefield and placed in a grave next to the street, arranged in two rows with their legs facing each other.

Several layers of dead probably lie within these two blocks, although researchers have only uncovered the first. The burials were not taken care of by the surviving soldiers, who were already on their way to the next battle. Instead the good citizens of Lützen had to take on the unpleasant job. They asked 200 soldiers in the neighboring garrison of Weissenfels for extra support.

If there was care taken over laying out the bodies, it seems reasonable to assume that someone “said words” over them. Quite possibly the wrong words (Catholic service over Protestant corpses or vice versa) either because of what clergy was available, or maybe as a form of post-mortem conversion. It’s the thought that counts.

At least nobody said “Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms…

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Omg but no- the mag7 guys finding out/ dealing with your pregnancy

My brain is sort of dead rn so here are some gif reacts to their initial reactions when you give them the happy news. Ta-da. 


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He’s just so overcome by emotion. He lost so many people he loved to Bogue all those years ago. But now he’s getting the second chance he never thought he’d have. He’s getting to start a family of his own, and dammit, he will love and protect them until the day he dies. 


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I know I have used this gif for literally this exact Faraday headcanon in a different post. Faraday isn’t good at responsibility, and it was most likely an accident. Don’t worry. Sam will talk some sense into him. Goodnight will probably help with a slap upside the head. He’ll warm up to the idea. Just might take a teeny bit of time.


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He’s excited about it but at the same time sort of internally screaming because like, hey, he loves you, but also like what the hell, how am I going to be a dad, am I ready for this? I’m not ready for this. But maybe I am ready for this? Fuck yeah! Kids! I helped make a human! But shit I’m low key not ready for this. 


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It takes him a moment to process because he’s just in complete disbelief. Plus, there’s the added effect of “I didn’t know I wanted kids until right this very second in time.”

Red Harvest:

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He’s super happy but like he doesn’t go jumping around because he’s gotta keep the cool, mysterious Comanche warrior vibe going. That being said, he sees children as one of the most precious gifts life has to offer, and he’s incredibly thrilled to be getting a child of his own. 


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Everyone is shocked that Jack is romantic enough to do one of those spinning hugs. Also please note the wedding dress because he’s gonna marry the shit out of you.


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Cries a little bit, but then quickly covers up the fact that he’s crying because he’s gotta stay macho. He knows basically nothing about kids, but he does know that he’s ready to have a family. This gif just seemed so perfect and yet so ironic which tbh makes it even more perfect.