coma morning

Period Pains

Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: Reader gets a visit from mother nature and Peter is there to save the day. 

Word Count: 1,251

Warnings: Language (as always), period pain (?).

A/N: I apologize for my lack of posts. School has been weighing me down for the past few weeks. I’ll try and upload something new this week if I have time. Please let me know what you guys think! I decided to try someone other than Bucky, lol. Feedback really helps me understand what you guys like. 

You know the day right before you get your period or a few days before and you totally veg out with unnecessary junk? That’s what you were currently doing. Sitting on the couch with a mini Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, oreo’s, candy, you name it. You tried working on some school work that was supposed to be due tomorrow, but for the life of you, you couldn’t keep a damn focus on anything. 

Plopping down in your bed full of fluffy, warm blankets, you doze off into a food coma. However, the next morning, you would regret it all.


Your period. 

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When John sleeps he is a mess of limbs. He’s always on his tummy, with his arms and legs bent in strange directions and his body contorted to fit in whatever space he is confined to.

Arthur sleeps when he’s had too much whiskey and he’s too drunk to do anything else. He falls asleep on beds (occasionally), in chairs (more often), or on a nice patch of floor in the Garrison (Usually).

Michael sleeps on his side, with his arms under his pillow and his mouth slightly open. And he doesn’t snore. He’s really, really sure he doesn’t.

Tommy, well what Tommy does can’t really be called sleeping. Tommy lies still on his back with his eyes closed and his hands by his side in a drug induced coma that lasts till morning.  

You All Had It Coming

A/N: A follow up to yesterday’s Not This Again. I also had a couple requests for it, here and on my AO3 account. And this one is fluffy BAU where there reader exacts her revenge by surprising Rossi, Garcia, JJ and Morgan with pies to face XD @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn @unstoppableangel8


When you returned to the BAU that day, Garcia immediately came over and gave you the biggest hug imaginable. She pulled back and there were tears in her eyes, undoubtedly from the guilt she felt for being so mean to you. “You jumped in front a bullet for my JJ and I was so mean to you,” she cried, placing her hands on your face and hugging you again. “Can you forgive me? We were all being childish and then you went out there and put your life on the line and I just feel so awful and…”

“Garcia, chill,” you said, bringing your own hand up to rest on her shoulder. “I forgive you, okay? I’m not the type to insist on bigger and bigger apologies. You’re sorry. What’s done is done, alright?” You gave her a soft smile, your eyes slightly heavy after the events of the previous few hours. They had taken their toll and it was time for you to go home and sleep. “Although, I do have to warn you that Morgan, JJ and Rossi are all getting unknowing pies to the face as my revenge and you are included. So four pies.”

Her mouth dropped open and then spread into a smile. “Okay, I’m not asking you to tell me, but if you wouldn’t mind doing Morgan’s when I’m in the room I would really appreciate it.”

You told her no problem, that you’d definitely make sure she was there, and then suddenly you got distracted, watching as Blake walked across the room to her desk, having separated from the rest of the group upon their return to the bullpen. “Alright everyone, I’m a little sleepy, understandably, so I’m gonna head home. I do have one more stipulation for an apology.”

“What is it?” Rossi asked. “Anything.”

“I’m sure you probably had this in mind anyway, but I insist that everyone also apologize to Blake. She’s actually super cool.”

Rossi nodded, guilt still coursing through him that he’d been so salty with you and Blake. “Done.” 

Morgan, JJ and Garcia all agreed and the four of them walked away. Hotch told you that you’d done a great job and Spencer gave you a kiss before you turned and walked out of the Bureau for the day. 


Who gets the first pie?


Now by pie, you meant aluminum tin filed with whipped cream, and then maybe you’d make an actual pie for people to eat, but the first pie was definitely going to go to JJ; she would be the easiest because she was always in a coma in the morning, so she’d never see it coming. 

The only person you let in on your pie throwing was Blake, because she deserved to be there for every single one. Even Hotch and Spencer didn’t know when you were going to strike. 

The tension was high after a week. You still hadn’t even done the first one and everyone was waiting. In the refrigerator, you’d placed a delicious chocolate pudding pie that everyone assumed was the missile for your first strike, but as it gotten eaten over the course of the week, the team realized it must’ve been a decoy. 

That Monday morning of the second week, you and Blake rode the elevator up. She held the tin while you filled it up with whipped cream. Spencer, Hotch and Morgan were already there. As you came off the elevator, Hotch caught your eye and tried to hide a smirk as you ran up behind JJ’s desk and slammed the pie into her face. “Dammit!” she screamed. “I knew I was gonna be first!” She pulled the tin off her face and licked her lips as Spencer howled with laughter at his desk.

“Y/N, please let me be there for all of them! I’m gonna cry!”

“Of course, babe, no problem.”

JJ ran her fingers down her face and started eating the whipped cream. “At least it wasn’t shaving cream,” she shrugged. “And I feel like I owe you another apology. Come here, give me a hug.” She smiled and ran toward you, attempting to wipe her face all over yours. Running for your life, you ran across the bullpen like kids on a playground; you would only be able to evade her for so long.


After JJ got pied, you overheard Rossi, Morgan and Garcia trying to deduce when you were going to strike next and whom you were going to get. Your smile could not be contained when they settled on the fact that Rossi would be next, which naturally meant Rossi would not be next. Before they saw you, you ran to Blake and told her Garcia was going to be next and asked what might be the best way to go about getting her. 

“Don’t go for her in the lair,” she laughed. “She’s going to expect it there and plus, there’s no way you can sneak up on her in there, so my suggestion would be to get her first thing in the morning coming off the elevator or as she’s walking down the hall.” You and Blake had been close from the start, but you imagined you’d get even closer, especially given the parental relationship she seemed to have with both yourself and Spencer. 

It was only three days later when you decided to pie Garcia. Since Garcia wanted to be there for Morgan’s pie, it was only fair that the opposite apply too. “Are we still going out tonight?” she asked. “I’m seriously in the mood for Italian tonight.”

Morgan saw you approaching from behind and acted as if nothing was happening. Good boy, Morgan, you thought to yourself. You fuck this up for me you’re gonna get it worse. In an instant, you ran quietly up behind Garcia, tapped her on the shoulder, dodged as she spun around and smacked your pie-clad hand into her face. “Y/N!” you exclaimed.

“What you had it coming?” you laughed. “Two done two to go, bitches.”


Rossi’s pie was almost too easy. Seriously. After a long, but not necessarily rough case, the team headed back to the Bureau to do their after-case paperwork. Nearly an hour passed, everyone’s pens sliding across their desks in continuous monotony, and then it happened. You looked over and Rossi was sleeping with his head on his hand, which was propped up by his elbow. “Oh, this one is gonna be too simple,” you whispered to Blake, who giggled as you ran off to the break room to grab a tin and apply the necessary whipped topping. 

Upon your return, you walked up behind Rossi super slowly. While the previous pies had been fast and furious, this one was going to be slow and deliberate. Everyone watched in excitement as you walked up behind Rossi and simultaneously moved your pie hand forward while you pushed his head into your hand. Just as the delicious topping hit his face, he “woke up,” spinning around and getting half the pie on you too. “I was awake the whole time!” he laughed. “Did you really think you could fully get me? I’ve been profiling for 30 years!”

You licked the remnants of topping off your lips as a glob of it fell into your hand. “I still got you, just not fully. And Rossi…there is one thing you are forgetting.”

“What is that?” he asked with a self-satisfied smile. 

You showed him the topping still in your hand. “I can outrun you.”

He forgot about that.


Last was Morgan. He was going to be the hardest. After two long weeks since Rossi’s pie to the face, you finally came up with a good way to catch Morgan off guard. Everyone else had been pied at work, and tonight Morgan, Spence and Garcia were meeting at your place before heading to a movie.

As he walked into your apartment, he seemed like he was hesitating, not trusting you to keep your pies to yourself, so you acted as if nothing was wrong - he bought it. Yesssssss, you thought. The pie was already sitting in the refrigerator, ready to go at a moment’s notice. “I’m just gonna use the bathroom before we leave,” he said, rounding the corner toward the room.

Morgan would have to pass this way to get to the front door and your floor creaked like no other so you would know exactly when to strike. Pulling the pie out of the refrigerator, you stayed at the edge of the hallway as Spencer and Garcia stood behind you, eagerly awaiting the glorious moment. 

The second the floor creaked, you counted to two and swung your arm forward and upward, hitting Morgan square in the face and sending whipped topping all over his face and your hallway. “You realize you’re going to have to clean your own apartment up, right?” he asked, his voice muffled by the dessert topping and aluminum tin. 

“I don’t care,” you giggled. Garcia came up by your side and grabbed some of the whipped cream off his face. If you didn’t know any better, you’d have sworn they were doing each other. “That was too glorious for me to pass up.”

Spencer couldn’t contain himself, wiping the tears from his eyes over and over again only to have them return. “That was glorious,” he said. “Almost makes me want one…almost.” The look on your face made him put in that last stipulation. 

“I have a bit of whipped cream left, Spence, if you wanna use that later,” you winked. 

Without missing a beat, Morgan turned to Spencer and flipped him off. “You reap all the benefits. Not fair.”

“Remember, Morgan,” he giggled as the older man turned back toward the bathroom. “You totally had this coming.”

One sided silence - Part I

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AU: Owen’s new colleague Amelia Shepherd and her 2 year old son who just moved from LA to Seattle have a terrible car accident and get taken to the hospital. She falls into a coma. Derek is already dead and Meredith has too much to do with her 3 kids, so after treating Amelia’s son, Owen takes care of him and starts to sit by her bedside everyday as it is uncertain if she will ever wake up again. A one-sided romance develops.

Here we go @omeliafics & @amelias-universe! This is part 1 of 2 or 3 as it’s far longer than I estimated. Enjoy 💕💕💕💕💕💕

“Mommy are we there yet?” Luke’s young voice rang through the 5 door car, “No not yet little man” his mum answered sweetly, glancing in the rear view mirror for a second to check on him. She smiled as she noticed him flicking through the pages of his favourite picture book, the fact that he loved to read had always filled her with pride as it gave her 2 year old son a far more interesting personality that than of any child whose parents hand them an IPad and don’t communicate properly with their child. It was a short drive from their apartment to the hospital but the more he got to know the other kids at day-care the longer each journey felt for Luke as he became more and more eager to be reunited with his friends. Amelia could notice him getting impatient as all of his tell-tale signs were on displays: at first he would shake his little feet up and down and then he would begin to lightly drum his fingers against the arm rests of his car-seat. Such signs were unbeknown to him but se was his mother, she knew him better than anyone else. Due to there being very little traffic on the roads she allowed herself to turn around to look at her little boy and take all of his features in, from his bright blue eyes to his almost black hair; which resembled his father so much. She felt her heart ache as her mind flooded with memories of Ryan. Then as she focused her eyes back on the road ahead of her, everything went black.

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You Are In So Much Trouble

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Tittle: You Are In So Much Trouble

Paring: None really

Requested: Nope

Rating: PG

Warning: over protective angry big brother Derek.


  “Derek you are being unfair! It’s just a party!” I screamed, crossing my arms as I glared at my older brother.

  “Yeah a party that will have drinking, drugs and no adults. Not to mention horny drunk and high teenage boys, if you think for a second I’m letting you go to that party you have another thing coming.” Derek growled. 

 “You are ruining my LIFE!” I screeched, turning on my heel to storm off to my room, slamming my door shut behind me. The moment I was away from my brother, guilt instantly washed over me.

  Derek was just doing what he believed was right, we had lost so much already that I knew he scared that I would soon join the list of the departed. I knew that, but I still failed to understand why I couldn’t go to a party. It was only a five minute drive away, and he knew the girl that was hosting it, as well as the rest of the people attending. So the refusing to let me go thing, was far from fair in my opinion.

 I let out a huff and flopped down onto my bed, reaching over to grab my phone and punch in my best friends number.

  “If you are calling to tell me you aren’t coming tonight I will come over there and hit you.” My best friend Jessica hissed into the phone the moment she answered.

  “Yeah well Der is being overly protective again and is determined that I will end up dead in a ditch if I go!”

  “Actually Der is afraid you will call him in tears, saying that some drunk moron raped you.” My brother huffed as he entered the room, I sighed and shook my head glaring at my brother.

  “Look I’ll you later.”

  “Have fun with sourwolf.” Jess laughed, cutting off any response I might I have.

  “May I help you?”

 “Look I don’t want to be that brother, but you need to understand. I have heard one to many stories about girls getting raped at these parties and I don’t want you to be one of those girls.” My brother sighed, giving me a crocked smile as he sat down on my bed. “Promise me you won’t stay mad?”

  “Aww Sourwolf I can never stay mad at you.” I sighed, smiling at him as I moved to curl onto his lap. Instantly his arms wrapped around my waist, holding me tightly to his chest. “You are going to have to loosen your lead on me soon enough.”

  “I don’t like that idea, I really don’t.” Derek moaned.

  “No but that my dear big brother is the joys of growing up.” I chuckled.

  “You know I could just lock you up in the closet.” He laughed, tickling my sides.

  “Der stop it!” I squealed, throwing my head back in attempt to free myself from my brother’s strong grasp.

  “Nope, not going to happen.” My brother laughed, peppering kisses to my cheek as he continued his tickle assault.

  “Derek!” I giggled, squealing when his fingers continued to dig into my sides.

 “I love you, I just don’t want to see you hurt, can you forgive me?”

  “Can I go to the party?”

  “No way in hell.” My brother growled, his eyes flashing red before returning to normal.

  “Fine I don’t like it but I forgive you.” I sighed, smirking when I leaned up to press a kiss to my brother’s cheek. “I guess I love you too you over protective moron.”

  “Good.” Derek sighed, relief quickly washing over his features. “Now I have to go to a pack meeting, I’ll bring back Chinese for dinner.” Derek promised, smiling at me when he tossed me back onto my bed.

  “Make sure to extra fortune cookies!” I demanded, smiling as my brother only chuckled.

  “You and your damn fortune cookies.” My brother laughed, shaking his head at me as he left. 

  I waited until I couldn’t hear my brothers car anymore, before I jumped up and ran to my window. I hummed to myself as I quietly opened my window, I held my breath for only a moment before I climbed out the window and jumped. The moment my feet touch the ground I ran off towards Jess’s house.


  ~~~~~~~~~~~ Three Hours Later ~~~~~~~~~~

  “You need to be quiet.” I scolded as I walked, each step causing the dried leaves under my feet to crinkle. “Leaves you got to stop it or Derek is going to find out and I’m going to be in trouble.”

  “You already are.” Derek said, crossing his arms over his chest as he glared at me. “Want to tell me what you are doing?”

  “I’m not doing a thing.” I slurred, giggling when I fell into the bush beside me.

  “Are you drunk?”

  “No, the tree wanted a hug.” I muttered, smiling as I wiggled my fingers up at my angry big brother.

  “Sure, come on lets get you in the house.” Derek sighed, shaking his head at me as he bent down to pick me up. “I’ll lecture you in the morning when you don’t smell like cheap beer.”

  “I’m not drunk!” I screamed, reaching over to slap my brothers chest.

  “Yeah and I am Tinker Bell.” Derek sighed, pressing a kiss to temple.


  “Yeah you will be sleeping in my room tonight, so I can make sure you don’t slip into a booze induce coma.”

~~~~~~~~ The Next Morning ~~~~~~~~

  I woke up to a pounding headache and wave of nauseous. I let out a groan and rolled over to come face to face with my amused looking brother.

  “Is someone a little hung over this morning?” He cooed, reaching up to brush my hair out of my face.

  “Maybe a little, remind me to never drink again.”

  “Oh I will be sure to remind you, while you are cleaning the house and running pack arons.” My brother chuckled, reaching over to bop my nose.

  “I should have known I was going to get stuck being the packs do all girl.” I grumbled. I layed there for a moment before I jumped from the bed, clamping my hand over my mouth as I ran to the bathroom, the contents of my stomach making a come back.

  “You know maybe I can re think the whole punishment thing, this may just be punishment in itself.” Derek sighed as he pulled my hair out my face, rubbing my back as I continued to be sick.

 “This is going to be a long night.” I moaned, as I leaned against the toilet.

  “Yeah I’m sure it is, next time my little princess you should listen to me.”

  “Yeah next time I think I will.”

  “Good then you can forget about the punishment.”

 “Can I exchange it for this? I will gladly be the packs maid if it means I don’t have to spend all day in the bathroom.” I groaned.

  “I wish you could. I’ll get you some advil though and bucket so we can curl up in bed and watch TV all day.” Derek cooed, smiling as he leaned down to press a kiss to my shoulder.

Your entire life has been the product of a coma dream. One morning, you finally awake from your coma, but find yourself in the 18th century. Your memories from the coma dream, and knowledge of the 21st century, are fully intact.

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Hey Senpai! Quick question how do you fix your sleep schedule. its been the holidays and I keep going to bed at 3-4am and waking up at 12-1pm everyday and I feel like im wasting my day. Do you have any methods to help? Im open to most anything

DUDETTE YOOOO, Its so funny you asked that. I’m legit about to fix my Sleep Schedule right now xD.

Okay this works for me EVERY SINGLE TIME I need to fix my Sleep schedule.

BUT IT WORKS for me personally cause I sleep like 8-9 hours everynight.

So its about to be 2am at this moment So I’m gonna head to bed cause I’m feeling tired right now. So what I’m doing is I’m going to Set my Alarm Clock for the time I want to be when I wake up through out the week. So 7am

Originally posted by nyanpasuminasan

I have my bottle of water ready to poor on my face to wake me up so I dont push the snooze button. Then Im going go Drink some Green Tea, Drink lots of water and then take my preworkout and do some cardio. 

Now heres the Hard Part I dont drink coffee at all that so I have to force myself TO STAY AWAKE until AT LEAST 9-10pm with no Naps during the day Then I take some Melatonin and Warm Milk And I take an Ice cold shower for 5 minutes

 and Im taking a nice long coma until morning. And by that point I wake up at 7 or 8am naturally.

It sucks like Hell but it always works for me. And then you just get in the habit of going to bed around 10 or 11pm and then the sleeping schedule is fixed!


part of me is like yo i’d gif that and the rest of me is like “don’t you think you’d be too upset to do that”

Fast (2) - Blue

This is part 2 of Fast! Read Part one here: Fast (1) - Purple


Your name: submit What is this?

(3 Weeks after the Accident)
At S.T.A.R Labs - Labor:

It was Monday and like everyday before and after work, you walked over to S.T.A.R Labs to check on your brother. You still blamed yourself for what has happened to Barry. That if you would’ve stayed in front of of him, that he wouldn’t lay in a coma now.

“Good morning, how is he?” You asked Cisco and Caitlin breathless because you ran, so you had more time for Barry this morning.

Caitlin came over to you, “Nothing changed.” She answered and wanted to touch gently your shoulder.

You avoided her touch and walked over to your brother Barry. Seeing him like this broke your heart every time. Caitlin and Cisco felt for you, you knew that but you didn’t want to get close to them. You wanted your brother back. You were grateful that he saved your life but also mad that he risked his own. You took his hand and kissed his forehead soft.

“How about you?” Dr. Wells asked as he came into the room.

You turned around and let Barry’s hand go. “Could I talk to you for a second?” You faked a soft smile and Wells nodded.


Dr. Harrison Wells and you walked out of the room and through the hallway until you were out of S.T.A.R Labs.

“So? Are you okay, Y/N?” Wells asked again.

“You said you would help him.”

“And I’m trying to do that.” He responded. “But we still don’t understand what is happening with him..” Wells paused and looked up, straight into your eyes. “Or with you.”

You stepped closer, “Nothing, is happening to me.” you replied serious.

“You sure?” Dr. Wells asked and pointed on your left hand, it was shaking. Very fast.

You looked at your hand and hide it behind your back. “Don’t focus on me. Bring my brother back” 

“Y/N, if we could do more tests with you, maybe we would figure out whats going on.. sooner.” Wells replied carefully.

“No. I’m not one of your little monkey’s inside there.” You pointed at the building. “I’m going to work now.” You said and Wells nodded. You turned around and tried to walk normal.


As you were out of Wells’s sight, you walked around a corner and breathed heavy. You looked at your shaking hand and didn’t know what was happening, again. Your heart started to beat incredibly fast. Actually whenever this happened you were sad or mad and when you thought of something that made you happy, memories with your family mostly, it stopped.. but this time you couldn’t calm down. You knew that you were late for work and that you would get fired, if you don’t hurry..You looked around you, if someone was there who could see you, and as you were sure that no one was there, you tried to breath normal.

“No, No, No.” You said a bit louder as you looked at your hands, both were shaking now. “Stoooop!” You said and tears got into your eyes.

You started to walk, trying to ignore your hands. You were thinking of Barry again and if this could happen to him too, if he would ever wake up. Then you thought of your family and that you had no one now. You didn’t realize that you were running but not like normal people. You were fast. You didn’t understand what was going on but you were sure that you were so fast, that no one could see you. You finally stopped running and found yourself on your mothers grave.


Graveyard - Your Mother’s Grave:

At first you didn’t realize where you were but as you read your Mother’s name on the Gravestone, in front of you, you knelt down crying.

“Mom, what is happening to me?” You asked.

You stopped crying and noticed that your hands stopped shaking. You calmed down and took a deep breath. Your phone was ringing, it was Iris. You two worked together, she helped you to get the job in the coffee shop.

“Yeah, Iris? I know I’m late… No, nothing changed with Barry… Yes I’ll be there in a minute.” 

You hung up and looked at the time on your phone. 9am and actually you had to be there an hour ago. You stood up, kissed your hand and touched the gravestone of your mother. Than you looked at your hands and wondered if you could run so fast again. You started to remember how Barry protected you from the lightning.. Your hands started to shake again and you to run. It worked and you enjoyed it a bit. 


Coffee-shop - Backyard:

You made it to the backyard of the Coffee-shop and smiled short, but then your back felt hot and you noticed that your jacket was burning. You took it off immediately and tried to turn the fire off. 

“Damn it..” You said to yourself. “I loved this jacket..” 

You picked your jacket up and throw it into the trash. Then you walked around a corner and into the coffee-shop.


(4 Months after the Accident)
At S.T.A.R Labs - Labor:

You were going to see Barry after your shift. You learned how to use your abilities a bit and even when you hated them, they were useful. As you were near S.T.A.R Labs, you stopped running and walked normal into the building.

“How is he today?” You asked Wells’s who was watching him, as you came into the labor.

Dr. Wells looked at you with a soft smile and you knew what he would say and that you didn’t want to hear it once more. 

Cisco and Caitlin came into the room, “Good morning Y/N, nothing changed yet.”

Caitlin rolled her eyes and pushed Cisco soft, “How was work Y/N?”

“It was good, I got big tip today.” You smirked at her and then turned around and walked over to Barry.

“Hey big brother,” You leaned over him and kissed his forehead. “you’ve to wake up.. My birthday is in a few days and this would be the best present.” You said soft to Barry and a tear rolled down you face but you wiped it away.

“Y/N, could I talk to you?” Harrison asked and already rolled in the Hallway and you followed.


S.T.A.R. Labs - Hallway:

“You were really fast here..“ Wells started.

“Yeah someone drive me here.” You said.

“In less than 3 Minutes?” He questioned smiling. “Y/N, when did you read the newspaper?” Wells asked and you looked confused at him. “Or some blogs in the internet? People start to talk about a blue and fast lighting they see sometimes in the streets.”

You stopped walking and stood in front of him, “And what exactly has this to do with me?” You asked.

Wells’s raised an eyebrow. “Y/N listen, I gave you time to come to me. You can’t do this on your own. Let me help you, maybe it will help Barry too..”

You smiled, “No. It would help you to feign an excuse to use my abilities for your own good.”

“That’s not true.”

“I don’t care. You won’t experiment on me. I’m very grateful that you stabilized my brother but I won’t help you, ever. Until I’m 100% sure it would help Barry.” You replied serious and wanted to walk out of S.T.A.R Labs but you stopped and walked back to Harrison. “And you can’t proof that I’m the blue lighting.” You whispered. “And if you say one word to anyone, you’ll regret it.” Then you walked out of S.T.A.R Labs and ran back home.


(9 Months after the Accident)

“Oh no stop..” You gasped annoying.

“What’s going on?” Iris asked as she came over to the bar.

“My phone won’t stop ringing.” You laughed soft and Iris looked worried. “No, don’t you dare think of that!” You said a bit louder and some guests looked at Iris and you.

“I don’t want to think that but when I look at your phone,” She said and pointed behind you. “And I see ten missed calls, then I think someone needs to talk to you and when I see the picture of Dr. Harrison Wells, then I think you should get on your phone.” Iris said soft and you nodded.

Iris turned around and left you alone. You walked in the backyard to be alone. You were afraid. You thought now, Harrison would tell you that your only brother, is dead. 


Coffee-shop - Backyard:

“Yeah, Wells what’s going on?” You asked worried but didn’t want to sound like that. “He is what? And you let him go just like that? You could’ve told him that his sister is going to kill him if she finds him.”

“Y/N!!!” Iris shouted inside.

“I need to go now.” You said and hung up.

After you put your phone back in your pocket, you smiled. Wells told you that your brother wasn’t just still alive, he finally woke up.



You walked back inside and were excited to tell Iris about the good news.

“Iris, you can’t believe what Wells just told me!” You said happy. “Barry is-”

“Awake.” iris said with a smile in her voice and you looked behind her.

“Barry..” A tear rolled down your face.

Iris walked next to Barry so that you had space to hug him. You ran over to him and jumped into his arms, holding your big brother as tight as you possibly could.

“I’m okay.” Barry said soft and wanted to let you go.

“No don’t.. I got you back and I’m not ready to let you go again.” You replied and Barry hold you tight again.

“I’m not going anywhere, Y/N. Didn’t I promised mom to always watch out for you?” he asked and you let him go as you nodded. “So what did I miss?”

“Oh not much.” You said smirking.

Celebrity Halloween costumes - I've rounded up the best of the bunch including One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and more


When I woke up from my trick or treating sweet-induced coma this morning, the first thing I noticed was how bloody marvellous the celeb world did at dressing like pretty much EVERYTHING for Halloween. The second thing I noticed was how much fake blood and face paint I managed to get on my sweets last night, but that’s a whole other story.

From One Direction’s Zayn Malik raiding Liam Payne’s wardrobe and become the new Batman king, to 5SOS’s Calum Hood and Luke Hemmings looking weirdly fit as Mario and Luigi, all the way through Lauren Goodger’s, erm, well we’re not quite sure what really, the celebs managed to cover every single base. And then some.

Twitter - @littlemix - “Happy Halloween from Mystique

External image

Luckily for you, I’ve popped the whole lot bellow for you, because I’m nice like that. Plus I reckon you *might* already want some new costume ideas for next year.

Have a ganders as Ed-stin Powers (sorry), Taylor Swift’s unicorn and SO MUCH MORE right below this sentence, and give me your thoughts on who you think did Halloween best…

Ashton Irwin


Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood

Ed Sheeran

Justin Bieber

Kim Kardashian

Lea Michele

Miley Cyrus

Niall Horan

Perrie Edwards

Taylor Swift

Zayn Malik

Alik Alfus and Louise Thompson

Jack Walton

Jade Thirwall and Leigh-Anne Pinnock

Jesy Nelson

Lauren Goodger

Lauren Platt

Lucy Mecklenburgh

Nick Grimshaw and Kate Moss

Only The Young


Rita Ora

About two weeks ago matched with a very handsome man, got chatting about dogs, sent a friend request in order to share pictures of our dogs. pretty harmless and i wasn’t stressed about having to meet up because he was 200+km away. The chat turned flirty and we just exchanged some harmless compliments and things like that, nothing untoward but still quite cute, i knew for a fact he was probably messaging other girls considering we met on tinder. In the middle of last week he stopped messaging me suddenly and i assumed he had got bored of me, oh well life moves on.

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I'll See You In My Dreams (Jalex, One-Shot)

**Please Ignore spelling and grammar. I was being kind of lazy while editing.**


“You know, you’re probably the best boyfriend ever.” I said linking my hand with Alex’s. It was Valentines Day and he took me to an ice skating rink. I called it cheesy but he called it romantic. But I guess that’s why he’s the best. I liked all the cheesy things that he did for me. He never did this with his past girlfriends, It made me feel special.

“Only the best for you.” he replied in a strange baby talk voice. He kissed me lips and pulled me off the ice. “It’s pretty late and they are closing soon.” I mumbled back a ‘mhm’ and took off my skates. “You looked really cute out there.”

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