coma dream

“it was all a dream” twist: boring cop-out

“it was all a coma/dying dream” twist: boring cop-out with extra Edge

“it was all a drug induced hallucination” twist: boring cop out with extra edge and bad understanding of how drugs work

“it was all a dream of a  mental patient in an asylum” twist: bboring cop-out with extra Ableism.

Wake Up AU

Character A is living a perfect life. Their job is great, they’re not struggling to make rent, and they’ve been seeing the amazing, compassionate Character B. While on a romantic date, Character A is roughly grabbed by a stranger, who shakes Character A’s shoulders and yells: “Wake up! This is just a dream! You need to come back!”

Formal notice.

Dear Human,

This is a formal notice of your impending passing. Allow us to explain.

About one Earth-year ago, our race arrived at your planet and began a systematic harvest of humans, as was deemed ethical by the Etoxi Ethics Council due to the disease plaguing our planet. We were in dire need of bone marrow, and it happened that human marrow was compatible with our bodies.

However, you will be happy to know that we Etoxi value ethics and morality above all else. The Ethics Council ordered that once fighting ceased, remaining humans be wiped of recent memories and placed in comas with implanted dreams of life continuing normally. Thus, we have minimized suffering and allowed you to live in peace.

The arrival of this notification, placed somewhere accessible within your dream, indicates that your body has been sufficiently drained of all bone marrow. Rest assured that 100% of this marrow has been used for medical purposes, as required by the Etoxi Ethics Council. Because the electricity needed to maintain your comatose state is better used rebuilding our home planet, your system will be shut off soon.

Thanks to the Ethics Council, you are granted a 24 hour grace period to say goodbye to your dreamed friends and family. Studies have shown that humans pass away with more happiness when given the chance to bid farewell to others.

Please note that when your system powers down, you may regain consciousness briefly before passing on. Some sharp pain and memory regaining may accompany this. Please do not look down at your body; this may cause some distress.

Thank you for your service to our species. Your name will be displayed on a memorial in our rebuilt capital.

Have a good day!

Sincerely, The Etoxi High Council

What if Brooklyn Nine-Nine did an It’s a Wonderful Life kind of episode? Like Gina’s in a coma and dreams of what things would be like if she never started working at the Precinct: Jake and Amy aren’t together, Charles is still obsessed with Rosa, Capt. Holt hates Jake, Terry’s still afraid of being on duty, Rosa’s just angry all the time? 


Disoriented. I guess that comes closest. Disoriented. Fear, confusion… all those things but… Disoriented comes closest.  I felt like I’d been ripped out of my life and put somewhere else. For a while I thought I was trapped in some coma dream, something I might not wake up from e v e r

the walking dead » season one; episode three » tell it to the frogs

Dialogue prompt 88

“This is real, right? Like, this all actually happened? I’m not just going to wake up tomorrow in some hospital and find out that this was all some sort of messed up coma dream? Or you know, that I had a psychotic break or something? Because I don’t think I could handle that. Not- not again.”  

Twd twisted series finale

RICK is still in a coma and is dreaming everything happened. He wakes up to find Carl all grown up, Lori, and Shane all around his bed side. They immediately jump for joy and rush over to hug him, after all he’s been in a coma for a very long time. Lori, Carl, and Shane have been there for a while and they haven’t eaten lunch yet. They called a pizza place a half an hour ago and the pizza should be here any minute. A couple minutes pass and then in walks the pizza boy delivering the pizza. That pizza boy is a grown up Glenn Rhee. *REBLOG IF U LIKED THIS BC I KEPT MISSPELLING WORDS AND IT’S LIKE MIDNIGHT SO YEA*

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After the initial shock, I rewatched TFP. If you can’t bear to get new hopes and then get disappointed I recommend unfollowing me because I sure think that there will be a 4th episode. Here are my thoughts so far:

  • Sherlock is still in hospital, in coma. He is  trying to solve the Moriarty/Mary case but gets entangeled in emotional stuff, ending up with his childhood trauma, with his deepest fear and with his romantic feelings for John
  • So many things are OOC because it is EMP/coma/dream /many hints for the coma/dream thing, maybe I’ll write them up later)
  • Molly is still a mirror for John, don’t forget that. It sheds a whole new light on the “I love you” scene (poor Molly). See, Sherlock didn’t know Molly [John] loved him that way
  • This also sheds a new light on the ridiculous coffin distruction scene. Bear in mind what Euros said. All these emotional entanglements, all this confusion - Sherlock realizes with all its force what he has missed concerning John, and this is so hurtful that he just loses it completely (still looks ridiculous lol)
  • It has always been John who was threatened. See how he is framed with the coffin behind him? See how he suddenly disappears as soon as the countdown is over? Watch it. (He is not gone, just ou of camera view, but it is on purpose) 
  • It is still like in The Sign of Three: John stands for sentiment and Mycroft for cold mind. Sherlock has yet again to decide which one to chose. He ends up choosing sentiment but then finds a way to keep both of them.
  • Sherlock manages to remember his childhood trauma. We still don’t know to what extend and which part of it is really true tho. I’s possible that parts are just again meant metaphorical. We’ll have to wait and see.
  • This also explains why the whole episode is so ridiculous, inconsistent, OOC, cheesy and illogical. It’s not real.
  • Sherlock from time to time notices tiny bits of the real world around him. Real parts are creeping in, like John and Mary in TST repeatedly saying “Sherlock” and Sherlock simply ignoring them
  • The plane is a metaphor for being in coma, hitting the earth is a metaphor for waking up - just like in TAB. Remember, TAB is our decoder.
  • Sherlock is nearly waking up. Everythings shaking and the plane is almost hitting the earth. 
  • Sherlock has a trauma connected to water, so at some point he must have been in the well or something like that
  • The TV destortion is meant to remind us of a waterfall
  • Water in general / deep water = EMP / exploring ones inner feelings and memories
  • We don’t know yet which parts of TST and TLD are real and if anything of s4 has been real at all, but there definitely are EMP sequences in ep 1 and ep 2
  • feel free to add
  • The whole episode is quite funny and meta-able and cracky if you believe that there is an ep 4

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  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: what is the true plot of Five Nights at Freddy’s? What is the actual real timeline the games are trying to explain? Were there really five children who were brutally murdered in a family Pizzeria by the Purple Guy and possibly stuffed in the animatronics/suits thus possessing them for years and years? Or was there a child who was accidentally bitten by the animatronic Fredbear and the child lost his frontal lobe, forcing him into a never-ending coma (nightmare) dream where the poor child is always haunted by the characters he once loved? But why is the child so afraid of them now? Did he see something he shouldn’t have? Perhaps the murders of the five (four?) other children. Who really is the purple guy? Is he Ennard/Mr. Afton from Sister Location or someone else? What role does the Puppet play in this? Who is the Puppet? What happened to Fredbear and Spring Bonnie, are they the same as Golden Freddy and Springtrap? Who is Shadow Bonnie? Just an Easter egg? I don’t think so.