Coma update!

The 0.04 version of my yume nikki fangame Coma is out!

Some small changes are made:

★ Game completely redone. 

★ Added load/save game system.

★ Added open world system. (it’s not longer a platform so don’t worry)

★ 28 new (or some a bit familiar) with unique maps.

★ No effects like always, but added a vehicle.

★ Depending on what hour you play it, the Background, npc behaviour/location changes.

★ 4 different outfits to choose (unlockable by exploring.)

★ Added an objective: 5 coleccionable tapes. (they look bad, cause the lack of time)

★ Added a tutorial.

★ Added a “return to the “nexus”” system.

★ Added an option menu.

★ Added a menu to rewatch the tapes 

Download link here!!

(This game has been tested but if you find any bug please tell me!)