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“Don’t say that, Sam. Not you.”

“Dean…the doctor says that-”

Dean kicked a nearby chair, knocking it over. He yelled, “I don’t care what the doctor says! The doctor doesn’t know Y/N! I do, and I’m telling you that he’s wrong.”

Sam was silent, but his eyes stayed steady on his brother. The facts spoke for themselves. You had been beaten past recognition and your body had suffered because of it, your brain most of all. You were far beyond the luxury of options and both of the brothers knew it.

Dean paced across the living room for a minute before asking, “When do visiting hours open again?”

Sam replied quietly, “In an hour.”

Dean nodded his head. “Good.”

Sam offered, after a moment, “I’ll stay here, if you want.”

Dean glared at Sam, not wanting to hear what he was implying. He paced for a few more minutes before stating, “We can talk to Crowley. Maybe he’ll-”

“You know how Y/N felt about that, Dean. No deals. No cheating the inevitable.”

Dean punched a hole in the nearest wall, roaring, “Who cares how Y/N felt? It’s easy to say that when you don’t have breathing tube down your throat!”

Sam consoled, “Dean-”

Dean suddenly sobbed, “Not Y/N, Sam! I’ve had enough of getting other people’s blood on my hands! This ends with Y/N!” He wiped at the snot dripping out of his nose.

Silence settled between the brothers. Sam could hear Dean trying to harness his despair and not succeeding. Sam knew Dean and his feelings towards you well enough to know that he would do what he had to do. Even Dean, in his grief, didn’t want to go against something you wanted. He had a hard enough time trying to do so before the hunt went bad.

Sam whispered, as he left the room, “I’ll let you say your goodbyes.”

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I have character who eventually is put into a coma from around a month. How would I do the healing process? How would they function after?

I’ve heard that the recovery outlook for those who have been in a coma for less than one month is generally positive. It’s once you get past that month stage that the prognosis can get a little bleak, and where severe brain damage and disability can occur. However, all coma cases are unique, so the best thing you can do is read a lot around the subject and try to get some case studies to get a sense of what your character’s recovery and experience could be like.

Whilst some people can wake from a coma and need very little recovery time, some people will be unable to do the things they used to do, and will require physiotherapy and/or psychotherapy as part of their rehabilitation process. The patient may recover, or they may require care for the rest of their lives. I think it will largely depend on what has caused their coma in the first place.

It’s unusual for someone to wake up from a coma instantly, like, one minute they’re asleep, the next they’re wide awake and alert. They might show signs of waking up gradually before they become fully awake, and it can happen where a coma patient grimaces, makes a noise or opens their eyes during the coma; they may not be aware of these behaviours or even have any control over them though.

Coma patients also may not wake up and be right back to the way they were before the coma. There can be a period of time - even for those who make a quick and full recovery - where they may not be able to perform simple tasks, such as focusing on the person in front of them. It can also take medical staff a while to understand the effects the coma will have on an individual; in the event of brain damage, it might take some time to understand exactly what effect the injury sustained will have on the patient in the long term.

I think for this you need to have a clear understanding of the injury your character suffers and how they end up in a coma because of that. Then you can start looking more in-depth into how people who have suffered the same injury have recovered after a coma, or generally how this injury has affected them in their everyday lives. That should give you some idea of how your character might recover and what kind of therapy they might need to go through in order to regain any lost functions or abilities.

I hope this helps. Please keep an eye out for follower responses in case anybody else has more information for you.


- enlee

A coma is something that exists in movies and TV mainly as a plot device – a way to write a character out of a story without killing them off. Then, after a week or a month or a year, they wake up full of revelations and plot twists. To them, it’s like time skipped forward, aside from being a bit groggy.

In real life? Yeah, it’s a bit more messy. We talked to Tim, who woke up from a coma and told us that, among other things, it’s not as simple as “waking up.”

6 Awful Realities Of Falling Into (And Out Of) A Coma