Queen of Shadows alternative cover. Again @charliebowater‘s art - Fireheart. One word - astonishing.

  • Elide: I'm just saying... If I saw you out with another woman, I'd be really upset
  • Lorcan: Thank you
  • Lorcan: Not just for being really upset but for believing that could actually happen

When May 2nd comes, I’ll turn off like any social media in existence, I will lock myself in my room with a bunch of snacks and water and just read. I feel like I won’t come out of my room the same person I was before. And that my friends is the power of Sarah J Maas’ books.

I’ve had short hair for a long time. I’m letting my hair grow out but its not for a sponsor or an ad. Now, I’m being asked to cut my hair for an ad. But I’ll see about that later, I like it like this.
—  Antoine Griezmann