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We hit 500+ followers!! Thank you guys for being with me this whole time, I own you! and to you new followers? just chill on your seats while I tell you how I’m gonna celebrate this occasion

With a note expansion of course!!

Been wanting to do one of these things for a LONG time but never had the motivation to do one ^ w ^;;; 

The way we are doing it this is with my oc Betty, who’s right now is a bit skinny but I’m sure that you guys can fix this issue ¬ u ¬

So by now almost everyone knows how this things works

1 like = 1 pounds
1 reblog = 3 pounds

I’m also putting donations up on this in case someone wants to donate a bit to me ^ u ^ (Just send via PayPal to

1 dollar = 5 pounds 

Every person that donates will be be mention on each new round the next day

So let’s make this kitty a big and softer fatty of a kitty > u <!!

Starting weight = 150 pounds
Giant 53-Pound Alligator Snapping Turtle Rescued From Texas Drain Pipe
The turtle "struggled to keep his head up as water rushed over his body," the Houston SPCA said.
By ABC News

Animal rescue staff then called the Rosehill Fire Department for assistance, the Houston SPCA said. Firefighters used a hydraulic rescue tool known as the Jaws of Life to open up the pipe, and a veterinarian was able to free the 53-pound animal…


Betty Bibbs — “Pounds of Soul”, ca. 1967–68