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Finaliza el Manga ‘7SEEDS’ de Yumi Tamura luego de 16 años de serialización

El Manga post-apocalíptico sigue a grupos de personas que se despiertan después de sueño criogénico

La edición de julio de la revista Monthly Flowers de Shogakukan publicó el capítulo final del Manga 7SEEDS de Yumi Tamura el sábado pasado. El tomo recopilatorio 34 de la serie se pondrá a la venta el 9 de junio, y el tomo 35 y final se pondrá a la venta el 10 de agosto. Una edición limitada del tomo 35 se pondrá a la venta con un drama CD.

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“you love him, don’t you ?”

“ I..uh…”

Some more screenshots of Detective Conan movie 21: The Crimson Letter. As you can see, both characters for this scene are drawn by Gosho Aoyama himself and then animated by the movie team.

Detective Conan is property of Gosho Aoyama, Shogakukan, TMS, and Toho productions

     bunny’s back at it yet again with a new blog for NU MIKITAKAZO NSHI ( or as he’s known on earth, MIKITAKA HAZEKURA ) from Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure!!

     miki’s a strange indvidual who claims he’s from space ( though no one really knows if that’s true or not. we think he is. probably). he’s not familiar with human culture, && one time he ate an entire packet of tissues without fear. no one really knows who or what he is. he’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma, but at least he comes in peace ( HAH ). generally respectful, polite, and extremely friendly, he’s a very soft person. he’s just a little bit lost. 

     so if you guys don’t mind interacting with a curious shape-shifting alien that would pet every animal in existence ( and may or may not just have a Stand, who the FOOK knows ), then do us a real solid && LIKE or REBLOG this post so we can take a Leisurely Spaceship Cruise™ to your place and check you out !!