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Posso buscar em outras bocas o seu beijo, outros olhares o brilho do seus olhos e em outros momentos, o nosso, que será em vão. Me marcou com amor e por mais que eu negue, fuja, e vire todas as esquinas à procura da felicidade, sei que só encontrarei meu refúgio com você.
—  Anata ga hitsuyou desu.
Leave The Light On

Oliver turned onto Adams Street and revved the Ducati up a couple more RPM’s. The night was bitter cold, but like he told Barry Allen, he spent five years on an island in the South China Sea—he didn’t get cold.

That was such a load of macho bullshit. It was freezing. In spite of what some people had told him, he did feel things. And right now, he was feeling the bite of the night. But this huge drug shipment that was going down tonight was more important than anything the weather was doing. Rene had set this all up a week ago when he got word from some of his old street contacts that thirty million dollars’ worth of heroin was being moved through the Star City docks, out to 10,000 junkies, and just as many teenagers in the city. Tonight, the Team was in place and ready to make their move.

Except for Felicity. She was still at Star City Memorial. Oliver felt the weight of guilt in his mind and heart for even being on this thing tonight. When she began to experience pain from her condition, Oliver had taken her to the hospital and intended to stay right by her side. Last week when Rene brought the operation to Oliver, Felicity was doing okay and he had set her up with her coms and computers where she could use her awesome skills from their home. She would be, forever and always, the Team’s Overwatch.

Then a complication arose last night and Felicity’s priorities changed. So did Oliver’s. He intended to pass the responsibilities of the mission on to John and Rene, both more than capable of being Team Leader.

John’s voice came over the coms. “GA…uh, Overwatch is expecting.”

A shot of adrenalin surged through him as John’s code shattered his introspective guilt. “I’m on my way back,” Oliver told John.

“Negative, brother,” John answered. “Speedy is with her. And she said to finish the mission. She loves you and knows you want to be there.”

Oliver was adamant.  “Spartan, I don’t care what she said. I’m en route to the hospital. Clear a route so I don’t accidently run over civilians on my way.”

Oliver’s private com channel suddenly clicked on and Felicity’s so familiar voice spoke to him, like he was hearing the voice of conscious reach out. “Oliver, John is right. You need to lead the team and take out the bad guys.”

“Felicity…” Oliver started to say.

“Oliver, I love you and both of these gifts we’re getting tonight are going to be a pretty good story to tell to our son.”

Oliver sighed in agreement. “Okay love, I’m going in. But, I might go off the rails a tiny bit to speed up the operation. I am coming to you tonight, even if it kills me. Which it won’t…because, you know…I am a badass superhero.”

“Oliver, I’ll be waiting for you. Thea is holding my hand, so the Queen bloodline is well represented tonight. Stay focused and come back to me.”

The private com clicked off. Oliver did what he was told. He readjusted his focus and ramped up the Ducati. As he sped toward the docks, Oliver gave out a little prayer of support to his wife and their first born.


When the RPG hit his bike, Oliver was almost in position. Rene, John and Black Canary had already made contact with the drug runners, and somehow, John had convinced him to be their back up, to open an escape route for them after the deal went down. Oliver knew why John was so persistent, and he agreed to keep the Team’s backs clear.

The near supersonic grenade exploded five feet in front of where Oliver was sitting on the Ducati waiting for the green signal from John. The concussion from the blast lifted Oliver off the bike and threw him some forty feet away onto the hard street surface.

He was already unconscious before he landed. Darkness swept him away and he was lost in the grip of the long, bitterly cold night.


John walked into Felicity’s hospital room and stood just inside of the door. He was a mess. Several cuts were tattooed on his face; just another night of crime fighting. But he was whole and he went to Felicity’s bedside.

Felicity watched John come into the room and she knew immediately that something was wrong. He was her big brother, and just like she did with Oliver, she could see and feel when the man was hurting. “John, what happened,” she asked him.

“Felicity…Oliver, he took a hit…”

She shifted on the bed and then sat up. “John, what happened? Where is he?”

John sighed and then sat down in a chair next to her bed. “Felicity, he was in the direct path of an explosion from an RPG…” He paused and took a deep breath. “He was thrown off his bike and…”

“John, is he alive?”

“Yeah,” John smiled at her. “The man is pretty resilient. He was also lucky he had on Cisco’s super-duper body armor.” Now that he knew Oliver was going to survive, he was able to release his pent up anxiety and concern for his brother. “He broke his arm,” John continued. “He also has the usual cuts and bruises and he has a concussion from the blast.  But he is going to be okay.”

Felicity let her own relieved sigh relax her body. She lay back down on the bed and reached out to take John’s hand. “Thank god,” she whispered. “Do you think I could go see him?”

“Yeah,” John told her. “That’s why I’m here. He asked me to come get you. Felicity, he is desperate to see you…and your beautiful new baby.”

Felicity was already climbing out of the bed.


Oliver opened his eyes and saw that a little piece of Heaven on earth was sitting next to his bed. He had an IV stuck in his good arm, and there were monitoring devices arranged around him. Felicity was sitting in a wheelchair holding their new born son. The sense of calm he felt whenever she was around him settled into him. It felt like someone had turned on a heater inside of him, sheltering him against the cold.

“Hey,” Felicity spoke softly to him. “I leave you alone for a minute, and you nearly get yourself killed. How could I tell our son that his father died as a hero on the night he was born?”

Oliver put his whole soul in the smile he gave her. “Well, you know me,” he told her. “I can’t ever lose my way. Not when I have you and this new life we were given tonight. Felicity, I have always told you that you are the light that leads the way. I will always come back to you.”

“Oliver, I will always leave the light on for you.”

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arandomgirliam  asked:


1: sexuality headcanon- Bisexual (with a preference for girls)!
2: otp- Canajane (thanks @peoniespoppiesandowlsohmy)
3: brotp- Lucana
4: notp- I don’t have one~
5: first headcanon that pops into my head- Lucy and Cana have sleepovers every weekend to talk about their significant others, and also cuddle while watching rom-coms because that’s what ga(y)l pals do
6: favorite line from this character- “I just want to protect my friends.”
7: one way in which I relate to this character- I also love girls a lot
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character- Not really much of anything~
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? Definitely problematic fave


Haikara-san ga Tooru Pt.1 film clip. In theaters November 11th.


Haikara-san ga Tooru Pt.1 film clip.


Gas in the Lines by University of Victoria Libraries
Via Flickr:
Item is one of 123 pen-and-ink drawings and watercolours from two volumes titled: “Sketches of the War: France/Belgium”. The sketches vary from satirical cartoons to more detailed and naturalistic renditions. They are often accompanied by an ironic title and are often signed with the artist’s initials, “J.M.” The artist’s satirical targets include the officers and high command of both combatant sides; the disjuncture between reported and actual events, and the death of civilians as a fact of modern warfare.


Gas Pendants. W.A Baker & Co. by Clive Hurst

A page of gas light fittings from the catalogue of W. A. Baker & Co. Ltd., Newport, Mon. c.1902.


Haikara-san ga Tooru Pt.1 film clip. In theaters November 11th.


Boku dake ga Inai Machi live-action drama PV. Coming to Netflix December 15th.


Haikara-san ga Tooru Pt.1 film clip. In theaters November 11th

being bad at learning languages: vietnamese edition!

so i’m doing the second half of my Vietnamese lesson on duolingo and it’s a ‘type what you hear’ thing- what I heard and wrote: “Ban uong nha ga pha com” ( apparently something like, you drink train station, break rice (???) but the legit sentence was “Ban o nha ga phai khong” (are you at the train station?” and i’m fucking cackling at how wrong I got it

i’ll learn eventually but yoooooo

i fucked up lol