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5 important steps to taking your dog out on the town

1) Know your dog. 
Not every dog is restaurant compatible. Your pooch should be vaccinated, registered, and well behaved around both humans and other dogs in unpredictable settings.

2) Call ahead. 
Don’t assume it’s dog-friendly. Call and ask the manager if they welcome dogs.

3) Pack a “doggy bag.” 
Just like parents pack a diaper bag, take along a tote of supplies that you may need.

4) Be civil. 
Show fellow diners respect by maintaining control of your fuzzbutt and be aware that not everyone loves dogs like you do. If someone is uncomfortable with dogs, ask to sit at another table if possible.

5) Show gratitude. 
Not all places are dog friendly. A simple, “thank you for welcoming my dog,” goes a long way in demonstrating your appreciation for their progressive policies and your loyalty to pup-loving businesses.

Remember: A good experience with your dog in a public setting is great socialization for your dog, helps to promote dog-friendliness, and builds a more welcoming community. Take these steps to be a part of creating a responsible, dog-friendly town, one wag at a time. Wagtown has noticed all of the chatter about the proposal by Ohio 4 Pups On Patios, so we thought you’d like to have some tips on “How to Dine Out with Your Dog.”

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