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Get ready for some groovy hijinks, guys! I’m starting up a Coolsville comic of my own design to satiate my thirst for Scooby Doo! I haven’t enjoyed how their arcs have been going as of late, so I am starting up a whole new one. Stay tuned for future character profiles and story info :D

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Hello, I'm sorry if this has been asked before but what software do you use to animate? And how do you do it? I want to animate myself but I have no idea how to start

I work in Harmony/ ToonBoom 

I’m actually a Junior animation major at the Columbus College of Art and Design. I go on campus to do my animation assignments because I don’t have Harmony (that shits expensive) on my laptop and I like working on a Cintiq better. 

for a beginner animator I would actually suggest starting traditional! go out and buy a stack of post-it-notes and make flip books. This is an exercise we do all the time usually at the beginning of a semester. with that you can do more traditional 2D or go more experimental 

 This video is probably one of the most helpful and basic explanation to making an animation look good! I’ve probably seen it about 5 million times in classes


Graphite practice. I’m teaching a traditional illustration class at #ccadedu this semester. So excited! Part 2/2 (at Columbus College of Art & Design)

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