Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold during the filming of their creative writing school project; Hitmen for Hire. In the video, the pair talk about shooting and killing other students, an eerily foreshadowing moment considering the nature of their crimes. They were graded exceptionally well for their efforts, and the teacher noted that “Yours is a unique approach and your writing works in a gruesome way — good details and mood setting.“

anonymous asked:

I want to mail Dylan Klebold, I want to tell him that I know how he feels! I want to tell him, that it's fucked up how they locked him up! I can't wait till he gets out, I'll write romantic stories and let him know I'm on his side.. I think he deserves much better in life. You think I should do it?

You should absolutely write Dylan Klebold and tell him you know how he feels.  Because it seems to me you really really do know just how he feels.  I can’t believe they locked him up either and I hope he gets out of prison soon, too.  I’m sure he’ll really appreciate the romantic stories.  And yes, you’re right.  He deserves a much better life than the one he has now.

Maybe you can ask him what he’s doing in this photo too…

it’s time for a cigarette
  • it’s time for a cigarette
  • Eric Harris
  • Radioactive Clothing

Some moments from Radioactive Clothing

Eric: “Yea, sometimes these clothes, they seem to, they ambush us for us in traps. I mean hell, youremember what happened to Jackson?”

Dylan: Do I.

Eric: God damn

Eric: Smart.

Eric: Here’s the place

Eric: We’ve got a victim over here.

Dylan: Shit. Is he dead? 

Eric: Yea, I think so

Eric: Alright, cool

Eric: it’s time for a cigarette.