Condoning Squad

Hey all you True Crime obsessed fucks! As we all know, it can be pretty difficult to find other condoners in this already twisted community. SO if your blog openly condones, or you know of one that does please like, reblog, or comment the blog’s URL on this post!!


Incase you haven’t seen already, here are some of Eric’s chat logs, under the username “REB DoMiNe”

Me: *Sits on Santa’s lap*

Santa: “And what do you want, young lady?”

Me: “The Basement Tapes.”

20 Years Into The Future

Kid: “Hey mom, I was looking threw your old MacBook I found in the attic, and there’s videos saved called “Hitmen For Hire” and “Radioactive Clothing”, I also saw something saying you were a Columbiner? What is it?”

Me: “Eric, go get your brothers Dylan and Brooks, I need to tell you kids a story,  a story that’ll blow your damn head off.”