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  • teacher:does anyone know what at the time, was the biggest school shooting?
  • friends:*all stare at me*
  • me:*proudly* the columbine high school massacre in littleton, colorado in the year of 1999. the perpetrators were two men named er--
  • teacher:thanks, jc. um anyway, yeah so columbine was--
  • me:a huge deal considering that type of stuff didn't happen as much back then and...
  • teacher:would you like to teach the fucking class??
  • me:ohmygod could i
Wayne Harris 911 Call
  • Wayne Harris 911 Call

Wayne: My son is Eric Harris, and I’m afraid he might be involved in the Shooting at Columbine High School

Dispatcher: Involved how?

Wayne: Uh he’s a member of what they’re calling The Trench Coat Mafia 

Dispatcher: Have you spoken with your son today Mr Harris? 

Wayne: No I haven’t! Have they picked up anybody yet or..?

Dispatcher: Their still looking for suspects..Your son is with who, what gang?

Wayne: Well they’re calling them the Trench Coat Mafia.. I just heard that term on TV