Sandy Hook “Warning Signs”

Really interesting ad campaign by Sandy Hook Promise (a foundation trying to prevent gun violence and suicide on behalf of Sandy Hook). I saw this on Facebook, and it’s trending on YouTube, so I’m glad this message is spreading and isn’t forgotten. It is a well done video with an “interactive” component at the end, watch it!

(Side note: there are some cliches that definitely give me Columbine vibes, but I think it is the message that is important here.)

anonymous asked:

Ayyyy bless I was wondering if you could do an imagine or bulletin (whatever is better for you) of getting stoned with Eric and Dylan and Dylan being all giggly and Eric being all questioning life and conspiracy theories lol

Bless!! this is so interesting thank you!
Bulletin form it’s easy that way. I did this in the modern times so yeaaaa lol
•Dylan would hit that bong soooo hard TBH, he’d drool a bit
•Eric would hit that blunt, but not GET as buzzed as Dylan, so Dylan would pass him that bong
•y/n would be in the middle of them both lighting up a blunt and lacing it 😏
•You all three WOULD get too stoned to even get up so, you all would be sitting near your bed, Dylan playing with one of your stuffed animals, doing a “wheee” while he makes the stuffed animal “fly”
•Eric would be looking at you and occasionally look up at the ceiling, asking you if you believed in aliens.
You’d ask him if he believed in them too and he’d be like “You bet your probed ASS I do, HECK the govt don’t wanna tell us shit * hits the blunt * you know it’s all conspiracy.. THIS world… man fuck I bet we live in a fucking parallel universe.. ”
•Dylan would not be paying attention to you both he’d be laughing, and giggling quietly which would progress into louder laughing, he’d touch your bed sheets,
“Woahh… so-so soft…” *lays head on bed sheets* *giggles while playing with stuffed animal and looking at his hands and how soft the bed sheets are*
•Eric would not shut up about the conspiracy theories, YOU would be so fucking stoned you looked at him as if he were some long lost prophet.
•"Now, let me show you the way y/n.. T-the stars are our home, dude.. we’re all MF MADE out of stardust ya know?? My science teacher told me that once.. I’m telling you y/n were FUCKING aliens.. I’m a fucking god y/n I haven’t told anyone this… *looks up at ceiling forgetting but regaining his thoughts* also, have you heRd about THE Mandela effect?? My goodness *hits blunt and passes it to you* lemme learn YOU a few things..“
• Eric would keep going on and on that Dylan would fall asleep to his “prophecy” and you, you were too stoned out of your mind you were getting mind blown every time Eric mentioned a new conspiracy theory he mentioned to you.


I’m sorry it was too short I hope you enjoyed this tho. ((: