the fact that there’s a school shooter/serial killer fandom in which they glorify and put monsters like the columbine shooters on a high pedestal actually disgusts me. show some fucking respect for the dead and realize they weren’t “misunderstood.” they were fucking murderers. grow up.

Wellington de Oliveiras writings. Part I

Credit for translation goes to truecrimeprincess

First Page

Death and Resurrection

To Begin this theme observe again ,one more time, how God create the man , (Genesis 2:7) “And God made the manfrom the earth dust, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and theman became an alive soul”, Now lets see what God told to Adam in case hedisobey ( Genesis 2:16-17) “Ordered the Lord God to man, saying, of every treeof the garden you can freely eat, but of the knowledge of good and evil tree,this shall not eat, for in the day you eat thereof, surely die ” the immoralists say that death means separation, and that the death of Adam and his companion was the separation from God with the expulsion of the same garden of Eden, thinking so they deceive many people, for indeed God referred the conviction that they receive, which does not mean that it would be executed on the same day, order is one thing and run is a different one.  You can be sentenced to death one day and be dead the next day, the next year, as many are sentenced and awaiting execution of the sentence, Adam disobeyed God and then came the conviction (Genesis 3:19) “The sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till you return to the earth, for it you were taken; for you are dust and to dust you will return”  That was the conviction, if we analyze the texts we can clearly see what God meant; it was clear that Adam was only the dust before God out of the land the molding and blowing the breath of life making a being with feeling, reasoning, conscious, a living being. The conviction was he return to dust, that is, God condemned him to return the condition that he was before there was just dust, something no feelings, no reasoning, unconscious.

Now, two texts that says what happens when we die.


Second page:

Soul and Spirit

Soul- In the first testament  comes from the Hebraic vnp (nephesh) ; It happens about 755 times, and was translated of different ways, depends the context. The seconds testament the greek word is quch (psyche) and it happens around 105 times.

Spirit- In the first testament are used the words Mwr (ruach) and hmvn (neshamah). It happens 377 times. In the 2nd testament the greek word for spirit its pneuma (pneuma). It happens 220 times, both are translated of different ways in the testaments, there is some examples:

Soul – life (Genesis 9:4,5; 35:18; Psalm 31:13 etc) people ( Genesis 14:21, Deuteronomy   10:22, Acts 27:37 , etc) corpse (Numbers 9:6), appetite (ecclesiastes 6:7) heart ( Exodus 23:9) human being (apocalypse 16:3) personal pronouns (psalm 3:2 ; Matthew 26:38)

The word Soul appears in the bible around 1600 times, and in no case it refers about an entity outside the body, or “immortal”

Spirit – Wind or Breathe ( Genesis 8:1) , spirit in the sense of encouragement (Judges 15:19) attitude or state of spirit ( Romans 8:15, Corinthians 4:21 , etc) breathe or breath of god ( 2 Thessalonians 2:8 , etc) individual conscience ( 1 corinthians 2:11 first part)

Also theres anothers definitions: Angels and Demons ( Hebrews 1:14 , 1 Timothy 4:1 etc) it apply as appealing to Christ ( 2 Corinthians 3:17) The Divine nature of Christ ( Romans 1:4) The third people of the trinity ( Romans 8:9-11; 1 Corinthians 2:8-12)

The term “Spirit” , in every times it appers in the Bible talking about the human being, do not express the concept of the same be an entity immaterial conscience of  ( it finishes here )

Third Page:


The Word hell comes from the Latin “inferil” and means inferior place. The idea of the hell as a place with fire where the Intangible condemned souls go its not in the bible, although applications that make symbolic texts and parables. Also the word “Hell”  doesn’t belongs to the original text of the bible how it happens with the words of the ~gospel~, baptism and the others that are in the god’s words.  The word hell was put in the translation in Portuguese to replace other five words with completely different meanings of the popular concept of hell.  It happened because the beliefs the translator had before so he did. Some old bibles bring “Hell” in ( 1 Corinthians 15:55) but in some modern ones like “Almeida” bring “death” which is the correct one. The same happens in Apocalypses 20:13, where you can read “death and hell” , now its “death and beyond” , but the word is hades (greek) and means grave. The doctrine of hell  has origins greek and roman and people are induced to believe in this because the former religion they got and the errors in the translating that they use and strengthen an anti-biblical thinking.

The five words that was erroneously translated into hell is:

1.                  GEENA  (Hebrew) it’s a simplified form of expression ge ( valley) bem (son) and Hinon (name of the family of the owner of the property) , in other words, valley of the Hinon’s sons. This word you can find in the ~gospel~ like in (matthew 5:22,29) and theres nothing to do with hell and eternal fire. Was a valley where, in the past, they made human sacrifices and they burned corpses to the idols.  The prophet Jeremy prophesied that there would be thrown the bodies of …


Fourth Page: 

Matthew 10:28 

According to the second version of “ João Ferreira de Almeida”  updated , Matthew 10:28 says:

“And fear not the one which kill the body but can not kill the soul; but rather fear the one  who can destroy both soul and the boy in hell”

Based on the first part of this versicle, some says that the soul never dies, thereby defending the theory of the immortal soul teached by the philosophers greek Plato and then Plutino and then many theologians “Christians” that were carried away by the neo-Platonism.

The ones who look to use this words of Jesus to defend a doctrine anti-bible they are not even consistent with the texts they quote because, in the final part of the versicle, Jesus said that “both the soul and the body perish in hell”

So the body will go to the hell too? Confusing, isn’t it?

Before its good to look that in the original text in the greek is : ( Ok I cant text in greek and nor in Spanish – this is what he did, but he put 3 versions greek, Spanish and English so ima put the English one here)

“And be not afraid of those killing the body, and are not able to kill the soul, but fear rather Him who is able both soul and body to “destroy” in gehenna” – Young’s Literal Translation


Fifth Page:

Like he created situations that do with what he has said logic ,he did it often with me…to you see how is this family I went out… the worst is that lately he is doing many things to “harm” me, im sure he is angry because I rejected them..but I will restrain myself , I want to work to leave this state or maybe I will go straight to Egypt … my family here doesn’t values me… and this is people without god in their hearts, my father has faith in Jehovah but they fail to meet the requirements of the congregation and the others commit such acts for lack of god in their heart, and I know one of them wants to join me to shows up to the world and not for faith…and because I know it these people is investing in my failure…


 Sixth Page: 

But Im calm because I know that God is with me and I know sooner or later this will be clarified…and my parents for not follow the religion with devotion, they always was suspicious about me and the wrong ones always “do” better than I or have a better lie to be better in the situations than me, I know Im not perfect , I have lied a lot before for childish reasons or jealously and I have wronged with my family but I  greeted the Koran and they still don’t believe in me…

This was the BIG handwriting on his paper – Looking like this doesn’t looks like my sister just the eyes and the hair that are very similar but you look a lot with a cousin that I have from “sepetiba”

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The Faces of Juvenile Delinquents

First Row: Melinda Loveless, Eric Smith, Brenda Spencer Kip Kinkel, 

Second Row: TJ Lane, Rachel Shoaf, Jon Venables, Tess Damm

Third Row: Shelia Eddy, Eric Harris, Mary Bell, Joshua Phillips 

Fourth Row: Dylan Klebold, Alyssa Bustamante, Kody Patten, Toni Fratto

(I want to expand this—feel free to message me some more juvenile killers that I haven’t included!)