Happy birthday Steven Curnow.
Born August 28, 1984
14 years old in 1999.

He dreamed of being a Navy top gun pilot. He was very close with his mom Susan and father Robert.
He loved soccer and worked part time as a referee and his dad coached the soccer team (Blue Devils of the Colorado Rush) he played on. Steve liked the color green, because it was the color of the field. His favorite classes were Spanish, technology, and gym because he got to play sports.

Remembered as a huge fan, he watched the Star Wars movies so many times he could recite the dialogue along with the actors. Science fiction fans nationwide put together a go-to-Star-Wars memorial day in his honor when Star Wars I: the Phantom Menace premiered in theaters May 19th, 1999. He had been anxiously awaiting its release.

Steve was hiding under one of the small computer tables in the library, near surviving victim Kacey Ruegsegger, when the shooting began. Eric Harris shot Steve in neck with a sawed-off shotgun. Steve died in the library, the youngest victim of the Columbine massacre.

A story of the mess that’s called “Chilly’s life”:

So somewhere was written “British Columbia” and what did I read in first place?

Of course. British Columbine.

So I began to think about it.
What if Columbine was a British school shooting?

You know since gun laws and stuff are entirely different in England than in the U.S. and I didn’t know much about either of these countries I came up with prejudices just for fun.

And the first British cliché that came into my mind was the tea sipping, always polite Sir.

And then this happened:

Shooting up Columbine like a Sir

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Meet the 12-year-old behind Trump's campaign in Jefferson County, CO
Donald Trump's campaign has gained a reputation for its less-than-traditional approach to grass-roots engagement, and that includes its offices in Jefferson County, Colorado, where one of the operation's most prominent leaders is 12-year-old Weston Imer. "If we do not elect Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence, school shootings could triple under the next four to eight years under the poor leadership of Hillary Clinton," Weston said.
By Naomi Lim, CNN
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