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Hiding in the event of a shooting (pt.1) [school]

In this post I’m going to list what are the safest places to hide within a school if there isn’t a safe way outside or you are not safely in a classroom going through lockdown procedure. This is entirely hypothetical and it is unlikely you will ever be in the event of a school shooting but it’s best to know how to stay safe just in case.

  • A janitors closet that can lock from the inside (preferably one that is not in main parts of the school)
  • An elevator (make sure it’s closed and not moving)
  • Sub-rooms within room (storage rooms in music and art rooms most likely would be some of the safest)
  • Offices within the guidance/main office (I’ve found that navigating through the guidance/main office is times consuming, rarely have windows, and lock from the inside, making them fairly safe)
  • If you can, within a locker (an active shooter will most likely not look through all the lockers in the school)
  • If there is a basement or area that only has pipes/stuff related (it most likely won’t come into an active shooters mind to check, just avoid any electrical rooms/sections)
  • Small storage cabinets within an empty classroom (the shooter most likely would not enter an empty classroom to begin with and the cabinet would safely conceal you)
  • 1 person bathrooms (they typically have better locks on the doors of 1 person bathrooms and a shooter most likely wouldn’t think about them)


In the event that you can get outside GO OUTSIDE, and if there are no police outside already here are some helpful tips.

  • Hide behind cars (make sure you’re concealed from any windows)
  • Get away from the school grounds (nearby neighborhoods/businesses)
  • When running out/away from the school, run zigzags (makes you a harder target)
  • Even if you don’t have a set destination, keep running until you feel as though there is absolutely no way you could be seen from the school.
  • NOTIFY AUTHORITIES! Even if you think somebody already has, do it anyways. Also if you saw/know the shooter give a description to the police (it could help them)


Again, this is entirely hypothetical but safety is key and these are just some things that came to mind, feel free to add more.


“Hopefully, Death Is Like Being In A Dream State.”

Facts about Columbine

Dylan Klebold

  • His birthday was on 9/11
  • He was (half) jewish
  • He died as a virgin
  • He never had a first kiss
  • He had foot fetish
  • He also liked bdsm
  • He had to be tested for drugs and alcohol after the arrest
  • His favourite alcoholic drink was vodka, that’s where the nickname VoDKa comes from
  • His favourite non alcoholic drink was dr pepper
  • He planned suicide 2 months before the massacre, he didn’t want to wait until april
  • He killed 5 students during the shooting

Eric Harris

  • He celebrated his last birthday 11 days before the massacre
  • He was interested in nazism
  • He died as a virgin
  • He never had a first kiss
  • He fantasized about rough sex a lot
  • His favourite snacks were slim jims
  • He didn’t have to be tested for drugs and alcohol after the arrest
  • He broke his nose during the massacre
  • He played a suicide game in his freshman year, where to end the game you have to shot yourself in the head
  • He killed 7 students and a teacher during the shooting

Okay, boys and girls, repeat after me. Dylan was not a follower. He was just as responsible for his actions as Eric was for his. Both, Dylan and Eric, had some serious mental issues and they both were guilty. You can’t just blame one and forgive the other one.