columbine yearbook

Ich bin Gott!! hey bro whats going on. Florida huh. Send me a postcard or somethin. your a bastard for leaving us but hey, if you have a chance to get out of this shithole, take it. learn some Deutsch, but never disrespect it or you will blow up. Doom rules I hate everything unless I say otherwise. hey dont follow your dream or goals or any of that shit, follow your fucking animal insticts. if it moves kill it, if it doesn’t, burn it. kein mitleid !!! God damn not an angel when I die.

“wake me up in Anarchy” “Fire!!!” hey, if you get a good comp down there, lets DM in Doom, I bet yer dad would pay for it!! God I fucking hate people. kick some, take some, and get some


—  Eric Harris’ signature in Nate Dykeman’s yearbook

Abigail Boles

Abigail Boles stated that Isaiah Shoels was a friend of hers and that Rachael Scott used to push her downstairs sometime earlier in their school life history. She further stated that Cassie Bernall was an acquaintance of hers and that she personally admired Cassie Bernall because she carried a Bible around school with her.

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do you suppose that Eric would've shot Sasha Jacobs at NBK if he saw her since their breakup didn't go well?

Well Sasha Jacobs didn’t even attend Columbine High School so therefore he wouldn’t be able to shoot her at all. But let’s say hypothetically she did go to Columbine and Eric did see her on campus that day, I think he would’ve shot her. He seemed like he held some kind of grudge against her judging from what he wrote in Chad Laughlin’s yearbook. (Seen at the bottom left of the photo)

“hey you, Sasha is a fat trendy whiney annoying turd and I went out w/ her cause I felt sorry for her I guess. oh well. I bet you’ll show her this….”

(can’t make out the rest, if anyone can that would be great.)

Scan of the 1999 Columbine High School yearbook

“All of these passions, commitments, drives, and desires make Columbine students an eclectic mix. It’s about being an individual and not having to fit in a certain clique.”

It is simply incredible how shameless some of the students at Columbine were. Either this student said so many lies about Columbine to make it look like a heavenly school, or he was incredibly naïve.

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Who do you think took the pic of eric when he's chilling in the flannel at school? And why?

A time traveling Columbiner from the year 2016 perhaps?  

or merely just a Columbine HS yearbook photographer by the name of Meagan Stirling

or hm.. maybe Meagan Stirling IS the time traveling Columbiner disguised as a ‘98 yearbook photographer.  ;)

Ahh, those conspiracy theories are so easy… 

Description reads: “Eric Harris relaxes during his free hour while observing the activity in cafeteria. photo by Meagan Stirling”

(If only they knew what he was probably thinking about when that picture was taken or what the whiteout “NBK” letters scrawled on his backpack meant.
If only..

Chris Morris’ girlfriend, Nicole Markham, submitted a couple’s dedication in the Columbine ‘99 yearbook about her man.  She wrote some pretty loving things about him. If you look at Chris here, he looks pretty mellow and happy with his girl. 

I’m just posting this here in relation to this previous post as to his possible involvement in NBK plans.  You can ponder and weigh in whether he would’ve chosen NBK over his girl.  

The two married and had a kid after Columbine..but divorced early on.