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Haven’t posted in a while.. I’ve been teaching youths, why are they never on time? I could have had an hour more sleep. Gosh darn it.


Honestly I don’t give a fuck what people think of the true crime community. Y'all need to stop caring, too. Why should any of us feel any sort of emotion towards those who insult the TCC, insult us, belittle our interests, all the while insisting they’re the better person?

Most of y'all use it as an argument against other TCC members when they don’t obey your moral code. It’s stupid and pathetic. If you’re going to be a member of this community, you shouldn’t be starting discourse over some stupid shit. Just block and move along. Don’t subtly insult people, don’t be little bitches because you got offended, don’t whine and moan because someone is doing what THEY. WANT. TO. DO.

Do not judge. Do not call people names. Do not resort to the level of bullying that the people who hate us do. It’s fucking pathetic and I hate anyone who willingly causes drama and won’t ever let shit go.

I don’t care if you want to ‘expose’ people, I don’t care if they catfished you, I don’t care if they are racist fucks, I don’t care if they’re cosplaying as murderers, I don’t give if they’re disrespecting a memorial, I don’t care. Do you know why? It doesn’t concern me. It’s their life. Not mine. If I don’t like what they’re doing, i fucking block them.

It isn’t hard to do

Saving Columbene - chapter 10

Chapter 10: bombs away

I was sittin in the dingo with reb and jafar and dylann and brooks

‘Addie u look so hot and sexy today; said brooks

‘Stfu brooks’ i said even tho he was right

Suddendly dylan ran in

‘Addie thank god i found u!#’ he efrained

‘Whats rong?’ i said all worried and sexy

‘Its eric he is in da hospital!’

Everyone gasped

‘What happened to him???’ i demand

‘He was blown up!!’ screamed dylan crying

I couldnt believe it! How could he have got blown up?

Suddendly the police ran into the dingo!

‘Jafar u are under arrest fro blowing up eric harris!’ one of the officers roared

Theey took jafar out in handcuffs

It was so sexy

‘Hi addie, my name is sargent jeff’ said sargent jeff

He was tall and had blond hair and big sexy glasses that goot me so wet

‘Is eric ok?’ i esquired worriedly

‘He is in a coma!’ said sargent jeff

I was shocked, how could jafar blow up eric?? It was so rude!

‘Addie u look so hot today can i get your number bby?’ said sargent jeff sexily

I giggled and gave him my number

We all ran 2 the hospital to see eric

He was in teh coma ward at columbeean general hopsicle

‘Omg eric im so sorry i love u so much!’ i screamed and ran to his bed crying

Eeryone came up and hugged me coz i looked so hot

Suddendly sargent jeff ran into the room

‘Jafart is innocent!!’ he roared

‘It turns out eric was trying make a bomb himself and it blew up on accident!’ he excluded

We all were shocked! Why would eric be make a bomb???

Suddendly eric opened his eyes!!

‘Omg eric bby are u ok?’ i bellered

‘Who tf are you?’ said eric

Everyone gasped!!

Professor ted ran in the room

‘Eric has………………………. AMNESIA!’ screamed porfessor ted sexily

We all gasped

……………………………continued in chapter 11

Basic Facts about the people who died in the Columbine Massacre (Part 1 / 15)

Rachel Joy Scott

•Date of Birth: August 5th 1981 •Birth place: Denver, Colorado •Date of Death: April 20th 1999 (17 years old) •Death Place: Littleton, Colorado •Burial: Columbine Memorial Gardens •Year of High School: Junior Year (11th grade) •Parents: Darell Scott and Beth Nimmo •Sisters: Bethanne and Dana •Brothers: Craig and Mike •Elementary School: Dutch Creek •Middle School: Ken Caryl •High School: Columbine •Clubs: Forensic and Drama •Religion: Christian (Feel free to add any other facts)

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There is a sneak peek scene from I'm Not Ashamed that's been released. Have you seen it? It made me cringe. :/ I can't imagine the trauma that will be resurfaced in everyone because of this film... do you think anyone who knew Eric and Dylan or Rachel will actually watch this?

I did see it and it my reaction was one ongoing, gigantic laugh out loud. This could be an unintended comedy..sort of a Twilight meets Columbine teenage angsty drama. If it’s the sneak peak clip you’re referring to, Rachel’s mom made sure to put on her bucket list the crush between Rachel and Dylan as the clip plays up some ~sexual tension~ between the two. The Rachel actor does her flustered averted eye thing that Kristen Stewart does while meeting the oblivious gaze of Dylan-ward in the cafeteria. I almost thought I was going to see the Cullens sitting at another table..but that’s a REALLY bad word in this universe. ;) The Eric actor sounds like he spent the entire day memorizing the cliff notes condensed version of Eric Harris’ ideations to which he delivers less like he’s trying to arrive at conclusions about worthless humanity and more like he’s trying to just recall everything he saved his short term memory, and to an very ‘meh’ “Dylan” and an unknown TCM dude sitting at the table. What you’d call in Star Trek terminology the red shirt ensign TCM as we have no idea who he is; he just sits there with a glazed over expression, along with Dylan listening to a faux Rebby yammer on. Then we have the jocks in these stunningly pure white uniform ball caps that look exactly the same and like they were just bought fresh off Amazon and picking on the dudes in the black ~real~ trench coats (that look almost Inspector-ish in style). Of course those all look brand spanking new and exactly the same. The prop department didn’t have the presence of mind to go for a real look by having a bit of nuance of sameness for the various cliques at the school. I guess the pristine white hat jocks are kinda like the Stormtroopers in the Star Wars universe laying down the law with the TCM Rebellion? Idk.. Yes, it’s all pretty laughable with moments of shudder and second hand embarrassment for the real Columbine High students that experienced a very real reality now turned into a a very black and white, sanitized teen flick melodrama. I feel sorry for Devon, Zack, Brooks and Nate..and all the rest of surviving students that might catch an involuntary glimpse of this (and you know they will whether they want it or not) as they’re jaw dropping in horror over this corny soap opera. I can just see Devon going “Omg. Rachel would be laughing SO hard over this right now.. they got this SO wrong between her..? and Dylan? No…just nooo. lol I just..I can’t even…*face palm*

Here’s the clip. Watch at your own risk. Might induce fits of giggles, rage-filled smoke coming out of your ears, tears or all of the above.