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TCC Rant

Im fine with the idea of having a True Crime Community(TCC) on tumblr for people who want to learn more and are interested in true crime but so many of it’s members (horny 16 year old girls who idolize serial killers and victimize them). It’s like yall don’t understand how wrong that is. You guys are making imagines about the Columbine Shooters, Jeff Dahmer etc. You make jokes and memes about the victims and the event/events where many people(s) got killed in and think it’s okay. There’s a difference between satire and being a cunt. You guys victimize these killers so much especially the Columbine Shooters writing imagines and shit, it’s disgusting. They slaughtered people, if someone you care deeply about was killed the way they killed their victims you wouldn’t like them of try to sympathize with them. You seem to forget that those killers don’t give a shit about you, and given the chance they would probably off your pathetic self. You can tell me I’m being rude or whatever else you are gonna spew but you guys need a reality check and no this is not to the people in the TCC who are genuinely interested in crime. It’s to the people that victimize people that deserve what they’re getting, that slaughtered people. Like the victims family and friends to exist and don’t want the killers face in edits and posts about how you want their dick and how you’re crying about the fact that your favorite shooter is dead

anonymous asked:

Request: You went to school with Dylan as children, then moved and stayed in touch a bit through letters and eventually online chats. You transfer back to Columbine and reconnect, confessing feelings for each other that began when you were just kids.

Y/u/n: Hey, what’s up?

Dylan breaks into a grin when he sees your message pop up and types back.

D/u/n: Not much. Same boring school stuff. How about you?

Y/u/n: Same with me. But I have some crazy news.

D/u/n: What?

Y/u/n: I’m moving back to Littleton. I’m going to Columbine!

Dylan stares at the screen in shock. You were best friends in grade school and it was devastating when you had to move. After losing touch for a while, you started writing letters back and forth. E-mails and chats eventually replaced the handwritten notes, but you both kept them all. Now you talk whenever you get the chance, sharing everything with each other. You couldn’t begin to guess how many late nights you’ve spent messaging him. You’ve shared some vulnerable moments together and know secrets you’d never confess to anyone else. Dylan’s heart pounds as he types back his reply, shifting in his seat excitedly. He’s had a massive crush on you since the beginning. Even though he hasn’t seen you in years, his feelings are still strong. He would never guess that you feel the same way about him, but you’re just as excited and nervous.

D/u/n: That’s awesome! You’re going to love it here.

Y/u/n: Hahah Dyl, you hate it there.

D/u/n: Yeah but everyone’s going to like you. You don’t have anything to worry about.

Y/u/n: I can’t wait to see you.

You sit back in your chair, grinning. Dylan was always so cute as a kid. You loved his dirty blonde curls and soft blue eyes. He was a little taller than the others, but not overly so. If you had to guess, he’s probably a little under six feet, now. You’ve never gotten around to exchanging pictures, because it seemed awkward to bring up. It’s been driving you crazy that you don’t know what he looks like any more. He feels the same, but he’s sure you’re as beautiful as ever. Just talking to you has been more than enough for him. But now you’re going to be together again. Only as friends, of course, but you get to see each other. Dylan looks at the clock and smiles.

D/u/n: I know. Me too. Hey why are you up so late?

Y/u/n: Too excited. Can’t sleep.

D/u/n: When are you coming back?

Y/u/n: Sunday. I start school on Monday!

Dylan grins again. Three days. He can hardly wait.

D/u/n: Wow, that’s soon!

Y/u/n: I know. I’m packing right now. I should probably get back to it.

D/u/n: Yeah, I’ll see you Monday!

Y/u/n: See you Monday!!!