Ok, people would probably get mad with me, but this is really important.

Both Eric and Dylan were capable to rape someone. Eric had a fantasy about rape a woman and yeah, people can have fantasies and never do anything, but he also had a fantasy about killing people, so…

Dylan was a murderer as well, he hurted many people without hesitation, so this why I believe he was capable to rape someone, but it’s not because he was into BDSM and that’s the reason of my post. Many people misunderstand BDSM with “consensual rape” when, actually, there is no such thing! Sex is about mutual pleasure and BDSM is just a nonconventional way to have sex. Serious, this is one of the reasons that Dylan’s mind were so fucked up, he was a teenager who had feel shame for masturbate omfg!!! And only because he thought that what he was doing was wrong, when there’s nothing wrong with it! There are many people who are dominant just like there are many people who are submissive as well. There are many men and women who are into BDSM and there’s nothing to be ashame about what you like to do with your body or your partner if it’s something concensual.

Rape is not about being dominant or fuck someone really hard. Rape is not sex. Rape is when you violate someone’s body without her/his consent, and that’s why there is no such thing like “concensual rape”. Yeah, of course there are guys like Ted Bundy who are sexual maniacs and completely obsessed with violant pornograpy, but there are also guys who are dominants and capable to respect a woman. Idk exactly what was the case of Ted Bundy, but I believe he needed some kind of psychiatric treatment to help him to control himself, and we know that a person doesn’t need to have a mental illness to rape someone else. Many rapists are just looking for excuses to violate someone’s body, and when you say that a woman are giving the consent to be raped, that she wants to be raped just because she’s into BDSM, because she is submissive or because she likes nonconventional things during sex, you are just colaborating with the rapist and giving him the excuses that he wants so much to violate someone.
The porn industry are also wrong when they use “rape fantasy” as a synonymous of BDSM. There are many wrong things with the porn industry and I’m not gonna argue about this right now.

So, my point is:

Stop treating sex like a tabu when it’s something normal, natural and really healthy.

Stop making people feel ashamed for what they like when they are not disrespecting, violating or doing anything bad to anyone.

And, most important, stop misunderstanding rape with sex and stop saying that women who are into BDSM wants to be raped!