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Ghost+Grave 15: Masquerade
[With @realghostbusteregonspengler!]

“Wh-what on earth… huh!”

Riley blinked upon seeing the invitation from Egon. “A masquerade ball… how exciting!” she whispered as she read the information. “Hm… midnight. The Lord Magistrate’s house… wait.

“The Lord Magistrate’s house!?”

Riley sighed. “Well, I suppose this may not be a bad thing” she said. “Looks like I may need a quick stop though.” With that it was a quick time-trip to 15th Century Venice… because their Carnival masks? Superb. But now she needed a dress to go with the Columbina mask she obtained. She made a stop back home and paid a quick visit to the tailor. One visit to Mr. McKenzie the tailor and the Brave One was ready for the night!

Hours later, at the Lord Magistrate’s house…

“…welp” she sighed as she got her mask on and entered, “here goes…”

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"Care to dance) (masquerade au thing) (whats-up-I-got-a-lawnmower)

Though this event was indeed a masquerade, the brunette could identify her colleague automatically. Not only by the sound that his voice presented her, but also by the infamous, two-toned hair. Even if someone else did possess such a style, which was far-fetched, it’d even still be distinguishable. It was simply what she’d refer to as a ‘Ronald Knox thing’.

A grin tugged at the crimson lips the grim possessed, and her eyes, clearly identifiable through the Columbina, noir mask she wore. If you couldn’t see it was her by her optics, you could tell via facial features, the rest of which were left entirely unexposed.

“I would love to.”