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Can you talk about your experience at Columbia as a woman of color? Can you also talk about the Core, stress, living in NYC, campus culture, classes, and anything else that a potential student should know about? Thank you :)

Why are you on anon? lol I wish I knew who you were… but being a woman of color at Columbia is interesting… From what I’ve experienced from Columbia and other ivies and what I’ve been told by professors and students, Columbia is one of the best places for women of color within the ivy. The amount of women of color, within the student body and who teach and work at Columbia, is really quite impressive I think. Actually, this is one of the main things that attracted me to Columbia, when I came for my campus visit my senior year of high school I was amazed by the number of women of color, but specifically black women, there were walking around on campus. I also sat in on a class that was taught by a black woman and I’m pretty sure she had a great deal to do with me getting into the school. But yeah, you know how people always say, you never know if a college is right for you until you actually go there and experience the campus and the students, I definitely think that’s true, and I definitely feel like like the moment when I knew Columbia was the ivy for me was when I saw how many women of color there were on campus. And since I’ve been here I can honestly say that are a lot of women of color attending Columbia and in someways it’s hard, because most of the women of color on campus are used to being the smartest or prettiest woman of color at their school, so it feels a little competitive in some aspects, but awkwardly enough, on the flip side of that there is a strong sense of community among the women of color of campus, if you look for it. As a woman of color, I feel at home and I feel secure and safe at Columbia.

Now, the Core… it’s annoying, but it’s Columbia lol. Like, people complain about it all the time, but nobody transfers because of it. There are certain courses people hate and certain courses people really like. Like, me personally, I really enjoy Art Humanities and I despise Frontiers of Science with all the passion in my heart. I don’t understand why there’s a science requirement because science is so freaking hard, but there are people who feel like I feel about the science requirement about Art/Music Humanities and the Literature classes. I mean, if anything, the Core really helps you figure out what you do and don’t like, as far as subjects of study, and it helps you figure it out really fucking quick lol.

Stress… lol this answer is getting really long, but Columbia is extremely stressful. Period. That’s just how it is, but that’s just college in general, especially for the first couple couple of semesters. Depending on the type of high school you went to Columbia can be a dramatic shift in the way you look at academics. Like for me, I went to a basic public school where I never had to study for anything and then I came here, and I’m still trying to figure out how to study properly lol because it is extremely vital to your survival here. But with that being said, even though I went to a crap high school that didn’t at all prepare me for where I am now, I’m still here, and I’m doing pretty damn good.

Living in the City. So, living in the city is cool, but again, just like the core, it’s only what you make it. I know people who literally have not left campus since they’ve been here, which is dumb and really sad. But then there are people like me, who leave campus every chance they get. If you come to Columbia and just stay on or around campus, then you probably aren’t going to like NYC because the area around campus is mad boring and it’s an extremely grown up and residential area of NYC. But if you venture out, past 125th street into Harlem forreal, downtown to Union Sq., Soho, Little Italy, Chinatown, the lower Eastside, Brooklyn, even to freaking Coney Island, the other boroughs, NYC gets pretty freaking cool. If you’re coming here to get tumblr famous though, you might be disappointed as well, I mean, it could happen, but you’re here because you’re in college, and that does take the forefront of your life and your City experiences.

Ok. So, this is getting pretty long, and I feel like people aren’t even going to read this all the way down to here, but if you do, and you have anymore questions about Columbia just let me know, preferably off anon :)

I’ve also been toying around with the idea of making a vlog/blog about what it’s like being a black girl at Columbia, so if that would be at all helpful to anyone, just let me know, and I can maybe get started on that :)

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