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Elizabeth headcanons?

I was literally just thinking about infinite headcanons i love you anon

Elizabeth (Bioshock Infinite) Headcanons

Lets talk about this special girl! Headcanons are for main game Eliz, not BAS Eliz.

  • While living in the tower, her food was delivered to her in pre-packaged meals, but as she grew older and more inquisitive, she began to cook her own meals and the food shipments went from prepackaged to batches of ingredients. She learned to cook her own meals, and has done so since she was 16. 
  • Was taught to read by a combination of educational phonographs, music, and tears- she was slow to learn, but all the extra time in isolation gave her practice time, and she soon surpassed her expected age milestones. 
  • Snuck into tears a lot as a child- would spend time exploring the world for as long as she wanted, until she opened a tear back home. This is one of the reasons she acts so casual around crowds in-game; she’s been in public streets before. Just not these public streets.
  • Is a great singer. Spent a lot of time singing and humming to herself to fill the silence, so her vocals are amazing.
  • Knows a few terms from most of the romance languages. She’s picked it up from tears, music, and books. Her accent isn’t perfect, but she tries.
  • Used to walk around the tower barefoot, or in socks. She only put on boots or shoes when she was pretending to go out,  which is what she was doing when you first find her in the tower, looking out the window. Pretending to go out, with a family she doesn’t have.
  • As a child, would communicate with the ‘outside world’ i.e the Columbian  Science Authority by giving Songbird little notes, asking for more books or shoes or whatever she needed. Before that, her activity was recorded and her needs filled by what was seen on camera, be it lack of food or boredom. When she was old enough to communicate via notes, she assumed that she had had a caretaker nearby to keep an eye out for her, which is why she’s so upset to find the hidden cameras and two-way mirrors.
  • Loves all kind of birds (except Songbird) because they were the only living things that could get to her tower. As a girl, she’d spread crumbs on the windowsill to lure them close, just to see another living being. Butterflies were okay, too, but didn’t strike her as alive as the birds did.
  • Her sense of humor is pretty mundane, if not a bit wry, but a least 1% of it is meta as hell. It’s been diluted with jokes from other dimensions, so it might be hard to follow for the average layperson.  
  • Smells like vanilla, old books, and clean linens. Her living area is very isolated, so she mainly smells like soap and fabric cleaner.
  • Doesn’t wear cosmetics. Has never had anyone to impress with makeup, and the whole idea strikes her as silly at best. (Obviously this changes in BAS)
  • Slightly taller then other Columbia children her age- she wasn’t born in the higher altitudes that the other children were, being imported as a baby, so by default she’s an inch above average.
  • Prefers graphite pencils to ink pens. They smudge her fingers less then ink and smear less.
  • Favorite treat is raspberry sorbet, though it isn’t sold in Columbia.