anonymous asked:

What kind of "preppy" things people tend to buy and post on here are actually worth and which do you think are overrated (if any)

Things that are totally worth it:

  • Chinos! They are 100% worth it to me because you can get the perfect color for any outfit. All of mine are from J Crew but I’ve actually found a pair from Forever 21 that’s really nice quality.
  • The J Crew City Mini. Enough said.
  • Button downs. Chambray, gingham, solid, flannel for winter, all of the above. So good.
  • I have a pair of VV flip flops (similar here) that I’ve used as my beach shoes for years now! Usually beach shoes get kind of beat up looking over time because of the saltwater sun and sand and sunscreen, but these have looked like new for forever!
  • I don’t own one yet, but Columbia PFGs look like really cute and functional fishing shirts/beaching and boating cover ups!
  • Patagonia snap t pullover, it feels like a soft puppy is hugging you all over.
  • A classic Lilly dress. My favorite is the shift, but get one that fits your body the best in YOUR favorite pattern! Don’t go for one simply because it’s popular at the time. For the price, you want to be able to wear this thing for a looong time!

Things that are overrated (WARNING unpopular opinions ahead, if you like these things, you keep on liking them! My opinion shouldn’t influence yours!)

  • I’m not a fan of a lot of the southern t shirt companies that have the brand on them. I’m so picky because I do like some of them, but for the most part I try to stay away
  • Bean Boots. Again, I know that a lot of people will probably disagree with me, but I don’t think it gets cold enough in the south to merit them!
  • Too much of any one brand in general. PLEASE Y’ALL do not buy something for the brand. Buy it because you like the product.

This is about all I packed for the weekend at the Lake. Columbia PFGs are among the most essential clothing items for activities involving water. I definitely recommend.