columbia virginia

I’m pretty stoked about this. I already bought tickets for the Maryland and Virginia dates. Thinking about going to one of the Pennsylvania dates too.
Of course the Virginia is for fun and I’m bringing my camera to the other dates. I’m excited! See you in the pit!

Who else is going?

“Waiting Inside”

Like its all dressed up in a colorful dress, waiting for the prom date… and waiting and waiting…

This is dark-skinned black Queen is Deshauna Barber, our new Miss USA, from District of Columbia !! She graduated from Virginia State University and joined the Army at the age of 17. Deshauna is still an active military commander today and her platform focused on PTSD treatment for soldiers returning from deployments and suicide prevention in the Armed Forces. 

Hey there, I’m Elizabeth! 19, Scorpio, Computer Science Major, spiritual, gay as hell. I’m obsessed with Sci Fi and tattoos, and my ultimate goal is to become a published author someday. And get a tattoo. And become fluent in Japanese. And have a cat!

I grew up in New York but recently moved to the Northern Virginia / Washington DC area. Am looking to move out on my own sometime next year, probably out west or to Philadelphia, but no set plans yet! I’d love to meet some local girls to friend or date, but I’m cool with long distance too. :)