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This is dark-skinned black Queen is Deshauna Barber, our new Miss USA, from District of Columbia !! She graduated from Virginia State University and joined the Army at the age of 17. Deshauna is still an active military commander today and her platform focused on PTSD treatment for soldiers returning from deployments and suicide prevention in the Armed Forces. 

“Be it enactedThat a district of territory not exceeding ten miles square, to be located as hereafter directed on the river Potomack, at some place between the mouths of the Eastern branch and Connogochegue, be, and the same is hereby accepted  for the permanent Seat of the government of the United States.”

Act of July 16, 1790 (D.C. Residency Act), 1 STAT 130, which established the District of Columbia as the seat of government.

From the series:  Enrolled Acts and Resolutions of Congress, 1789 - 2011

The permanent seat of the United States government was established in the location that would eventually become Washington, DC, with the Residency Act, signed by President George Washington on July 16, 1790.

See also A Bill to Determine the Permanent Seat of Congress and the Government of the United States (the Residence Act), 5/31/1790 (via congressarchives).