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Senior Director, Creative Agency

The lovely @hazzalou78 found this job description for Mike Navarra and it’s fantastic.


Job Description

The Creative Agency within Columbia Records is responsible for:

  • Creating nontraditional marketing exposure for album launches.
  • Driving incremental revenue opportunities for the label.
  • Leading cross functional marketing efforts across the label.

The Creative Agency looks for opportunities in:

  • New Business Development.
  • Non-traditional digital partnerships.
  • Development of long-term platforms for music integration and exposure.
  • Integrated brand promotions.
  • Tour sponsorships.
  • Licensing for use of Columbia’s music in film, television, ads, video game and other content projects.


  • Partner with SVP of Department to assist in strategy and oversight of Brand and Licensing team.
  • Innovate client facing strategy and creative to integrate Columbia artists into brand partnerships.
  • Devise presentations/pitches for Columbia artists to brands and studios.
  • Oversee marketing and presentation materials, devise pitches to clients.
  • Liaise with all Columbia departments to brainstorm artist partnerships.
  • Identify and develop meaningful relationships/partnerships for Columbia Records and our artists within the film, television, advertising, brand and digital development communities.
  • Actively solicit and pitch Columbia’s frontline repertoire to potential partners and key decision makers.
  • Work with artists/management teams to connect them to brands, producers, directors, etc.
  • Create and develop interesting and compelling ways to license label/artist priorities.
  • Create events designed to highlight the talent of our artists to prospective partners (i.e. showcases, listening sessions, social events, etc.).
  • Building key relationships within Sony Music and within Sony overall to best use resources to the advantage of Columbia Records.

anonymous asked:

hi! can you please explain the differences between Sony Syco and Columbia and how they all fit together but are also three separate things? I'm not very sure about how the music industry works. And also does Harry have a 360 deal with Columbia or will someone else do his PR and management and such when he releases music?

Sony Music Entertainment is the music corporation that is a parent company for multiple record labels. There are well over 100 labels in the Sony family. The three biggest Sony labels are Columbia (in fact, Sony was originally founded as Columbia Records back in the ‘30s I think), Epic and RCA. Syco is a distributed label - part of Sony but not wholly owned by them. It is owned 50/50 by Simon Cowell and Sony.

Each record label has its own completely separate teams and roster of artists. Many are speciality labels specialising for example in classical, electronica, jazz, hip hop etc.

So the labels operate independently of each other, but as part of the Sony family there are countless business relationships and distribution deals across all the labels. Often an artist will have their ‘main label’ - generally in their home country - and then be signed with other labels within the same family in other countries. For example One Direction were signed to Syco in the UK (their main label) and Columbia in the USA.

Harry signing with Columbia in the US does not mean he has any connection to Syco, other than that they’re all under the same parent company. All part of the Sony family if you want to get cutesy about it :)

“360 deals” are a bit of an outdated term. I see Larries have been throwing this around but really it’s a bit antiquated in the music and film business now. It relates to branding; e.g. Columbia releasing the Harry Styles album and the Harry Styles live DVD and the Harry Styles audiobook series (joke!)…1D had a ‘360 deal’  with Syco because Syco are an entertainment company, not just a record label - Syco have TV production companies and publishing companies etc. 1D were signed to them for everything.

But no, Columbia will not do Harry’s personal PR and management. He is signed to Full Stop for management and, as far as we know, Dawbell for PR. But Columbia will promote all of Harry’s music and any other releases from Columbia and will of course work closely with Full Stop and Dawbell on that.

Hope that helps! And I wish I could figure out my tagging system so I could link you back to other posts I’ve written about this kind of stuff that might be clearer. I’ll do some tag tidying tomorrow.