colts gift shop


While leaving the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on Sunday, I decided to walk to the Colts gift shop. When I got to the corner of South and Capitol I saw this.

Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones’ 45-foot long luxury motor coach nicknamed “The Elegant Lady” was sitting there. 

As you’d expect, the white bus with the huge Cowboys star on the side is as tricked-out with as many elegant touches as Cowboys Stadium. 

When I went to the front of the coach to try and sneak a peek inside. Jerry’s driver, Emory Tyler, walked up behind me and ask what I was doing.

It was then I said, “I am the biggest Cowboys fan ever and I just wanted to look inside.”

To which Emory replied, “Then what’s up with you sporting the Colts gear.”

Dammit, I was busted. But Mr. Tyler just laughed at me and was a great sport. He told me the motor coach was worth about $2.5 million. It’s has nine televisions, including one that folds out on the exterior for tailgating. It can seat 20 with three couches, five chairs and a kitchen. The inside is decorated with Cowboys memorabilia, with another large Cowboys star on the floor in case anyone forgets who owns it.

The middle compartment, called the salon, is a place for relaxing with all the amenities of a high-end rec room. In the back is the more office-like state room, where Jones spends much of his time. 

The bus made its debut at Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans. 

Jones didn’t make the trip to Indianapolis aboard the luxury bus, that’s what his private plane is for. But with free agents to woo and corporate types to wine and dine, there’s no doubt Jones will get a lot of mileage out of the new bus — even when it’s not moving.