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I feel like there must have been a time, somewhere in the past decade, that Sam and Dean ended up doing rock paper scissors and then when they were about to throw, Dean whipped out the finger guns while Sam threw rock and then just smirked and said, “Colt—dusts anything,” all proud of himself.

And then somehow the game evolved and eventually they ended up playing Rock-Paper-Scissors-Colt-Lucifer-Sam Fucking Winchester or something. And obviously Lucifer trumps the Colt and but Sam Fucking Winchester overpowers Lucifer, so. And then eventually it’d just get way out of hand and they’d have to go back to the good old-fashioned way, but that wouldn’t keep either of them from throwing some random-ass thing every once in a while, just for kicks.


Colt 2nd Model Ring Lever rifle

Manufactured in Paterson, NJ by Colt c.1838-41 at about 500 units
.40-42 eight-round cylinder, cap and ball with side-mounted ramrod, internal hammer with cocking ring lever.

Note that before the Dragoon revolvers, Colt’s gun where not named after the scene engraved on their cylinder. Probably because naming guns “a centaur sexually harassing a deer” or “kindergarten drawing of a stagecoach robbery” would be fucking stupid.
The second model of this rifle, also made by Colt and numerous gunsmiths with loose tolerances, saw the addition of the loading lever which greatly facilitated the reloading process.

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Let’s talk about ships and The Ranch. Because after seeing Part 3, I have new feelings.

- Colt/Abby is our principal romance and in this season, they are actually lovable. I like that both are willing to work together to mantain their relationship and are able to sit down and talk their shit, that’s what makes couples good and I feel like we are in for a long thing that may end up in a wedding picture in the intro. It was something to see Abby’s picture and the prom picture in the intro, by the way.

- Beau/Maggie, who we know have love each other since forever and still do, are that angsty couple we know are not gonna get back together but we are fine with that. They still have each other’s back and you just know that they do love each other. It’s a breathe of fresh air to deal with an “old” couple that is learning to be divorced and stay in good terms. That part when they dance at the bar, I cried like a baby.

- Rooster/Mary, our other canon couple are having trouble and I’m freakin’ mad at the writers for NEVER showing us how they get together again after both their big fights in this Part. When Mary gets mad at him not for telling her about Heather’s pregnancy, I was totally on Rooster’s side. But in the second fight? Man, if she wanted to shoot him, I wouldn’t mind. He crossed a line. And I hate that we weren’t show if they are ok or not. My writer heart is telling me something will happen between them and uuugh, I need Part 4. I really like them together, I love how commited he truly is to her and how suportive she is of him. But GOD, bad tempers can be the worst.

- Beau/Joanne and their big step was such a cute and sweet thing to watch! I love this couple. I loved their friendship and when I saw they were leaning towards a romantic relationship, I was so happy. I’m sad they had to put their thing on hold, but I’m glad Beau is going out on dates and meeting people. This is good for him. And Joane is sooo the best, I love her and I hope we see more of her in the future. They are my favorites at the moment.

- Clint/Maggie, for me, is not something that will survive. I feel like they do like each other, but Maggie is more like, using the feeling of freedom he gives her to finally get her dreams. It’s a good thing, though, since she just got divorced and she is re-doing her personal life. I like them in the sense that they are what they are and I think, if shit doesn’t get too bad in the next Part, Maggie will be happy to travel with or without him.

- Colt/Heather was my horse during season 1. But now I’m sure it will never happen. I’m glad the show was mature enough to gave Heather a voice and be her the one deciding she and Colt don’t belong together, none of them love each other and she deserves better. I’m happy to see she isn’t closing herslef and she is dating, she deserves someone that respects her and will love her for who she is, not what her body has. A part of me still loves them together, but i’m comfortable and at peace with how things are between them at the moment. But that cliffhanger…

- Beau/Brenda was a damn big surprise. I didn’t thought we were going to be able to meet Brenda. Man, she is so pretty! And so cool, too. I’m loving this ‘all the girls are better than the men in this show’ vibe we have, lol. I’m happy she understood what Beau is going through and I hope Beau doesn’t close himself after what happened with Joane, I hope he keeps going. And if Brenda appears again later, I wouldn’t mind it.


Ran some quick camera tests with our black powder revolver this afternoon. Gearing up for the civil war feature film we’re shooting this August. Stay tuned!

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What are your predictions for the new season of the ranch?


Okay, so where we left the show, it was a damn cliché cliffhanger I hope they try and threat correctly. Heather is pregnant from the last time she had sex with Colt, but he left her again to go and try something with Abby, to who he wanted to propose as shown seconds before Heather reveled to Colt she’s expecting.

Meanwhile, Rooster rejected Beau’s atempt to fix their relationship in a very crude, very Beau way. He says it’s nice his father gave him his grandfather’s knife but he can’t accept it since Beau has never accepted him, nor took in account his work with him, and he didn’t support him when he most needed it.

And then, in the first pictures we got a few weeks ago, we can see Colt and Abby in what seems and feels like a friendly moment:

Like #yikes, because I don’t ship them and I’m mad at Colt if he doesn’t help and interact more with Heather now that she’s pregnant. My guess is that Colt will want to help Abby as much as he can, but will not be with her as a couple. And I think that’s also something Heather would want, I honestly don’t see them happening at this point *sighs*.

I think Abby will be mad at Colt for the baby situation and Colt will try to win her back again, as he has been doing since season 1 A. My hope is that this time it won’t be as annoying as the first time, and both will actually put theirselfs to work on their relationship for it to work.

A picture that took a lot my atention is this one:

WHAT THE FUCK, MAN? For the way Colt and Rooster are looking at Berto, I guess it’s his fault their are in what seems to be jail. I bet you we are going to see the boys going out and making a party out of their alcohol, then getting into trouble or they will do something stupid and risky to help Berto out of something, and they will end up in jail.

Who is going to bail them out, though? Maybe Maggie will go to their rescue, or maybe Mary would do. I wish Mary and her girls weren’t such minor characters, the three of them are more interested than some arcs with some characters… but okay.

And then, what I actually care more about, is Rooster’s story line. 

Because we have him being comptitive with Beau here:

and then friendly as fuck with him here:

What I think is that we’ll have them trying to get along, at least when they are around their family, especially Maggie. I bet you Maggie will try to have them talk and fix their shit, but they will also be in constant competition when it comes to their respective ranchs.

Rooster is working for a big ass ranch that belong to a rich dude that knows shit about how to be a rancher, and we have been told and SHOWN that Rooster is damn GOOD at what he does. So it’s goign to be interesting to see what he can do with his own space, people and materials… and against his own father.

Because we have to remember that, from this family, Rooster is probably the most loving one and also the most closed one after Beau. He and Beua are pretty similar when it comes to their macho image and the not sharing feelings part. When it comes to be serious, Rooster is pretty serious (and I hope they keep that characterization for him).

So them drinking together at their home may be just to make Maggie happy or may be the start of an assosiation? I don’t think Rooster will come back home so soon, and I would hate it if he has to because Colt can’t do shit and Beau really needs the help, or because he couldn’t do it on his own (<– I would hate this option even more, since option one is, sadly, in canon for him).

Another thing that takes my attention to this picture of them in the house, is that Maggie is there. I guess we will see Beau and her still working on not being married, would she date or try to date? And will something happen between Joanne and Beau? It’s going to be interesting seeing these two being actually divorced an trying to keep on their lives.

I also want to know where the hell does Rooster lives, tho.

THEN, there is this:

I’m really worried about Rooster and his job. I want to see him out of his house and going through everything on his own. I don’t want him to go back to Iron River just like that. It’s a ten episodes A part of season 2, I don’t want him leaving his job so quickly.

He’s wearing working clothes, which is the strange part of the picture. In the best case scenario, he is only helping Beau and Colt out with something at their ranch. Another option is that maybe Maggie called them all to Iron River in an emergency tone and Rooster went without changing his clothes.


So, I think we are going to have Colt trying to have a relationship with Abby (I don’t think he will propose right now, though), at the same time he tries to be there for Heather during her pregnancy and prepares himself to be a father (BOY, he needs to mature some).

Rooster will be dealing with his feelings for his father, his new job and how to treat with Beau as another rancher more than his own kind. While Beau will be dealing with seeing his son, who was the one that was ALWAYS there, now gone and hurt by him (AND I HOPE HE FEELS BAD BECAUSE HE HAS BEEN PRETTY SHITTY WITH ROOSTER HIS ENTIRE LIFE) and making a life of his own.

Also, I expect cameos from Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith, aisde from Wilmer’s Berto to come back as shown in the first still we got :D.

PS: I actually like Rooster’s clothes this time. I like him when he wears other than his normal ugly ass t-shirt + jeans combo, I mean here he looks fine:

AU where the family business is a deli & market. Dean is a pie maker and Sam is the rebellious little brother who went off to be a hair stylist… Next door.

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I knew you would answer something awesome :D What do you think is more likely to happen with Heather and her baby?


I hate this kind of storylines because I feel like their never are treated as it should. A baby is a serious thing, it’s a life, and the mother should be able to chose if she wants to keep it or not, but in TV, these storylines often go like:

Mom keeps baby, decides ot be a single mom, mostly because the father does not want to be involved at first. Father gets convinced to be involved, slowburn for the parents that will ultimatelly get together at some point and shippers must pray for a) it to last and maybe be endgame, b) for the show to not be cancelled.

And in this case, I think this is more or less what will happen. When I’m not sure if it’s Heather and Colt will ever get together. Right now, in this moment, without having only s1 and the stills of s2, and my theories, I think they will NOT get together.

I do ship them, but I don’t want them rushing into something when Colt obviously has and will have feelings for Abby for a long time, until he learns to let it go or marries her, or God knows what. And Heather deserves better, she deserves a man that will love her and only her, support her and respect her, not see her as a comodity.

Colt still has a lot fo work to do in himself and his life, so I want the best for Heather and her baby, and the best will be not have a romantic relationship with Colt at the moment.