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Patti Smith - “There’s nobody like Coltrane” 

Interviewer - You speak well and repeatedly in Just Kids of John Coltrane’s records from the ‘60s. Do they possess something that today’s records don’t?

Patti - Well, I feel like Coltrane, of course he was an innovator and invented a whole style and a way of improvisation that we all draw from now. But I think the most interesting thing about Coltrane, besides his tone and his sense of improvisation, was his deep spiritual center. You really felt his relationship with God in his playing.

Patti - You can listen to a virtuoso; you might think, “Wow, that person plays really great.” But Coltrane has a different dimension. He brought God into his playing. I always feel that when I hear him. There’s nobody like Coltrane.

Jazz in the 1960s: A Guide to the Greatest Albums

Jazzwise has bravely and unwisely cobbled together a guide to the greatest jazz albums of the ‘60s. But such lists are made to be contested. I’d vote for Crescent over A Love Supreme, Change Of The Century over Free Jazz and Mingus, Mingus Mingus over Black Saint And Sinner Lady. But so what! What an amazing decade!

-Michael Cuscuna

Read the guide…

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John Coltrane

John Coltrane recorded 『A Love Supreme』 50 years ago today. 『A Love Supreme』 is often listed amongst the greatest jazz albums of all time.


  • John Coltrane - tenor sax
  • McCoy Tyner - piano
  • Jimmy Garrison - bass
  • Elvin Jones - drums
  • 1964/12/09, Van Gelder Studios, Englewood Cliffs, NJ