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Raised by two Slytherins, Colton Barlow was the family surprise. Sarah and Adam had thought they had done everything right for their children, raising them as similarly as themselves which involved strict guidelines, heavy teachings about ambition and prestige and the ever-cold shoulder that Adam gave their six children. Still, Colton seemed unphased by it all. A boy born with wonder in his eye and a full-heart, Colton was never able to give into the temptation to be similar to his parents. Coincidentally, Sarah and Adam would find that not only would Colton, their second child, become a surprise—and a letdown—but their fifth and sixth child would follow in his path. The mixed house of the Barlows caused some odd looks, indeed.

As the second child, Colton helped take care of his siblings, enjoying the closeness that it brought him to them. He’d do anything for them and his entire family, even with the heavy black cloud of his parents following him around. Carson was the first-born, followed by Colton, Casey, Clara, Cameron, and Coralie. The middle girls, Casey and Clara, were made in their father’s image, choosing to ignore the others as they grew older. Colton always felt the bitter sting of their disapproval but he chose to ignore it, for the most part, preferring peace in the home. When Colton began at Hogwarts, he had always been concerned that maybe he would end up being a Slytherin and wouldn’t ever fit into his House like he didn’t fit in with his parents. Later, he would find his home in Hufflepuff, something he couldn’t have been prouder of. Even in the wake of his parent’s disapproval, Colton has always put his House first, considering his family at Hogwarts. He’s made it to every sporting event and is often seen as Hufflepuff’s number one fan. Colton has been mocked or praised as the ‘golden boy’ of Hufflepuff but he has never let that come as any but positive. His Fifth year, his goal to become a Prefect were fulfilled and now as a Sixth year, his eyes are on Head Boy. Although he wishes to have bigger dreams, it’s hard for Colton to look that far ahead.

Since the buzz with Harry Potter’s death, Colton has tried to focus on his schooling. Unfortunately, his parents have been hushed in the shadows of their home, trying not to show their children their approval. Colton knows that if this were to come to war, the Barlow family would be literally cut in half, considering the differences between them. Although not as brave as a Gryffindor, he knows that he would do anything for his friends and longs to keep them safe, just hopefully not at all costs. Considering the blood that runs through his veins, he knows he would be labeled a blood traitor, but his fear isn’t for him, it’s for the muggleborns of his House, and his friends that would surely fight. The only thing that was clear to Colton about the talk of war was that he was terrified and wished not to think of it.


Colton is one of the most generous wizards that one could meet. And because of this many take advantage of his generosity and use it to their advantage, not that Colton would ever question a friend’s motives. He is driven and ambitious, like his family taught him to be, looking to be everyone and anyone’s friend, as well as a leader amongst them or even a role model. Although, he’s just as happy sitting in the background and watching friends succeed as well. He is loyal to his friends and is unable to comprehend having enemies, for the most part, although he will stand beside his closest friends wherever they may go. Colton has a hard time when people don’t like him because his whole life has been based on the idea that he is a ball of friendliness and sunshine, but it wouldn’t be the first time someone hasn’t enjoyed his company. Still, he will always make an effort to make people comfortable and if that means leaving them be, he will.  


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