Can we talk about Colton Birchfield for a second? Can we talk about how Colton has had to deal with psychiatric issues all his life? Can we talk about how that in and of itself is an incredibly difficult thing to deal with, but that he is also constantly in the spotlight as the son of two politicians? Can we talk about how Colton has only ever wanted the approval of his parents? Can we talk about how Colton was willing to marry a girl he views as a sister to get that approval? Can we talk about how his parents paid off the girl he loves supposedly because she isn’t good enough for Colton, but in reality because she isn’t good enough for them? Can we talk about how even though this girl accepted the payment, he still loves her and wants to be with her? Can we talk about how tragic a character Colton Birchfield is?

Why You Should Love and Admire Colton Birchfield

Out of the hundred-some characters in these games, Colton Birchfield from Ghost of Thornton Hall is one of my all-time favorites. There doesn’t appear to be a general strong opinion about him one way or another within the fandom, so this is my attempt to get y'all to love his adorable little Southern self. 

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out of step with the world; a colton birchfield playlist {listen}

i. this is gospel, panic! at the disco {cause these words are knives and often leave scars, the fear of falling apart}  ii. sleep alone, two door cinema club {cause he knows that they’re just ghosts and they can’t hurt him if they can’t see him}  *iii. afraid, the neighborhood {fight those demons, sell your soul, not your whole self}  iv. nothing left to say, imagine dragons {below my soul i feel an engine, collapsing as it sees the pain}  *v. little lion man, mumford and sons {take all the courage you have left, waste it on fixing all the problems that you made in your own head}  vi. sleeping sickness, city and colour {and i’m breaking down, i think i’m breaking down}  vii. me, the 1975 {oh i was thinking ‘bout killing myself, don’t you mind}  viii. sleep song, bastille {it scares you, being alone, it’s a last resort}  ix. left behind, spring awakening obc {you just let him cry, make a man out of him}

*strong language