Can we talk about Colton Birchfield for a second? Can we talk about how Colton has had to deal with psychiatric issues all his life? Can we talk about how that in and of itself is an incredibly difficult thing to deal with, but that he is also constantly in the spotlight as the son of two politicians? Can we talk about how Colton has only ever wanted the approval of his parents? Can we talk about how Colton was willing to marry a girl he views as a sister to get that approval? Can we talk about how his parents paid off the girl he loves supposedly because she isn’t good enough for Colton, but in reality because she isn’t good enough for them? Can we talk about how even though this girl accepted the payment, he still loves her and wants to be with her? Can we talk about how tragic a character Colton Birchfield is?

out of step with the world; a colton birchfield playlist {listen}

i. this is gospel, panic! at the disco {cause these words are knives and often leave scars, the fear of falling apart}  ii. sleep alone, two door cinema club {cause he knows that they’re just ghosts and they can’t hurt him if they can’t see him}  *iii. afraid, the neighborhood {fight those demons, sell your soul, not your whole self}  iv. nothing left to say, imagine dragons {below my soul i feel an engine, collapsing as it sees the pain}  *v. little lion man, mumford and sons {take all the courage you have left, waste it on fixing all the problems that you made in your own head}  vi. sleeping sickness, city and colour {and i’m breaking down, i think i’m breaking down}  vii. me, the 1975 {oh i was thinking ‘bout killing myself, don’t you mind}  viii. sleep song, bastille {it scares you, being alone, it’s a last resort}  ix. left behind, spring awakening obc {you just let him cry, make a man out of him}

*strong language

Modern Royalty AU φ  Colton Birchfield x Zoe Wolfe

Colton is a prince, next in line for the crown in fact, who hates being royal and hates his parents even more. He also just so happens to have a hit out on him. 

Zoe is the assassin who takes the hit and she never misses. That is until she sees Colton through the scope of her sniper rifle and her brain whites out because she wasn’t even aware people like him still existed.

Years later Zoe answers the questions of how they met with a bat of her eyelashes and by saying that it was love at first sight. (She always neglects to say that the first time she saw him was through the scope of her sniper rifle.)


The characters in HER Interactive’s latest Nancy Drew Adventure, The Ghost of Thornton Hall, all wear so many layers it’s like watching an episode of Supernatural. Colton managed to capture our hearts, both with his charming good looks (not to mention that accent) and his heartbreaking love story. He’s also a pretty snappy dresser, not even letting the bayou mugginess get in the way of his prep school-esque style.

Blazers generally run more than our budget of $50, but we tried to find things that weren’t too expensive for you. Both blazers are from Macy’s, the first for $59.99 and the second for $54.99. The first white shirt comes from Nordstrom Rack for $49.50 (and it’s Smartcare, which means it won’t wrinkle!), and the second is from Old Navy for $29.94. The first sweater is from H&M for $19.95. The next two are from Macy’s:  $12.99 and $49.99 (that one’s cashmere!). Finally, the first pair of pants is from Target for $24.99, and the second are from Kohl’s for $29.99.

Sad Colton Headcanon #412: Colton absolutely hates his birthday and likes to pretend it doesn’t exist. Only a handful of his birthdays were celebrated before his parents started ‘forgetting’ or simply writing it off because they were 'too busy’. Eventually he stopped mentioning it or getting excited about it because what was the point? He learned through experience that he would be let down every single year. So for him, his birthday is a reminder that his parents didn’t care about him and that he wasn’t good enough to warrant their attention.

Jess is the only person who knows when his birthday is and she learned it through a lot of poking and prodding. That was the only time she’s seen Colton even remotely angry. 

differencedetective  asked:

☆, ☮ for Colton!

☆ - happy headcanon

After the events of GTH, Colton decided to sever ties with his demanding, overbearing parents. With the toxic relationship no longer weighing down on him, Colton is more relaxed and at ease, his anxiety no longer the unbeatable monster it once was.

☮ - friendship headcanon

Jessalyn and Colton say “I love you” (in a purely platonic way, of course) by miming throwing a rock at the other’s face.