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A Day In the Life of Ian Bohen

This is what he gave us 4:00am 9/05/2017 to 9/6/2017 midnight This is why I love him. He’s so random.

1.) Wake up take a picture of his alarm clock and send it to Tyler Posey.

2.) Go to the airport. Take a picture of an AHS Sign and tag Colton Haynes.

3.) Take a picture of his breakfast alcohol at the airport.

4.) Take random pictures of stuff on the ramp going to the Airplane Hold. Make a point it is not his baby chair but the big bag is his.

5.) Then make this post about a baby.

6.) He then proceeds to ponders why because he was on the pill and makes sure we know that.

7.) Then looks for movies to watch on the plane and comes a cross a french movie about a bun in the oven. Makes a terrified face.

8.) Takes random videos of very desert like conditions.

9.) Gets to Utah, tired and tries to figure out how to get to the hotel via a very confusing map. Poor tired baby.

10.) Finally gets to the hotel. Exclaims about how it’s bigger than his apartment.

11.) Immediately goes down to the bar. Where he takes a picture of his lunch which includes alcohol. (See a previous post i made today)

12.) He then later takes picture of his dinner which includes alcohol.

13.) He fights to get his favorite snack from the bottom of a jar.

14.) Later he’s being “sophisticated” and playing chess. Is victorious and having wine.

15.) Back at the hotel, he takes a video of himself looking in his fridge and shows us pictures of ice he made.

Bobo, I really hope you are sleeping because that last vid was after midnight and you didn’t need more ice for more booze.

Besides, Booze is not good for the baby. :)

Teen Wolf is ending tonight

And despite everything that’s happened, I just want to say that I’m really going to miss the show. Some things may have been majorly messed up but despite that I got to watch an amazing show with an amazing cast and become part of an amazing fandom that’s completely taken over my life. So thank you, Jeff Davis (even though you piss me off) for making this show, to the cast and crew, and to you guys here on Tumblr for making these last 9 months (I was exceptionally late on the uptake) be full of Teen Wolf.


I don’t even know what happened. I swear, I just did, like, two lines.
And ended up in the hospital? Jessie, you’re out of control.
It was nothing. It was just some bad blow.
Okay, yeah, you keep telling yourself that, But I am not going to let your legacy be a true Hollywood Story of “oops, I did it and died.”