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Those people tge most stronger than fucking anyone else. They passed through the 🔥 and the point of the knife🔪. Through huge losses and agony. Their relationship to each other has become stronger💪and thus their spirit and faith in each other complements them☯ and makes them not only more confident💃 and reliable but also happier😀. These are the most hardy and filled with concentration, they can only be envied. Malia and Scott showed me that you never need to give up!👊 And to be who you really are☀, accept yourself🐺, and yet strive to be better ☀. Tears are piling up because for me they have become the most powerful motivators.
Lord(Jeff) let their ways come together❤

imy  - long distance relationship? missing your crush/significant other? send or listen to this mix to let them know how you feel. [listen here]

01. hey there delilah - plain white t’s // 02. all of the stars - ed sheeran // 03. tee shirt - birdy // 04. amaze me - union j // 05. summertime of our lives - cody simpson. // 06. 19 you + me (cover) - new heights ft colton haynes // 07. be still - the fray//  08. dont let me go - harry styles  // 09. your body is a wonderland - john mayer // 10. we’ve got tonight (cover) - phillip phillips // 11. all of me - john legend // 12. hello beautiful - the jonas brothers // 13. long distance - bruno mars // 

P.S.- Picture is not mine, Credit to owner.

@coltonlhaynes: Tonight the 100th episode of #Arrow airs…I am so thankful to have been a part of this show for 54 episodes & counting. I had no idea I was going to be in the DC world until the incredible @gberlanti called and asked if I’d come on for 3 episodes which then turned into multiple seasons of pure joy & more laughs than I can explain. I owe u the world Greg! This cast has seen me through my best & darkest times and I love them more than I can explain. I owe so much to the producers/network/cast/writers & crew for letting me be in this family but most importantly…we have the best fans in the world. The reason this show got this far is because of y'all & I’m sending so much love to every single one of you for changing my life. ❤️❤️❤️

sleeping beauty; a playlist created for those nights where closing your eyes won’t help || the following playlist is full of songs that lull me to sleep

01. Strange Birds ▸ Birdy | 02. All of Me ▸ John Legend | 03. Nitesky ▸ Robert Koch (featuring John La Monica) | 04. 19 You + Me ▸ New Heights & Colton Haynes | 05. Let Her Go ▸ Passenger |  06. I Will Follow You Into The Dark ▸ Death Cab for Cutie | 07. Human ▸ Christina Perri | 08. A Drop in the Ocean ▸ Ron Pope | 09. Free Falling ▸ John Mayer | 10. So Cold ▸ Ben Cocks | 11. Skinny Love ▸ Birdy | 12. Mad World ▸ Adam Lambert | 13. Kiss Me ▸ Ed Sheeran | 14. Beside You ▸ 5 Seconds of Summer | 15. Wild Life ▸ Hedley | 16. After the Storm ▸ Mumford & Sons | 17. Holding On and Letting Go ▸ Ross Copperman | 18. Safe and Sound ▸ Taylor Swift (featuring The Civil Wars) | 19. You and I ▸ One Direction | 20. Nightingale ▸ Demi Lovato 


Sunday Morning Musings: Olicity  - Church of The Fallen

It’s been a wild week in the Arrow verse, folks. While I have yet to post my review of Arrow, ‘The Fallen’, I will later today, I’d like to take a moment to hold a bit of an Olicity sermon this morning.

Everyone in the fandom should be fully aware of the fact that I’m an Olicity fan (red, white and blue) I know Olicity and have adored them since….

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