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Six months and counting by Kevin Cavanaugh
Via Flickr:
IIRC it took five sets of equipment to cover the rotations of the City of Los Angeles/Challenger over the UP/Milwaukee Road between LA and Chicago. Here, are two of the five, meeting at Colton, CA on the Santa Fe’s Third District on October 4 , 1970. Eastbound train #104 behind E8A 926 is about to cross the SP while a somewhat tardy train #103 passes by on the adjacent main. #103 was due at San Bernadino straight up at 11:00 AM while #104 was to stop at 2:40 PM. Assuming the e/b was close to on time, this meet should have taken place somewhere between LAUPT and East Los Angeles. Oh well, my win….

Off to spend the day searching animal shelters and various lost and found pet sites for my aunt’s dog. Her name is Tinkerbell and she has been missing since June 18 from the Reche Canyon/ Colton area of California. I know it’s weird to post here but it has been ten days and she’s old so my aunt is very worried. Hopefully we find her soon