colt: massive


Warley Katrina and Herkules Hurricane

Huge colt foal born 18/4-2017 Finally, an update on Katrina (who stands a good 18.1hh) and her son- the huge Hurricane, this massive colt were born during a bit traumatic circumstances, as he tried to enter the world ony with his head first. The mare has recovered very well, and her son is growing by the second! We have been very lucky, and thankful to the fact we always keep our horses and foaling mares under very careful surveillance. A special thanks to everyone who has sent us get well wishes, and kept these two in their thoughts!”


What a nasty back. Broad, thick and vascular.
Gotta love it.

  • Me: *wearing forty crystals across my body stick of sage burning in my mouth burning incense and white candles flicking oils and moonlit cleansed water across my bed chanting a little prayer with sigils on both hands*
  • Mum: what you doing...?
  • Me: There was a spider

Massive Airstrike Causes A Giant Shockwave