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Colt R-80 “Monitor” automatic rifle

Designed by John M. Browning c.1917 and made by Colt Manufacturing Co. c.1931 for law enforcement agencies like the FBI.
.30-06 20-rounds detachable box magazine, pistol grip, Cutts compensator, gas operated select fire.

An intended heavy duty alternative to the ubiquitous Thompson .45ACP submachine guns of the interwar era, that would sometime not be enough to reliably pierce through a car to reach the outlaw inside. The Monitor was notoriously used during the ambush shooting of Bonny and Clyde, while they themselves also carried one in the trunk of their car.


Colt 1871-72 Open Top revolvers

Made by Colt Manufacturing Arms Company in Hartford, Connecticut c.1872-73 - based on the Richards-Mason conversion of older Colt revolvers - serial numbers 3010 & 2993 & 827.
.44RF Henry six-round cylinder, single action, side loading gate wih spring-loaded ejector rod. 

Developed as soon as metallic cartridge revolvers became patent-free, the Colt Open Top was at first intended to secure a military contract. Its failure to do so resulted in a short production span and the designing from the ground up of the Colt 1873 Single Action Army by the Richards-Mason duo.

.44 Henry rimfire cartridge

A short thingy I had to get out of my head. Not angsty despite that opening. AO3 link.

Jason rolled the tiny smoke bombs. They were nearly silent on the filthy corporate berber of the abandoned office building. They deployed at the feet of the nearest two kidnappers, the door guards.

He sprinted past them to take out the one holding the AR-15 first. Disarmed and KO-ed in one smooth, brutal movement as Jason spun the rifle into the outstretched arm-and-Colt-1911 of the next nearest man, ignoring the pistol as it fired close to him. He grabbed this one and broke his gun arm, tossing him bodily into the one of the door guards as he tried to rush him.

Pulled his own pistol and shot the door guard that had been moving toward the figure hanging from the ceiling before he could put a gun to the hostage’s head. Managed to shoot Mr. Colt 1911 as he pulled a second gun with his unbroken arm, before dodging the sloppy tackle of the last door guard, who had recovered.

Mad now. Seeing red as he ignored the gun in his hand in favor of kneeing Door Guard a few rapid times in the belly before letting him go so he could savagely pull the man’s face down onto his own heavily padded kneecap and let him fall limp to the floor. He kicked and threw weapons out of reach of the ones who might live before holstering his own gun and striding to the suspended figure just as it dropped heavily to the floor.

“Hey, old man,” Jason wasn’t even out of breath as he moved quickly to Bruce’s side, “Are you hurt?”

“No, Jay,” Bruce said softly from where he lay on his side. He was half-smiling in a way that made Jason feel both warm and unsettled. He helped Bruce sit up. Took stock of the three-piece, probably unsalvageable. Just because Bruce Wayne had to be kidnap-able didn’t mean Bruce made it easy. Bruising alongside his mouth where he’d been punched and a swollen left eye. Raw around the wrists where he’d been tied. Pupils, wide-blown and glassy looking. Explained what had taken him so long to escape.

“I’ve got him,” Jason spoke into the comm, “Kidnappers down for the count. They drugged him – he’s movin’ slow.”

“Be careful. You remember what happened the last time he got tranqed,” Dick warned. Drugs rarely had their intended effects on Bruce anymore.

“Jay,” Bruce said groggily, grabbing Jason’s chin with hands that hadn’t quite gotten their circulation back. He was smushing Jason’s mouth into a silly shape, but Jason played along. He wasn’t about to get anything broken like that poor Watchtower med tech.

“Yesh?” he answered, hamming it up and waggling his eyebrows a bit. Like he hadn’t just (probably) killed several men.

“Jason,” was all Bruce said, frowning a little now in concentration as he tried to focus on Jason’s face.

Jason pulled his chin out of Bruce’s grip, which was tightening.

“How’s about we stand up and move on outta here, B?” Jason gently slung Bruce’s arm over his shoulders and pressed Bruce into a standing position. Bruce slumped against him drunkenly.

Jason steered them around the debris of broken kidnappers and bedraggled office furniture.

“Always loved watching you fight, Jay,” Bruce said a little dreamily as they moved through the buildings empty halls.

“Yeah?” Jason tipped his head forward to see Bruce’s face. He had that weird smile again.

“Dick. Fighting is another type of performance for Dick. Until his back is against the wall. Always making things…elegant,” he slurred, “or funny.” He chuckled a little at some memory.

“And Tim. Tim is fast. Makes up for that lack of reach with everything he’s got. Gets there ahead of everyone. Two steps ahead.”

“Thought we were talking about me here,” Jason muttered, taking Bruce through some old swing doors to another corridor.

“Damian’s not old enough. Hasn’t settled into one style. Sneaky though.”

“Well, yeah,” Jason agreed, voice droll.

“And Cassandra-”

“-is perfect.” they finished together.

Finally hitting fresh air they walked slowly out the bay doors at the back of the huge office complex, toward the car Jason had parked a quarter mile down the road, out of sight. Bruce was still leaning heavily on Jason, trying not to let his feet drag. Not quite succeeding.

“And what am I, old man?”

Bruce smiled crookedly at him with slightly bloodied teeth.

“A hammer.” He let the pronouncement fall heavy. “You come down on them like the hammer of God. Focused.” His mouth stretched a little wider in something that was not quite a smile.


Grinning, Jason squeezed a little with the arm that was supporting Bruce. Together they made their way across the weed-strewn parking lot.

The Left Arm Of The Free World: The AR-15 - 5.56x45 NATO

The icon of the United States, the AR-15 series of rifles has become a common sight across the world. SWAT teams, NATO forces, American backed rebels, the AR-15 is one of the most common rifles in the world, and despite what politicians may say, the AR-15′s origins lie in the late 1950′s.

The AR-15′s background is with ArmaLite. At first a division of Fairchild Aircraft, they were tasked with making a number of guns out of aluminum. With the first designs like the AR-1, AR-5 and AR-7, the 1957 US Army Rifle Trials saw ArmaLite submit a new gun, designed by Eugene Stoner. 

The AR-10. The ArmaLite Rifle Model-10 was tested alongside the M14 and FN FAL. It was significantly lighter than the other two rifles, at 7 pounds. The rifle did very well until a catastrophic failure with the barrel got it kicked out. And while the US Army dropped the rifle, many other countries bought some, most famously Portugal and Sudan, but other countries like Batista-era Cuba, Brazil, West Germany and Guatemala bought AR-10′s.

ArmaLite and Stoner went back to the drawing board and began thinking of how to improve the AR-10. A request by General Willard G. Wyman in the late 50′s called for a lightweight .223 caliber rifle capable of penetrating a steel helmet at 500 yards while keeping a high speed and matching the same penetration power of .30 Carbine.

Armalite responded back with the Armalite Rifle Model 15. Yes that’s what AR-15 actually stands for. And ArmaLite managed to strike a chord with one man. General Curtis LeMay.

LeMay was very impressed by the AR-15 at first, ordering about 80,000 AR-15′s for the US Air Force. However, Robert McNamara was against having two different calibers and LeMay’s orders were denied. William Godel, a senior official at DARPA decided to send 10 AR-15′s for testing in Vietnam. The results were very good, and more were sent.

These testings forced McNamara to allow around 85,000 AR-15′s to enter US Army testing as well as 19,000 to US Air Force testing to appease LeMay. The original XM16 series had problems. The powder load for the original 5.56 batch was made by DuPont and found to be inferior and quickly swapped for Olin’s WC 544 powder. That and a lingering idea that the XM16′s were self-cleaning meant that around 80% were reported to have had malfunctions with their rifle.

The response was the XM16E1. This included a number of improvements including chrome plated chamber, forward assist and cleaning kits. This helped rectify the M16′s horrible reputation in Vietnam and from there led to the whole AR-15 lineage.

The XM16E1 and M16A1′s served in Vietnam and were well liked by soldiers. From there, the M16 series became the US Army standard and soon a NATO standard. The US made NATO adopt some 5.56 caliber rifle and soon most had their own model of 5.56 rifle or an AR-15 rifle.

The AR-15 series has become the most common 5.56 caliber rifle in the world, arming 15 NATO countries as well as 80 others. Israel, the US, South Korea, New Zealand, the Philippines, Mexico and so on use US models.

The Canadians arm themselves with the homegrown C7 and C8 series, made by Diemaco/Colt Canada and are sold to countries like the Netherland, the UK, Denmark, and so on.

And besides the main M16A1/A2/A3/A4 series, the AR-15 has a number of military versions. The first was the XM177 series of carbines that began production in Vietnam and evolved into a large variety of carbines, including the Model 727, 733, and most famously, the M4A1.

Besides military models, a large amount of civilian AR-15′s exist on the market. DPMS, Colt, Bushmaster, ArmaLite, Olympic Arms, Norinco, FN, Knight’s Armament, Daniel Defense and so many others have made semi-auto versions for the civilian market. 

The AR-15 is a very famous rifle, with roughly 8 million made, it’s usage by SWAT teams, world militaries and a number of civilian shooters makes it a common sight, whether demonized by the media or in the hands of heroes and bad guys in cinema.

Ever since 1964′s Seven Days In May, the silver screen has been jammed pack with AR-15′s. Vietnam movies feature the original M16 and M16A1, modern war movies feature the M4A1 and M16A4, sci-fi features them, documentaries feature them, comedy movies feature them, it’s a favorite of all.

Al Pacino uses one in Scarface, the robbery crew of Heat use them, the protagonists and the US Marines in The Rock use them, the US Army Rangers and Delta Force of Black Hawk Down use several different models. From the sands of Iraq to the mega prison of Manhattan, the AR-15 series is a common sight.

And as always, video games take cues from the real world and cinema, and one that is a very common sight is the AR-15 series. Modern combat games such as the Call of Duty and Battlefield field the M16/M4 series as it’s standard rifle, as do the more realistic ones like Squad and Insurgency. Zombie games like Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead and No More Room In Hell boast it as a remnant of US Armed Forces and SWAT teams attempts to contain the infections.

Many games have AR-15′s in more dubious roles, such as the GTA series and PAYDAY 2 having many arm the hands of criminals and bank robbers. Private Military Companies in games tend to arm themselves with European arms, though AR-15′s are sometimes seen. From the bank robber to the Army Private, an AR-15 will always be rendered and firing strong.

And that is the tale of the AR-15, from a failed military trial to one of the most common rifles across the world. It’s a 50 year old design and shows no sign of sloping in popularity. It’s seen through wars in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Drug Wars the world over, the Troubles, many shootings and more. From the sands of Iraq and the mud of Vietnam to the streets of Belfast and Mexico, there will always be an ArmaLite Rifle.

I’m just down along the Falls road it’s where I’m to be, lying in the dark with the Provo Company, a comrade on me left and another on me right, and a clip of ammunition for me little Armalite”

Roadside Rescue - Part nine

A/N There is violence in this chapter. Be forewarned.


The Friday night dinner rush was just starting to ramp up. Most of the couples were still older people enjoying their early bird special, but a few younger couples were starting to show up as well. Riley had just finished putting her customers’ plates on their table when a voice bellowed through the background music.

“Riley May Alcott, you get your ass over here!”

All conversation came to an abrupt halt as she slowly turned around. Hugging her tray to her chest like a shield, she scurried over to where Colt was standing.

He waved a paper at her. “Where the hell do you get the nerve having me served with a restraining order?”

Riley could see the faces of all the people peering at them curiously. “Colt, go away. I’m working.”

“I don’t care if you’re having tea with the queen! You are going to march right down to the courthouse and make this thing go away.”

“No. I’m not.” She tried to sound determined but it was hard to look him in the face when he was blustering like this. “And you’re violating it right now and I could call the police and have you arrested.”

“Did your cop boyfriend put you up to this?”

“You put me up to it with all your nonsense. Now leave!”

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withinmeloveresides1  asked:

I'm so nervous to ask since I sent you two messages today already but may I ask for a possible drabble? Peter scenting/marking Stiles and having to restrain him because of much arm flailing and squirming the first while he does it. The thought of "Jesus Christ Stiles -hold still damn it-." makes me laugh. Thank you very much and I hope I'm not annoying you with all these messages today >__>

Messages are always welcome, and I don’t mind drabbling so long as I have time and you don’t expect anything crazy huge:)

This is probably a little angstier than you wanted.

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