colt .45 weapon


Colt M1883 Gatling gun

Made by Colt’s Manufacturing Co c.1883~90′s.
.45-70 Gov 104-round Accles drum magazine, ten rotary barrels with their own firing mechanisms, rapid-fire hand cranked repeating gun.

These Gatling feeding systems are so sexy. This one had a spiral groove from which cartridges would be fed into the gun by a rotor moved by the action of said gun itself, meaning the feeding mechanism was free of the constraints of fickle gravity or spring tension.


Colt 1874 Gatling Gun

Manufactured by Colt Firearms Manufacturing Co. and owned by Thell Reed, supplied for the 2007 remake of Western movie 3:10 to Yuma.
.45-70 Gov 35-round hopper, ten rotating barrels, hand-cranked repeater, seen in the movie on a swivel mount in the back of an armored stagecoach and fired by Pinkerton agents.

For the few out there that have both seen the movie and remembered how this scene unfolded, they also made a rubber prop to be used when the gun was in danger of being damaged.


Colt M1911 Government Model

Manufactured and shipped on New Year’s Eve 1915 to France as part of one of the French army various contracts to arm their tank crews and stretch bearers and machine guns loaders and whatnot with modern semi-automatic pistols.
Serial number C25049, 450 were made for this contract.
.45ACP, seven rounds, short recoil semi-automatic.

Sauce : Rock Island Auction Co.