1912 Colt

This gun was shipped on November 27, 1912.

The “Government Model”

As soon as Colt got their military production squared away, they worked on releasing a commercial version of the Model 1911.  It was introduced as the “Colt Government Model Automatic Pistol” in March of 1912.  The name is confusing today, but at that time Colt wanted to reinforce the connection that it is the same gun as “what the government uses.” - source

Colt M1855 Root revolving rifle

Designed by Elisha K. Root and manufactured by Colt’s Patent Firearm Manufacturing Co. - serial number 1550.
.36~.44 cap and ball six-shot fluted cylinder, single action with what appears to be a dual set trigger, Winchester scope.

That is one beautiful rifle. Knowing that chain fire accidents do sometimes happen with percussion designs like those, you could be very indulgent and imagine yourself protecting your hands by firing this thing from a fork rest.


Colt M1862 Police revolver

Made by Colt Manufacturing Co. in Hartford, Connecticut c.1861-73 - serial number 2426.
.36 cap and ball six-shot cylinder, single action, creeping loading lever, Tiffany style cast bronze grip made by Ames Sword Co c.1864 featuring the Mexican eagle. Faded silver/gold plating.

A perfect fit for the hunter’s dream.


Colt Single Action Army

Iconic American revolver that has been popular for generations, having been discontinued then brought back again several times. Often referred to as “The Gun that Won the West”, it has formed a massive collector following. Available in many different barrel lengths, calibers and finishes, the SAA can be a daunting choice for a single firearm focused collector. (GRH)