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Could you do relationship/cute headcannons for Alluka, Meleoron, and Colt? :)

*cracks knuckles* My time has come…And ooooh~ Good choices :D You don’t see headcannons for these characters too often!


-Colt doesn’t mind PDA too much unless it is in front of Kite. He would love to hold your hand in public and would take great pride in being your partner

-It’s almost a given on how he would be completely devoted to you in your relationship. He would always make time for you, and would sometimes (If she’d allow it) insist on Kite joining you guys on fun trips!

-Colt wouldn’t mind cuddling at all. He doesn’t mind you stroking his feathers either, as long as you’re gentle with them.

-Having you meet his mother and sister would be a big deal to him and he would probably visit them often once he feels as though he carried out his promise to the queen in protecting Kite. (Currently in the series, I feel as though Colt is more Ant than human and would retain all loyalty to his promise (and to you)).


-Alluka would love to spend all of her time with both you and Killua. Whether it be simple trips out into the city or just a stay at home day, she would be right in between you two holding on to your hands.

-She is no stranger to physical contact and loves to hug and kiss you as often as she can. Even if Nanika emerges, she treats you the same as Alluka does and never asks cruel requests from you.

-Alluka loves it when you braid her hair, or simply brush it. If your hair is long enough then she would be sure to return the favor.

-Alluka adores PDA and would full on make out with you in public if it weren’t for Killua who would puller her away after a kiss that lasted a few seconds too long with you.


-Playfully scaring you by appearing and disappearing out of nowhere is his specialty. Meleoron loves to play jokes on you, but knows where your boundaries are and would never take it too far.

-Meleoron is incredibly keen on PDA. He loves holding your hand and wouldn’t mind kissing you in public, but it wouldn’t turn into a make out session.

-He enjoys hanging out with Knuckle and Shoot and would take you out on fun trips with them as well to try and get you to open up to his other friends, as well as to get to know you even better.

-Meleoron is incredibly ticklish on his sides, neck, and even his tail. Much to his regret on letting you in on that information, you take advantage of this fact a lot which leads to tickle wars (unless you manage to get away, but Meleoron doesn’t get revenge. He gets even.)

~Admin Mercedes


Today I received my October issue of Monthly Comic @Bunch with chapter 42 of GANGSTA. and the character designs of the Destroyers. So, I went ahead and scanned all of the designs of the Destroyers for you all, enjoy!

-(please do not delete this caption)


I drew this surprisingly fast.
And because of that it looks really awkward
In my head it looked badass
This is anything but badass to me
*rolls back to the corner*