A very rare prototype weapon that competed against the H&K Mark 23 in the USSOCOM’s Offensive Handgun Weapons System program. You can see on the left hand side where a lot of the controls are located; the ambidextrous safety, slide stop, oversize mag release and a decocker.  It uses a rotating barrel so it required a unique if not cumbersome way to attach a suppressor which was a requirement for the OHWS program. Supposedly only 30 of these pistols were ever produced in various stages of completion due to the fact they were a trial gun. You can learn more about from a very informative video by Forgotten Weapons on Youtube. (GRH)



Bronze (Brastil) Colt M1911A1 made in 1932

“In 1932, the Research Section of Springfield Armory decided to investigate the possibility of using die castings for the frame and slide of the 1911A1 pistol. A small number of samples were prepared from a high tensile bronze. They were further machined and fitted. The assembled test pistols were given an endurance trial of 5,000 rounds and the trial report contains a statement that the performance looked promising.”

“…Apparently the project was not continued after the original trials; no further references are made to the research in subsequent Armory reports. No specimens of the bronze frame and slide are known and it is doubtful if more than a half-dozen were assembled for this trial." 

Two of my favorite firearms, also the two most expensive I own.

Bushmaster XM15-E2S, .223/5.56x45mm (Ilion, NY)

Colt 1911, Gov’t Model, .45ACP,
Series 80

Two great firearms, representing two great American Classics.

Some say Colts are over priced, but I think it was worth every penny. Paid $930, and I have $200-$300 worth of Wilson Combat parts inside her. Brought her to my Basic Pistol Safety course, and my instructor had a $1,500 Kimber(Kimber Warrior?), and both my instructor, and myself, could shoot my Colt more accurately. The trigger was more crisp, and the recoil was also quite a bit smoother on my Colt (which I’ll give a thanks to Wilson Combat for those two qualities my pistol has). The only malfunctions my Colt has had, were caused by aftermarket magazines.

As for my Bushmaster, a great AR, haven’t had any issues so far. My one gripe is that $1,100+ price tag I’ve been seeing on them. I did NOT pay that much, and I NEVER would. I’d get something better for that money. You can get a Windham Weaponry (the company who used to make Bushmaster AR’s) for less than that, and they’re better AR’s in my opinion. But the AR-15’s out of Ilion, NY by Remington (what I have), are not worth $1,100 in my opinion.

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