This is my newest travel case I use to hold my toiletries. I can stuff it full and then crank down on the straps to seal everything in. Made with a 5/6 hide. All one piece of leather except for the side panels. Designed to last for the road warrior. #travel #journey #ColsenKeane #leather #vegtan (at ColsenKeane Studio)

I have been wearing my Scotch Grunge belt for years. I not only wear it with my jeans but dress it up with my flannel suit. This piece is designed to make a statement. #ColsenKeane #belt (at ColsenKeane Studio)

My favorite No. 914 Work Belt in Bridal Brown is my favorite and thickest belt I own. Built to last the rest of my life. Photo cred to @dreaphotoartistry. #ColsenKeane #leather #belt (at ColsenKeane Studio)

Spent some alone time this morning reflecting and writing in my FieldNotes journal wrapped in aged Scotch Grunge leather. How do you capture the moments of your life? #ColsenKeane #FieldNotes @fieldnotesbrand (at ColsenKeane Studio)

Years ago I made my first satchel that was modeled like this No 820 Classic Satchel in Scotch Grunge. This bag is one piece of leather which aids in its integrity and our commitment to promise you a lifetime with this bag. #ColsenKeane #leather (at ColsenKeane Studio)