One of our clients, who is a dentist by day and and mom by evening, stopped in today to show us her No. 1111 Tote in Natural Tan. It looks amazing and aging beautifully. #ColsenKeane #vegtan #leather (at ColsenKeane Studio)

I have been wearing my Scotch Grunge belt for years. I not only wear it with my jeans but dress it up with my flannel suit. This piece is designed to make a statement. #ColsenKeane #belt (at ColsenKeane Studio)

This is my newest travel case I use to hold my toiletries. I can stuff it full and then crank down on the straps to seal everything in. Made with a 5/6 hide. All one piece of leather except for the side panels. Designed to last for the road warrior. #travel #journey #ColsenKeane #leather #vegtan (at ColsenKeane Studio)

My favorite No. 914 Work Belt in Bridal Brown is my favorite and thickest belt I own. Built to last the rest of my life. Photo cred to @dreaphotoartistry. #ColsenKeane #leather #belt (at ColsenKeane Studio)