September 17 10AM- Old Home Day Gala Celebration in Colrain #WesternMA

One of Colrain’s 250th Anniversary events. A grand parade kicks off at 10 am., followed by: Colrain City CLoggers (11:30), Opening Ceremony (12 Noon), Wright Brothers Two with Lenny Zarcone (12:30 pm), Jody Scalise (1:30), Celtic Heels (2:30), Dusti Dufresne (3:00), Colrain’s own Blezmers (4:00), Ham and Bean Supper (5-7), Zydeco Connection (6:00) and Fireworks (8 pm.). Also food,booths of all kinds, children’s games, petting zoo, craft vendros & exhibits, farmers’ market, storytelling, and more on the grounds of Colrain Central School on Route 112 (22 Jacknsonville Road) North in Colrain. Book sale at Griswold Memorial Library. More info at

New England Cell Tower News

New England Cell Tower News

June 11, 2014


This blog is for property owners in New England who are interested in knowing what is happening in the rapidly changing cell tower industry.

Perhaps you are a property owner who recently has received interest, or even an offer, to place a cell tower on your land, or another type telecommunications device on your roof.

Maybe you are a landlord who has a cell tower on your…

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August 13 & 14 10AM- Colrain Fire/EMS 250th Celebration #WesternMA

Open House at the Fire Station. CPR training throughout the day Saturday. Saturday events: 12-3 Chicken BBQ; 3 pm Softball game; 6 pm Tracey & Company (country band); and 8:30 pm Bonfire.

Sunday events: 10 am Parade Kickoff; 11:30 Muster; 11-7 food booth; 11 am Open House at Fire Station; Noon - CPR training; 1 pm - Kubota Trak Demo and fund drive & CPR machine demo and fund drive; 2 pm softball game; 6 pm Shelburne Falls Military Band COncert. The fire station is located at 51 Main Road in Colrain.

Can I just make a show choir fangirl post for a sec?

Things that I fell in LOVE with this season:

  • Twinsburg’s entire show. Especially the solos while the choir was changing.
  • Solon just being Solon.
  • Marysville Swingers and just how amazing they are and their ballad blocking is perfect and they have had a rough year because their program is being cut and I just love how brave they are. Oh and the beat boxing and the closer is perf with the synth comes in.
  • Beavercreek’s comedy number. It is always the best and their opener  is pretty badass too. And the ballad soloist is sort of a friend and she got best female soloist multiple times so that was cool.
  • Loveland. I’ve only seen them this year and holy shit. Just everything about them.
  • Teays Valley’s concept was fun. Closer was rough.
  • Piqua’s opener was great. It made me cry. And their ballad is unique. But that’s all I really like about them as a whole.
  • Findlay’s closer. At first I was like wtf are those costumes then the lights went out and I was like HOLY FUCKING SHIT I GET IT NOW.
  • Olentangy Keynotes and their little color tube whacking. That sounds weird but if you saw it you know what I mean. But again, that’s the only thing I liked and even then it lasted too long.
  • COLRAIN. First of all. I got to see a HOBY perform. And the opening soloist was great. Also the closer gave me chills.
  • Fairfield’s concept was interesting and had that shock factor. I was too focused on the story to worry about vocals and such.
  • And finally, my choir. We have never been too great and that is why I didn’t feel like I had the right to publicly criticize any other choir but we made school history. We have only made finals one time before this year and we made finals three times. Also we fifth, then fourth, then at our last competition we got Grand Champ in our class and best vocals then got third in finals, and beat Beavercreek. Couldn’t have been a better way to end senior year.
June 22 6:30 PM- Songs and Stories in Colrain #WesternMA

Join the Griswold Memorial Library in Colrain for “Under One Sky - Songs & Stories for the Whole Family with Davis Bates. Come early and bring a picnic supper to eat with friends on the front lawn of the library before the program. Enjoy ice cream and other goodies.

Where: Griswold Memorial Library 12 Main Road Colrain,MA

When: 6:30 PM

Who: Everyone

How: Just show up

Cost: Free
Police officers surrounding Greenfield hotel

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – More than a dozen police cruisers have surrounded the Days Inn in Greenfield, and people inside the hotel have been exiting the building.

22News spoke with Rebecca Sochocki, who lives at the hotel on Colrain Road near the Route 2 Rotary. She said that she was searched when she came out of her room to drop her son off for the bus to school. She said that she was questioned by police about a man who had two nieces with him.

She said that the whole situation has been rather frightening. “Tons of guys in military suits, tons of cops coming in an out,” Sochocki said.

A 22News photographer observed some police officers dressed in SWAT gear outside the hotel. Civilians have been moving toward the Big Y plaza across the street.

Click here to see live images from the hotel.

Calls have been made to the Greenfield Police and Massachusetts State Police, but no information about the situation was immediately available.

Stay with 22News and for the latest.

suicidalwordgame said: You can add betraying the martyr in fav band HAHAHAH LET IT GOOOOOO LET IT gOOOWOOOOUH HAHAHAH

I should actually, I’ve been listening to them a fair bit recently. But its been all about Colrain today =p

Local reaction to Bill Cosby’s recent updates

SHELBURNE, Mass. (WWLP) – Bill Cosby has admitted to giving women drugs he was pursuing for sex in the past.

Many people 22News spoke with were shocked and surprised about the admission.

Bill Cosby admitted to using a drug called Quaaludes to have sex with several of the women who have accused Cosby of rape back in 2005. Quaalude has since been banned.

Dave Korngiebel of Southerton, CT told 22News, “The whole story’s not out yet. I think that’s when you can formulate an opinion when the whole story’s out.”

“I think it’s sad that a person with his kind of power and he has a lot of power. He’s a very strong family role model did something like that. Whether the women were aware of it or not, it’s kind of an abuse of power,” said Carole Musante of Colrain.

Cosby has been accused by more than 24 women of sexual assault dating back more than four decades. Cosby has never been charged with a crime and the statute of limitations on most of the accusations has expired.