Dump Bag!

Wow! Was it really that easy? No way..

Before I get into my story, let me explain what a dump bag is in the canvassing world. A dump bag is getting out all the books (about 13) in your bag to one house. Before it happened to me, I thought a dump bag COULD happen in the far future, but would not be a for a sure reality for me. But as it says in Matthew 19:26, “With God all things are possible.”


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All I want to do is follow Jesus with my whole heart, and with my whole mind…

I used to be that girl that used to wear tons of makeup, had to curl her hair everyday, wear the latest fashion, say the right thing, hide behind her mask. I was that girl that comfort ate, and then would run miles until she puked it all out just so she wouldn’t get fat… I was, that girl.

but see, the Lord found me… and He changed my life, and He literally built up BEAUTY out of ASHES. He is real, He is GOD, and He is watching. He is watching everyone of our lives, and if we let Him change us and transform us… He will. I gave it all to Him and for Him two years ago, and in the name of Christ I will never turn back.

This is a picture of my friend Estephanie (on the right) my brother Ralph, (in the back) and I (on the left.) We are literature evangelist missionaries that go door to door leaving Christian books on donation to hasten Christs coming and seek the lost. The donations go towards our school tuition and at the same time we have the privilege of working with local Seventh Day Adventist churches and finding Bible study, Prophecy Seminar, Healthy Cooking School, and Stop Smoking Seminar interests in the community. I live, and breath for Christ.

Some people may tell me i’m crazy, or i’m taking the Jesus thing to serious.. that it’s not that deep…. my answer to that is, why would I not give it all to the One who gave it all for me when He shed His BLOOD on that cross? Do we forget that Jesus didn’t have to LEAVE heaven, the angels, the Father and Spirit? Do we forget that He didn’t have to leave His bliss of holiness in order to come and save a tiny, dirty, polluted and perverted WORLD? A world that would reject Him and step all over His precepts and sacrifice?

Well to me, someone who has experienced His transforming power it IS THAT DEEP. The reality is, He’s coming soon whether we are ready or not, Wouldn’t you want to live forever? In eternity? 

This blog is no longer mine, but dedicated to the One who created me. This blog will be all about my Journey with the Lord…may many be blessed through it. Happy Sabbath. 

Hello everyone!! We are here at our final destination!!! :)))) From L.A to Seattle, WA. With no food, no money, no lodging plans, and just 2 vans and 1 car, 1 full gas tank for each vehicle. A load of books in hand and everything that was distributed out on a donation basis, was our gas, food, and lodging money. Only by the grace of our Heavenly Father we made it all the way through. Snow, rain, wind, sun, we made it. It was a struggle trying to lead out, but the the help of the Lord kept me sane and lifted me up. Thank you all for your prayers and for helping out in any kind of way. We appreciate it so much. Will I lead out in another Faith Trip? Only the Lord knows. This is, Faith Trip: Inspired, OVER and OUT! :) #faithtripinspired2012 #gyc #seattle #sda #journey #life #Godisgood #la #colporteuring #canvassing #generationyouthforchrist

God has been blessing! Last night we surpassed our goal so amen!!! Sacramento, done! Please pray for us as we head to Redding, CA. There’s traffic. Satan is angry and is causing havoc. Thank you for your prayers! #faithtripinspired2012 #redding #colporteuring

Uncle Arthur's Bible Stories on

Uncle Arthur’s Bible Stories on

We’ve just added 17 segments from Uncle Arthur’s Bible Stories surrounding Jesus’ death on the #cross .  Dramatized narration from Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue.  Arthur Maxwell’s #BibleStories and #BedtimeStories are the largest selling #books on the planet, exception being the #HolyBible , with storybook sales well over 20M copies.  Door-to-door colporteurs around the world distributed his books in…

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Praise the Lord!!! We started a littke late yesterdag and had a slow start with only 7 books out. But God truly blessed right after lunch! We prayed for a specific goal of 40 books, guess what??? God blessed with 50!!!!! Mind you, these are students who have had no experience doing this work, but they are willing to go out and meet people at their homes and show them something that’ll give them a glimpse of hope and peace. Encountered cops 2 nights in a row, but praise God for answering our prayers and keeping us. Satan is angry at what we’re doing, but every obstacld we face, we lift it up in prayer. 50 books for a team that has had only about 3 days of training is truly awesome!!!! Knocking on over 100 doors a day is worth it, because this is something bigger than us. GOD is REAL!:) #faithtripinspired2012 #gyc #sda #colporteuring #life #adventure #blessings #godisgood


“Presbyterian Church, Mount Seymour”


Mr. H. Simmons, colporteur for the British and Foreign Bible Society, has recently paid his annual visit to this locality, and has given us another most enjoyable and instructive lecture on the work of the society in foreign countries, as well as in our States, illustrated by effective magic lantern views.

The new Presbyterian Church building here had been closed for some time to permit of the interior being plastered and finished. The re-opening took place on Sunday, 28th September. The Rev. C. Jones, of Oatlands, delivered an able and appropriate sermon to a large congregation. Suitable hymns were sung, and some good vocalists were present, some coming from considerable distances, including Mrs. A. W. Pywell and Miss May Baily. Our Sunday-school was also re-established, and there was a fair attendance.

Grain crops and grass are very back- ward in this district on account of long continuation of frosts, and severe wea- ther in general. There has been some heavy losses of ewes and lambs from the same cause. 

September 30.”


The Mercury ,  Hobart,  Thursday 2 October 1902

Another small rural church in Tasmania that became the property of the Uniting Church in the seventies, was closed during rationalization of congregations, and appears to finally be being given a new lease on life through its sale and conversion to a private residence.