One of the beautiful aspects about SoundCloud is the ability to view a song’s waveform. Not only are musicians able to visually publish their songs, listeners can watch the drops, stutters, and blips of their favorite tracks. It’s like karaoke for your eyeballs (and you can sing along if you want to, too).

Thanks to 3D printing company and community Shapeways, those SoundCloud waveforms can now be taken from your computer screens and brought to tangible forms - touch it, feel it, grab it, it’s real!

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Po Valley, Italy par European Space Agency
Via Flickr :
A close-up of an area in the Po Valley – showing Pavia (centre) and the confluence of the Ticino and Po rivers – is a subset from the first image from the Sentinel-2A satellite acquired on 27 June 2015 at 10:25 UTC (12:25 CEST), just four days after launch. Processed using the high resolution infrared spectral channel, the satellite’s instrument will provide key information on crop type and health, assisting in food security activities. Credit: Copernicus data (2015)/ESA 

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Get even more into the festival mood with our new Coachella mix by the ever-so talented COLOURVISION. The track features new and classic originals and remixes from a few of our favorite Coachella artists! Check it out!

p.s. We’re very excited to announce that we will be holding our first ever Coachella (Week 2) event in Palm Springs this month! Stay tuned!

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Don’t matter if your black or white (or yellow or green or blue with polka dots too), always wear protection when having fun in tha sun! Make sure you’ve got all-time jamz to vibe to as well – like my brand new #Zinka #mixtape (link in bio)!!! #surf #shred #wabash #shaka #aloha #djjohnnyvarsity #kygo #chilleon #viceroy #colourvision #spf #snbrn #brownboy☀️🌈🌴🎶🏄🍍🎉🙌🚀 (at Tourmaline Surfing Park)

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