I walked through the pouring rain for longer than I care for today.

So worth it. I highly recommend a printing shop in Kemp Town, Brighton, called Colourstream. Pricier than people like Jessops, but the prints are stunning and more than worth their cost. I’ll probably flood this page with the scans for the next week or so. Yes it’s a bit out of the centre, but even if it’s raining it’s worth the walk.

Yesterday I managed to break my film off it’s reel inside my OM2, after dropping it and thinking I’d broken the winding system. Having put my fist through a wall in rage wiped away my tears, I managed to somehow get it out in the dark and into an old black canister I found. Presented with such a massive fuck-up from me, Colourstream were completely unphased and presented me with some great pictures a few hours later.

True gents. Go there.