Since living in Northbridge i’ve found it impractical to just have a satchel as my only bag. My satchel is great for notepads and can even fit a small laptop in but i cant fit my camera in it or any thing with any real width.

I set out to get a backpack that was light weight, secure and looked good. The Baggu backpack i found met the requirements easily.

This Baggu backpack comes in ten different colours and is made from 100% recycled cotton. It has one main compartment with a smaller inside pouch and a small zip pouch on the outside. The main pouch is closed by a sturdy zip cord as well as a flap that is secured with a magnetic press stud.

On most days the bag contains a book, camera, 3DS and maybe a jumper with room to spare.

The bag also has a buckle that further secures the main compartment incase you are in high populated areas and worried about theft.

The only label on the outside of the bag is small, very discreet and doesn’t shout look at me.

Its the zip cord on the bag that provides the most security. It feels durable and has a really nice tension when opening and closing the bag.

The best thing about this bad is how small and discrete it is. With little to nothing contained within the bag is barely noticeable. 

However what makes this bag so good can be a hinderance. Any object with obvious points or corners can be quite uncomfortable pushing through the unpadded cotton. The way around this is to re organise the contents or carry a jumper or something similar to add some padding.

Over all the Baggu backpack is really quite a good backpack especially in an urban setting where padding and support aren’t as important.


Pigeonhole Windows

Hannah does a lot of the Visual merchandising for the Pigeonhole stores in the city. Over the last week she re did the store windows for the new season. We started first by removing the old window display in the Shafto lane shop which consisted of a very large branch.

After the branch was removed we started on putting in box’s that Hannah’s brother Duncan made. The box’s were made in two sizes to create levels when placed next to each other.

We finished off the first day by getting all the box’s in place and getting the others ready for the other stores.

I came back a week later to help put in some hanging paper flowers. In this time Hannah had put in astro turf and fully stocked the window with bags and accessories.

With a little help from Dani, Thom and Rhys we got the paper flowers up. The windows have a lot more colour now and really catch your attention when you walk by.

If i had an Orchard

A little while ago Hannah and myself got together and shot a campaign for Pigeonhole. The whole shoot took place at a small fruit orchard in the Swan valley just north of Perth.

The shoot itself went pretty well considering slight rain and it was the first time i’ve shot with a horse. And really the rain was the hardest part forcing us to finish a little earlier than i wanted meaning i missed some shots i had planned. Archie our horse for the day was extremely good in the photos, he was calm and very patient with myself and the models.

Our models for the day where Scott and Casey. These two were great and really comfortable with Archie which made the day run very smoothly.

Overall im pretty happy with how the photos turned out.

You can see more on the Pigeonhole website.

On the shoot where:

Hannah McGrath-Stylist

Constance Bowles-MUA

Models-Scott James Wilson and Casey Blackburn

Shaun Lonergan-Archies owner and handler for the day

Extra helpers-Lou, Patrick, Alex, Leah and Thom.


Cider Town

The weather has been getting a lot nicer recently and our front porch is the best place to be on a sunday afternoon. Last Sunday our friends Dani and Rhys came over for cider times.

We got a carton of Rekorderlig apple cider(not my favourite cider but it suited the mood), some frozen raspberries and sat down in the sun and had a good catch up.

Cider and raspberries


Rhys’s awesome tattoo that you can read about here on his blog.

Rhys also studies photography and has a Nikon F100. I’ve never really been into new film cameras but this camera is pretty cool.

Hannah and Mr Pudd.

More than likely this is going to be a common thing which im pretty happy about.