Soup from today’s episode reminded me a lot of this other child from a certain videogame I love very much, a game that also happens to have it’s 1 year anniversary today!

Happy birthday, Undertale!

Welcome to my SU AU(actually I don’t know if anybody did this yet)

Meet Bilbo. Guess what his gem is.

Here we have Bilbo defending Thorins gem. Thorin got poofed by Azog.

My poor baby’s gem got cracked when he got chased by Smaug.

Personal headcanons:

-all the people in Middle Earth have gems. They still have their own names and being called by your gem is rude(at least concerning hobbits) and considered classicist

-hobbits usually cover their gems. that is why you don’t see bilbos gem(it’s also very convenient for him since they’re LOOKING FOR THAT FRIGGIN GEM IN HIS CHEST!!!)

-bilbos summoned weapon is sting(surprise!), thorins is his shield(his gem is on his forearm)

-after the first run-in with azog everyone is worried that thorins gem got damaged. but bilbo got there in time :D cue thorins regeneration on the carrock

-orcs, goblins and the other creatures of morgoth are artificial and corrupted gem. Corruption can manifest differently in this verse (they can still be intelligent and stuff, hence azog and shit)

-Bilbos gem/the Arkenstone(there, I said it) only starts corrupting the people in his vicinity AFTER it got cracked. That’s why Thorin fell so fast ( jep, goldmadness is corruption here). Also why the shire isn’t full of corrupted gems.

BILBO DIES ENDING: Bilbo get’s shattered. Yes, sorry, just ignore this part if you want. He gets shattered by Azog when he distracts him to save Thorin. With the Arkenstone shattered Thorin and co.’s corruption disappears.

EVERYBODY LIVES ENDING: Bilbo only get’s poofed. Thorin shatters Azog and pulls a Rose Quartz/Rapunzel on Bilbo’s gem. BOOM. CORRUPTING GEM CORRUPTS NO LONGER; EVERYONE GETS DE-CORRUPTED AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER, GOOD NIGHT, THE END. also imagine the awesome fusions. BAGGINSHiELD FUSION!!! OH GOD!!


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TZUUUUUMS NEEDS INSPIRATION/MOTIVATION!!! YAAAH *puffs up and thinks* 15. Syndra/Irelia? Do you even like them *strokes chin thoughtfully*

Complete nonsense, idk i had to draw it. 8,D (Also i’m p much okay with any cute ladies together haha)
Btw is this called “motorboat” in english too or ??

PROGRESS photo!  Yes it’s not done but it will be done tonight.

I haven’t blogged much this weekend about it because I’ve literally been working on it nonstop since Friday, hahaha.  Taking me a bit more hours than I expected, but that’s OK.  I just want to do a good job on it.

Today I’ll be completely finishing it up - closures and whatnot, and detailing.

I still need the three stars at the middle of the bodice ruffle (I’m doing something special to them), add some rhinestones in the ruffles, and attach the very top layer of the skirt.

The stars on the skirt took me quite a while.  The reason being, I had to line them up in a certain way - I originally thought they’d all be at the same height, right?  No – once I had them pinned I realized to be on the same level, the stars at the SIDES had to be a different height from the ones in FRONT because of the shape of the skirt.

So I adjusted quite a few times.  And then when I went to apply them, just as I suspected, they didn’t stay on with an iron.  So plan B was the laborious route, and what I did was:

Cut a piece of fabric (2 layers of interfacing, actually, so it’d blend if seen), line that up perfectly, apply glue to the back of the silver star, and sandwich the skirt layer in-between.  So the star has an “anchor” of sorts, from behind the top skirt layer.

But that had to be done for each individual star and cut out to it’s size.  

I am SOOOOO happy that I’m getting a tad bit of an ombre effect in the skirt.  I layered the fabrics appropriately so it’d be sheerer at the bottom and give that effect.

Also my client is probably a good 4 inches taller than my mannequin, so the skirt should be a good length on her.


Photos tonight!!  Better quality ones too, LOL

Draco and Astoria, finding warmth in each other’s arms

colourscheme  asked:

Did you ever see or hear stories of costume phlubs on Broadway? I know you've worked in the workshop, so I'm sure there have been mishaps onstage or backstage.

I’ve seen one HUUUUUUGE one, and that was when JHW’s Elissa skirt started coming loose during TOM. I just remember it being really askew to being with, but figured it was nothing. So on “There will never be a day when I won’t think of you…” her voice gets super wobbly and nervous because holy shit she grabs it as it falls and runs off stage with it while Raoul sings and I  figured her dresser would have it on in a jiffy.

NOPE, she comes back out sans Elissa skirt and crotch tiara (but obviously the rest of the rope skirt is still attached), finishes off her song, cadenza, does the back to the audience bow (unlike Victoria Krantz who had the same mishap in Europe, she actually still had most of a skirt covering her up) and probably could not get to the AOM change fast enough.

She handled it like a pro though, no one in the audience reacted.

There’s also that infamous incident of Kyle just completely ripping to shreds his Raoul coat by getting it caught in the Dressing Room Door:

Those are the only two Broadway ones I can think of off the top of my head. I know the Peter Lockyer’s lost his coat while taking of his cloak and ended up doing MOTN in his shirtsleeves, but that was on tour.

This site has lost of fun flubs from all over the world.