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Why representation matters

The moment you realise each year has been defined by an otp, their ups and downs and you learned so much from it that it changed your life forever:

2013: S.S Endurance
2014: Ellie & Riley | Korrasami
2015: Pricefield
2016: My own life!
2017: Sanvers

I know these ships are all f/f but believe me, each of these has been the reason I could get further into understanding myself.

Lara Croft has been my fave female character when I was a kid and teen; she was the coolest; a tomboy, an adventurer with plenty of skills, making a name for herself without the need of anyone else tagging along. Her relationship with Sam in the reboot was the reason I started feeling that “shit, all these things I’ve felt before - maybe I’ve been lying to myself all this time…maybe I’m not straight at all…but how do you define not caring about people’s genders and falling for the person and personality instead?”

Ellie Williams was further proof girls could be powerful and meaningful on their own. She survives the apocalypse, is a 14 yo badass and she inspired me to always fight for what I felt was right - my calling in life. Even if it didn’t happen in the end! And her story with Riley brought me joy and tears alike, knowing how much they meant for one another but also, how it never made it a big deal of their sexuality because the feelings and subtle gestures were all making their affection for one another clear from the start. Ellie and Lara were also the reason I became an archer.

Korrasami was going hand-in-hand with me accepting my sexuality. I saw these two badass ladies do all these amazing things and ultimately, even after years of waiting, they could let their life start properly and together. Asami didn’t stop caring about Korra when she was broken and needed healing - she gave her time, patience and when Korra felt better, they could start as if they never separated in the first place. It was so inspiring… I cried for days about the ending. It has changed my life for the better forever. I knew that things could sometimes take time, that not all starts were flawless and full of joy and also, that two women together were a force to be reckoned with.

Pricefield saved my life in a way, giving me a fandom and friends to love deeply…man, I’ll never be able to express how much their story, the depth of it all, means to me. It came to define the best part of my life, which by the way started with me wishing to drop out of Uni and almost ending that way too. Their story, love and determination is what had me pushing. For a while, Life is Strange was the only thing but ultimately, it led me to friends so dear and a relationship with a woman so wonderful I’ll never, ever, know how I came to deserve that. I just know it allowed me to take risks and steps toward my own happiness, ultimately the best months of my life, and my coming out to my parents. This ship was also the reason I seriously pushed myself to draw more and become a better human artist!

And now, Sanvers is happening. Supergirl is creating a healthy, realistic relationship between two adult women and their nearest and dearest. It is giving a valid reflection of how people feel in these situations, both Kara and Alex + Maggie alike and my god, I’ve never recognised myself in any series more than I have in this one. I love it more than I can express and I’m just so happy kids get to grow up knowing the values and love that stand as a base for this show.

I’ll be honest: I know that romance and/or being in a relationship isn’t for everyone. I don’t want this post to be gaycentric or anything. What I mean is; representation in media is so, so important! No matter if it touches upon sexuality, mental issues, gender identities, family problems or introduces a variety of dynamic characters of different skin colour, ethnicity and religion or the lack thereof. It’s important to show that everyone is different, that there isn’t a mold that we all need to fit. So many teens get to grow up finding themselves in popular media more and more often - but it’s still far from perfect. However, we are perfect just as we are and we shouldn’t need to feel pressured to be somebody else just because that’s what the world likes to watch on TV.

Tropes are an issue. Lack of variety in shows is another. Ace/aro characters are barely anywhere to be found and neurodivergent people are made to look like some freaky monsters while in reality being just as awesome, important and caring as the neurotypicals - just needing understanding from people who don’t feel or struggle the way they do!

Representation, guys. It matters. Proper representation saves lifes. It gives people hopes when they can’t make their lives better at the point in time. It helps them understand themselves. It educates people about people if done well!

Fucking sprinkle that stuff everywhere, it doesn’t hurt the media - it makes it popular and loved.

And if you read it all - thank you for taking the time

Next Generation Krexarn-Humans???

Since my post about human-looking-aliens got so many notes (what the fuck why) it seemed like the people of tumblr enjoyed it so I decided to add on!


Since it’s obvious that this would’ve happened eventually, what about the next generation? Humans and Krexarns would’ve most definitely gotten frisky at some point what about Human/Krexarn hybrids? What would happen with them? Lets call themmmm…. Humexarns? What a uselessly long name. 

Imagine tiny babies with blue eyes swiftly changing to a dark fuchsia and scaring the pants off of both their parents because “Melixir her eyes are pink!” and “Jasmine you didn’t tell me it’s possible for humans eyes to change colours!” or little toddlers in overalls crying their eyes out because they hit their head on a branch while testing their new wings in the backyard.

But lets take it a step or two further. Potterhead humans grouping together to watch a little league quidditch with their equally excited humexarn children - all with the power of flight due to their small wings. Actual realistic Steven Universe or Guardians of the Galaxy cosplays - cosplay shows and such becoming just that tiny bit harder. New models, ones with soft pastel skin for the winter and warm, dark colours for the summer.

Fashion takes a huge step forward, representation, well, lack thereof becomes a thing of the past, people of quite literally all colours, sizes and silhouettes popping up all over the media because representations problems were never a problem on Krexar’un and the Krexarns become a massive influence on humanity.

Humexarns having cousins all across the galaxy, with Aunt Irene landing on Ter294XT3 tomorrow!! and the entire family across Earth and Krexar’un gathering together to celebrate.

The rest of the galaxy is confused. Why are the humans and krexarns mating together? What will happen?? and then when they finally meet a humexarn they realise that oh shit humanity just got next level, they have so may new terrains they can now cross and oh mird if one is loathing you just run. run as far as you can. even that might not be enough to escape their new wings and hearing and sense of smell and eye sight. it was amazing before - it’s overwhelming now and they’re learning. they’re learning how to control it and once they do? no one who crosses them is safe

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#3 with hamburr?

(hey hello i love you) “I’m not jealous”


“I’m not jealous.”

“Uh huh.”

“I’m not.”

“Of course, Alex. I would never suggest otherwise.”

“Stop being sarcastic. I’m not jealous.”

Aaron snorted, going back to his colouring. Although his hobby was seen by most to be childish and pointlessly time-consuming, Aaron loved it. It was amazing for de-stressing, and was one of the few things keeping him held together through the crushing pressure of college. Something about choosing a colour scheme and the mind-numbing process of each stroke on paper helped whatever issue that was plaguing his brain bleed out of his fingers. Of course, the result was also aesthetically pleasing, and it was nice to have his study area be lit up with his favourite pieces.

When he mentioned this to Alex, he had expected some mockery. Surprisingly, Alex had only requested an opportunity to colour with him. Aaron had been happy to fulfill this request… Except it turned out that Alex was awful at colouring.

“I just don’t understand why it looks so ugly,” Alex said, frustrated. His page looked… well, like it had been coloured by a child much younger than Alex. Some parts, he had pressed the pencil too hard, and it resulted in an uneven tone. Additionally, he seemed incapable of colouring in one direction, which didn’t help the overall aesthetic.

“You need to stop pressing so hard-”

“I’m not pressing hard! The pencil is being stupid.”

“And who’s controlling the pencil?” Aaron teased. “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

Alex put down the pencil with a huff, frowning down at the page. It was a relatively simple mandala design, with spaces large enough to not make colouring a difficulty. He had ruined it, of course, but Aaron felt bad for his boyfriend, who currently looked like he had failed in all aspects of life.

“It’s not even that bad,” Aaron offered.

“Yes it is,” Alex snorted. “Don’t lie to me, Burr Bear.”

Aaron scrunched up his nose. In the long list of nicknames that Aaron loathed, that one was going to have to be number one. “Please never call me that ever again.”

This only succeeded in making Alex smirk. “What, Burr Bear? Don’t like your new name?”

“Jesus Christ, Alex.”

Alex was not deterred by the mock frustration in Aaron’s voice, nor the sigh that followed. He clambered into his boyfriend’s lap, knocking the colouring pencil out of his hand and grinning wickedly down at him. It was a position that Aaron was all too familiar with, and honestly it initiated something of a Pavlov’s response that made Aaron’s blood stir. Alex’s lips were impossibly close, and it was so easy to reach up and kiss him, to savour in that unique and beautiful rhythm as their lips met-

“Not so fast, Burr Bear,” Alex said, pulling away.

Aaron wasn’t sure why he had expected anything less. “I’m breaking up with you,” he said in a deadpan voice. Alex only laughed, throwing his head back only to lean forward again and rest his head on Aaron’s shoulder, a comforting, grounding weight with a knack for de-stressing to rival all of Aaron’s colouring books.

“You wouldn’t break up with me,” Alex said, sounding awfully sure of himself. “You love me.”

It was the perfect opportunity to make a joke, to tease Alex, but Aaron didn’t want that. He knew that Alex’s failure at colouring was still weighing on his mind, regardless of what the other man said. Alexander Hamilton was never bad at anything (except keeping his opinions to himself, but Alex himself didn’t consider that a flaw). He had to be the best at everything, even in something as insignificant as colouring, and it always frustrated him when he wasn’t good at something the first time round.

“I do love you,” Aaron agreed. “Regardless of your talent in colouring.”

“Or lack thereof,” Alex grumbled against Aaron’s shoulder. They fell into a companionable silence, one that Alex would never have been able to stand at the beginning of their relationship. When they had first started dating, he had always rushed to fill the silence, but over a year later, he no longer felt obligated to always be talking. It was nice, getting to relax with Alex’s head on his shoulder, his legs straddling Aaron’s waist, the rise and fall of their chests in tandem as their hearts beat together.

Sometimes, Aaron wondered how on earth he had managed to find Alex, amongst the seven billion people alive, of all the times they could have been alive. He thought it was something of a miracle.

“You know, I’ve never coloured before,” Alex murmured. “I didn’t exactly get the opportunity in my shitty little school in the Caribbean. There were barely any resources there, let alone for colouring.”

Aaron hummed. He hadn’t thought of that.

“You’ve got the rest of your life to catch up on what you missed,” Aaron promised.

“You’ll stay with me throughout it?”

“Of course.”

And when Alex closed his eyes again, he looked content.


because i love colouring and i just found out recently that my dad has never coloured before and doesn’t know how to. i forget way too much that there are little things i take for granted that other people didn’t get

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Thoughts on Sonic CD's art direction?

I love the art direction in Sonic CD. Not just because it looks beautiful with all it’s magical use of colours, but also because of how much imagery and thought is told through it in it’s simplicity.

You have the Present time frames, in which the environments are mostly in line with how they would usually be in the Genesis style, to which they look great and not at all out of place.

Then you have the Past time frames, in which the environments are often completely natural (note the recurring emphasis on nature-heavy colours, such as green), and in an obvious state of primitiveness compared to the other time frames.

Then there’s the Good Futures, which not only look gorgeous, but also show off how technology can be used to benefit and co-exist with nature and the world at large.

Finally, you have the Bad Futures, which go down the opposite route and show off the dire consequences of technology brutalizing mother nature with no regard.

Let’s use Palmtree Panic and Quartz Quadrant for the examples.

With Palmtree Panic, you start off with a fairly typical Green Hill backdrop:

The Past on the other hand is slightly duller in colour, and resembles a prehistoric jungle:

The Good Future has the lakes accompanied by a piping system that provides clean water, preventing further pollution:

Whereas the Bad Future comes with broken structures, and a lake that’s now a hideous shadow of it’s former self:

Meanwhile, Quartz Quadrant starts off with a mining operation in some pretty caverns:

But the Past has a greater emphasis on green and brown, with the caverns remaining untouched, and the only manufactured structures in sight being the wooden walkways:

The Good Future appears to take the form of an underground city, with both the plant life and the city life bustling with vibrancy:

While the Bad Future indicates that the place has been completely milked of it’s minerals, to the possible detriment of the core of Little Planet as a whole:

And these are just two of the seven zones (sorry, rounds). The rest offer their own stories to share as well.

These environments tell a story through their time frame, their quality of life (or lack thereof), and even their colour scheme. It makes clear what many works of fiction of a similar kind constantly get wrong: Technology is not bad in itself. The misuse of it is. And the sheer contrast with the beauty of the Good Futures and the horror of the Bad Futures provides all the more of a incentive to stop Robotnik from having his way.

And above all that, it just looks really nice. When I think of an art direction that I believe perfectly encapsulates what I like to see from Sonic’s universe in terms of architecture, colour, and detail, Sonic CD’s art direction is a prime example that comes to mind. And it’s part of why I’m so pleased with the art direction of Sonic Mania going down a similar path.

I give you… Arty Fresh. Based on this post. Sorry for my colouring skills – or rather, lack thereof, but I felt Arty Fresh needed to be in colour.

ech!! i’ve been feeling SELF CONCIOUS about my use (or lack thereof) of colour in my drawings so i tried to experiment a little with not doing black linework. it’s uh, a work in progress

anyway here’s a vipperfish mermaid

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"we casually hook up at parties sometimes but this time you got so drunk you couldn’t make it all the way back to your dorm so i let you crash in my room because it was closer and it turns out you’re really cute when you wake up in the morning, fuck"

(clearing out my folder, and i found this fic i’d already written and forgotten to post… for the record, i am so so so sorry anon, hopefully the word count - which far exceeds the 500 words it’s supposed to be - makes up for it!)


“Swan. Emma.” Her knees give out from under her again, and he has to lower his centre of gravity (also again) to prop her back up. At this point he may as well save her legs the trouble, throw her over his shoulder, and just carry her back to the dorms. He’s slightly drunk, too, but nowhere near her state of inebriation, and at the end of the night, he hadn’t been the one to arrogantly pronounce that he could handle his liquor. It wasn’t him who challenged the host of the party – currently under the table, passed out – to a game of shots (though he has to hand it to her, if they’re talking in a relative sense to Will, the aforementioned host, then her tolerance level isn’t a total exaggeration.)

He feels his hold on her slipping again, and his hand tightens around her waist. “Love, if you could just – ”

“Killiannnn” she cuts him off with a low whine, grabbing his arm suddenly and then leaning up to face him. Usually it’s Jones in a teasing, sometimes indulgent, mostly exasperated tone – but this, hearing her use his first name for the first time – her voice husky, alcohol-ridden, and full of no-good, very-bad ideas given she’s several sheets to the wind –

It sounds like a warning. 

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The 'And...' Series.

Just a snapshot of their days in these lives they’re living.


They all exist in the same space and are essentially canon compliant, following through in the same timeline, but can be read as one-shots if you wish.

Reading Order:

Also on Ao3: The And Series

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This follow forever is somewhat late and also a bit rushed. So for that I apologize, there is no doubt that I have missed quite a few amazing cuties and that I’ll realize who they are the minute I post this (*´;ェ;`*). 
I’m kind of crap at making sentimental speeches so… I’m just not going to bother XD 
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I’ve had a wonderful 6 months on here and I thought I’d do my 2nd follow forever to thank all of the beautiful blogs who have graced my dash with their presence. Thank you for filling up my dashboard with colour (or lack thereof), for being the amazing darlings you are, and for having some of the greatest blogs I have lain my eyes on. As for my followers, well…I’m not quite sure what to say. I never thought I’d get this for to be honest and I think I’ve gone slightly into shock… Thanks for sticking with me through my sudden bouts of ranting and personal posts, for sending me asks and cheering me up, for being adorable little munchkins~ *HUGGLES* Anyways…on with the ff! ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ

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