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betty: positivity posts, pink mobile theme, has soft somewhere in her description, animal pictures and videos, speaks on lgbt+ matters as an Ally, “reblog if you love gay rights !”, veronica reblogs all her posts with ok lesbian, 

veronica: selfies get over 500 notes, actually gets asks, only answers two and deletes the rest, Woke posts on racism, has her instagram and twitter linked in every other post, only moderately pretentious aesthetic, reblogs naked girls a lot but no homo just aesthetic, mobile theme is always perfect 

archie: reblogs pictures of asses and tits, Hetero Agenda, never replies to anything, mediocrely funny memes that blow up, header is of some random landscape and title is a pinterest quote 

jughead: Edgy///, “welcome to my twisted mind”, has anti-sjw in his bio, anime girl as icon, ace discourse central, reblogs anime/hentai, ugly mobile theme most likely with the colour red, unironically uses “op is an aphobe”, Properly capitalizes everything and speaks with perfect grammar when discoursing, uses grainy supernatural gifs as reactions, all lives matter

This particular Autism Drawing is one I have been developing for a while. I started drawing it a few months ago and kept redesigning it for ages, but now Im finally happy with it. 


This drawing is a statement against the, unfortunately common, ableist narrative that Autism is some kind of terrible tragedy and that Autistic people should be pitied. 

The drawing is of an Autistic girl who is cheerfully stimming and wearing a red jumper with the Neurodiversity Symbol on it, indicating support for “Autism Acceptance” (and rejecting the ‘Autism Awareness’ Campaign). She is stimming by listening to music, pressure stimming with the weight of the headphones and flapping her hands. Beneath her is a coloured in Neurodiversity Symbol with the words “Not A Tragedy” written inside in capital letters. 

Autism is NOT a tragedy and its LONG overdue for neurotypical people to start understanding that. 


Video Wednesday No.13 - F

Colour blending! 



Its London Fashion Week, and as usual London has decided to live up to the stereotype and rain constantly. Due to previous commitments we are sadly not really around for much of fashion week, but we took today to have a wander round and show our support for some of the capitals amazing creatives. Autumn colours look good on everyone, and burgundies, dark greens, and tweed are perfect for this time of year. Cos is currently our high street favourite, with Max’s outfit and Eleanor’s shoes both being from there. (There is no look for less on this post as the majority of the pieces are high street! )

I sent this to yiduiqie with the subject line “improved Mad Max casting”, and at first I just meant Deborah Mailman and Jay Laga’aia, but now we’re constructing an elaborate Play School AU, and that’s beautiful.

(Actually, the best thing is how this is being done instead of seeing Mad Max, because my friends and I realised we were all tired and had other things to do.  One day.  ONE DAY.)

(In the meantime, ask yourself why Max and Furiosa couldn’t have been played by Australian people of colour, and try to come up with an answer that isn’t “capitalism”.)

the increasing amounts of information being mined from day to day activities and sold to companies? capitalism, not tech. illegally tracking people’s daily lives? capitalism, not tech. blasting brightly coloured advertisements 24/7? capitalism, not tech.

these things are only enabled by technology, it’s capitalism that desires them.