colours of the capital

Things Carly Rae Jepsen invented:

-Pop music (the critically acclaimed E•MO•TION and E•MO•TION Side B)

-Gay people (Call Me Maybe music video)

-Feminism (Boy Problems)

-Tom Hanks’ career (I Really Like You music video)

-Capitalism (Store)

-Syllables (E•MO•TION)

-Travel (Run Away With Me)

-The names Joe and Tino (I Didn’t Just Come Here To Dance)

-Unrequited feelings (Your Type)

-Kissing (This Kiss)

-Black roses (Roses)

-Favourite colours (Favourite Colour)

Things Carly Rae Jepsen vanquished:

-Capitalism (LA Hallucinations)

-Toxic masculinity (Cry)

-Heartbreak (Tonight I’m Getting Over You)

-Taylor Swift et al.

riverdale on tumblr

betty: positivity posts, pink mobile theme, has soft somewhere in her description, animal pictures and videos, speaks on lgbt+ matters as an Ally, “reblog if you love gay rights !”, veronica reblogs all her posts with ok lesbian, 

veronica: selfies get over 500 notes, actually gets asks, only answers two and deletes the rest, Woke posts on racism, has her instagram and twitter linked in every other post, only moderately pretentious aesthetic, reblogs naked girls a lot but no homo just aesthetic, mobile theme is always perfect 

archie: reblogs pictures of asses and tits, Hetero Agenda, never replies to anything, mediocrely funny memes that blow up, header is of some random landscape and title is a pinterest quote 

jughead: Edgy///, “welcome to my twisted mind”, has anti-sjw in his bio, anime girl as icon, ace discourse central, reblogs anime/hentai, ugly mobile theme most likely with the colour red, unironically uses “op is an aphobe”, Properly capitalizes everything and speaks with perfect grammar when discoursing, uses grainy supernatural gifs as reactions, all lives matter


Video Wednesday No.13 - F

Colour blending! 

This particular Autism Drawing is one I have been developing for a while. I started drawing it a few months ago and kept redesigning it for ages, but now Im finally happy with it. 


This drawing is a statement against the, unfortunately common, ableist narrative that Autism is some kind of terrible tragedy and that Autistic people should be pitied. 

The drawing is of an Autistic girl who is cheerfully stimming and wearing a red jumper with the Neurodiversity Symbol on it, indicating support for “Autism Acceptance” (and rejecting the ‘Autism Awareness’ Campaign). She is stimming by listening to music, pressure stimming with the weight of the headphones and flapping her hands. Beneath her is a coloured in Neurodiversity Symbol with the words “Not A Tragedy” written inside in capital letters. 

Autism is NOT a tragedy and its LONG overdue for neurotypical people to start understanding that. 

Dear ARMYs: For 보고 싶었다.

Just because I’ve been gone for six months, and this is my first graphic in nine, doesn’t mean I don’t know how to appreciate kind tags.

  • NOTE: I appreciate all reblogs and likes, regardless of tags or commentary. This post is just to give a bit of extra love to those who “reached out.”
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In case you don’t remember the exact graphic, it’s HERE!

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I’ve been tagged by @coffeeandfitblr (sorry I took so long to do it 🙈) to post 2 selfies and put my songs on shuffle and give the 10 first songs.

The pictures is me waiting for the bus and me at the gym! I went for a short cardio (40 minutes) before my exam. And after it, I went for a drink and it was nice to enjoy the nice weather 😃☀️

And the songs are :
1. Pink - crystal ball
2. Hugo - 99 problems
3. Madonna - girls gone wild
4. Marilyn Manson- I don’t like the drugs but the drugs like me
5. Joel Sandberg - from me to you
6. Cats on trees - full colours
7. Hans Zimmer - time
8. Capital cities - safe and sound
9. Paper route - born in love
10. Snow patrols - the lightning strike

And now I’m gonna tag some new followers/mutuals @disserationanddumbbells @jekyllhydeapparel @chriiiss @tealover07 :)

anyone ever just, like, stop, arrested from the fact that tumblr is this weird space where you know all of these strangely intimate details (their family problems, their favourite colour, the way they employ capitalization to convey emotion, the kinks they write, whatever) about all of these people you’ve never met and sometimes never interacted with beyond having hit “follow” on their icon however long ago?

i mean. there are blogs i follow that i never reblog from, for whatever reason, but i follow regardless and read their personal posts and their tags and stuff. friends, or something. an echo in the void, maybe.

Intimate Stranger!
I chase the unknown memory
of your perfume on the air.
We met in dreams that
I promptly forgot,
and now I am left
aching for the loss of you.

why jk rowling ain’t shit

a while back i wrote a piece about how important black hermione was to me growing up and since then i’ve kind of stayed away from writing more about representation in the hp universe but im reaching a point with jk where i can’t be silent about her level of bullshit because jesus christ on a cross this woman is a disaster

listen, i know that a few years ago it was revolutionary for her to support fans and fan communities and fanworks the way that she did (and does) but fandom has been normalized to the point where i don’t really give her much credit for that anymore

so here’s the biggest issue: she adds representation after the fact to try and cover up the clusterfuck that is the representation of race, gender, and lgbt+ issues in the original series

let’s break down a few of the important ones, shall we:

  1. cho chang: cho chang is an incredibly stereotypical character who is defined in terms of her involvement with boys. we see her crying over them or kissing them or arguing with them but her character has no depth
  2. casting lavender brown as black in the first 3 movies then changing her to white after she starts dating ron: what the fuck. what the fuck you could have just left her as black what the fuck
  3. stating that dumbledore is gay: people cite this as representation but like…where the FUCK was the proof in the canon. i’ve reread the books an embarrassing number of times and i refuse to fucking believe that she wrote dumbledore as gay. she just got called out for not having any lgbt characters and was like “well shit i guess dumbledore is gay now”
  4. said she would have put dean + seamus in a relationship but it would have been “distracting” to the main plot: yeah because we never see anything about side characters in the whole book??? bullshit. 
  5. thinks snape is an ok dude: snape is an abusive asshole. she wrote him as an abusive asshole. i don’t understand this.
  6. used native american stories as a concept in one of her short stories: she’s been widely panned for this shit (thank the good lord) but the stories (and native spirituality) are not hers to write about, especially when she so clearly doesn’t understand or respect them
  7. eurocentrism: placed wizarding schools in scotland, france, and eastern europe. placed literally one in japan for all of asia, one in africa, one in america, i dont even know if she placed any in south america like…europe is a tiny-ass continent why does it have so many schools?? just because she was too lazy to remember that the rest of the world is much bigger than europe????? 
  8. generally only uses people of colour as token representation, and yet wrote the entire wizards/muggles dichotomy as a transparent metaphor for racism because clearly she ~gets it~
  9. because having a war that’s a giant allegory for racism (+nazism) isnt capitalizing off struggles of actual people of colour because hey! dean thomas was black!
  10. also death eaters are similar to nazis BUT there’s no jewish/rromani representation whatsoever other than a name during the sorting ceremony that she later claimed counted

in conclusion i still love the books but there are numerous issues in terms of representation and we need to stop giving jkr a pass for how shitty she’s been just because we like her work