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Things Carly Rae Jepsen invented:

-Pop music (the critically acclaimed E•MO•TION and E•MO•TION Side B)

-Gay people (Call Me Maybe music video)

-Feminism (Boy Problems)

-Tom Hanks’ career (I Really Like You music video)

-Capitalism (Store)

-Syllables (E•MO•TION)

-Travel (Run Away With Me)

-The names Joe and Tino (I Didn’t Just Come Here To Dance)

-Unrequited feelings (Your Type)

-Kissing (This Kiss)

-Black roses (Roses)

-Favourite colours (Favourite Colour)

Things Carly Rae Jepsen vanquished:

-Capitalism (LA Hallucinations)

-Toxic masculinity (Cry)

-Heartbreak (Tonight I’m Getting Over You)

-Taylor Swift et al.

Their Little Stars

“You betrayed me.” Draco said as he sat in front of her, slouching.

“What, when?” Hermione asked as she sipped from her ‘Mummy <3’ cup.

“Last night.”

'Mmkay’ Hermione thought.

“In my dreams.” Draco slightly pouted.

“Oh, what did you dream about this time?”

Silence was met in the kitchen as Hermione raised her brows. Before she asked once again, a happy shriek came bouncing from the hall to the stairs.

“Mummy!” A voice giggled out.

“In the kitchen.” She called out.

“Look, look, my hair is pink.”

They look towards their daughter to see her once blonde curls turn into a bright pink and a large smile on her face.

“Cassie, my love bug, look at your beautiful hair.” Draco playfully weeped.

“Draco, Cassie just did accidental magic you know that right and all you care about is her hair? She’s 5 and that’s an age where Lyra and Scorpius didn’t reach until they were 7.”

“But Hermione, her hair.” Draco frowned and ignored what his wife had said to played with his youngest daughter curly pink hair.



“Mum, Dad, morning.”

“Scorp, Lyra did you both sleep well?” Hermione had asked as she got three cups out of the cupboard.


Hermione poured three cups of orange juice in glasses that had a Scorpius constellation, 'Cassiopeia Malfoy’ and 'L.M’

Now a few months ago, Cassiopeia had the idea to start drawing her art on the white walls. From small scribbles to large lines from her room to Scorpius finding large blue swirly mess in his room. It wasn’t until he shouted “Cassie” out loud and Draco came running in, shoving the door with his wand in hand.

“What happened? Why were you shouting?”

“Dad! Look at what Cassie did to my room.”

“Scorp, we can get rid of her art easily. Just a bit of lil scrub here and there and we-”

“Scrubbing?! Dad that’s muggle work.”

“Hey, nothing wrong with scrubbing like a muggle.”

“We’re magic dad. You’re magic. Can’t you just get rid of it.”

“Scorpius, I’ve did some bad things in my younger years of life and it gave me a huge regret.”

“What did you do?”

“I made bad choices and I was very lucky for everyone forgiving me. But it wasn’t easy.”

“Is this some kind of a lesson?”

“Well aren’t you becoming cocky.”

“Daaaad.” Scorpius winged.

“All I’m saying is that you should forgive Cassie. I’m sure she didn’t mean it. She was just expressing her art.”

“You call this art? They’re just squiggly lines. Have you seen the living room? The kitchen? What will mum say when she comes home and sees her "art”?“

"Wow. You’re right. Okay don’t tell your mother that I cleaned with magic. She’ll have my head.”

“Why are you so scared of her anyways?”

“Son, you have not seen her in her angry moments and I swear I’m sure you don’t want to see it.”

Before Draco can clean the mess, Hermione came home to find the walls coloured, she sighed and dropped her things on the couch before going up to her daughters’ room.

“Cassie? Sweetheart? Can I talk to you for a moment?”

“Mummy? Why doesn’t anyone like my art?”

Cassie heard the conversation with her Daddy and brother, she frowned. Hermione could see her tears before Cassie can do a tantrum, Hermione stopped it.

“Cass, not everyone will like what you’ll do in the future. But don’t let that stop you for doing what you love. for now, you can keep your art work in secret, so that one day you can show it to others.”

“What can I do?”

“How about tomorrow I’ll get you a book that you can place your art in.”

“Won’t that finish easily?”

“I’ll charm the pages so that it’ll be endless.”

“Hmm, okay”

“Well tonight how about we do some crafts?”

“Is it my turn already?”

“Of course. Last week it was scorp and now it’s yours. What do you want to make this time?”

“Cups. With daddy, Scorp , you and Lyra’s name.”

“And yours as well?”


“Let’s get to it then.”


“Crafts again? Why can’t we do something else.” He said as the family started to gather around a small table in the living room.

“Scorpius, we each have our own things we like. Lyra and her books, you and Quidditch and Cassie with art.”

“Yeah Scorp. Just because you can’t draw doesn’t mean you can put your hate on cassies hobbies.” Lyra also included.

“I can so draw.” He stated.

“Yeah little sticks.”

“Now we have 10 cups. Two for each of us. Here is how it’ll go. One cup you can make for yourself and the other we’ll pick names from a hat and whoever has one name does a cup for that person.”

“What if Scorp gets mine?”

“Hey!” Scorpius somehow felt offended.

“Lyra, I’m sure Scorp has some fantastic ideas for your cup. Okay, now we’ll take turns on getting a name out of the hat, Cass can go first.”

Cassie placed her hands in and took out a small piece of paper.

“What does it say?” Lyra eagerly asked.

“Who have you got sweetheart?” Draco leaned over and questioned.


Next was Lyra’s turn. She opened the folded paper and it read 'Daddy’

The hat was passed in a circle, Draco got Scorpius, Hermione had Lyra and finally Scorpius ended with Cassie.

“Now we get to keep these cups forever. So don’t do anything mean, be nice.”


The family got into their work. Hermione finished Lyra’s cup and sat back to watch everyone’s face so focused into their cups. She smiled at her youngest, Cassiopeia Jean Malfoy had the likes for art, everyone had thought since she was a daddy’s girl, she would live for quidditch, it was a surprise when she was into art.

No one from the both side of the family had artistic tastes. But since Cassie started to smile as she used one of Hermione’s lipstick to scribble on the bathroom floor, Hermione took the chance to change her room from a pale green to white with the walls charmed.

The charm was simply put as whenever Cassie would draw in the walls, a few days at most, her art would all transfer to a medium sized drawing book. She had told Cassie this after she came in crying that she walked in on the house elves cleaning her room and her art was gone.

She was taken back to the real world when someone stated “done”. It was Lyra.

“You can give it to daddy when you finish your other cup Lyra.”



In the end, it took the family four hours to finish their crafts weekend. Everyone gave the cups to each other.

Hermiones cup said 'Mummy <3’, Scorpius’s cup had a drawing of his constellation, curtesy from Draco. Lyra had 'Lyra Narcissa Malfoy’ with books drawn stacked under her name, Draco had “My #1 Dad’ and Cassie’s cup had 'Cassiopeia Malfoy’ with paint brushes on the bottom of her name.

Then they all showed their other cups. Draco’ written on his cup was 'Daddy Malfoy’, Lyra had written her initials 'L.M’

Scorpius had drawn a large golden snitch and in the middle had his name 'Scorpius Malfoy’, Cassie wrote her name 'CASSIE’ in capital letters and used different colours and Hermione had 'Hermione. M’

"These cups look lovely.”

“Number one dad huh?” Scorpius asked as he saw his dad’s cup being proudly held by a proud Draco.


“Daddy’s girl.”

Before Lyra could retaliate, Hermione looked up at the time and gasped.

“Oh my. Look at the time.”

On the wall, the clock displayed the numbers 10:45pm.

“Let’s clean up and get ready for bed.”

“Can you read a story again tonight?”

“Well alright. What’ll it be tonight?”

“A Hogwarts one.” Lyra and Scorpius said.

“And you my little love bug?” Draco asked Cassie.

Silence was met and he asked again.

“Love bug? Cassie?”

“Looks like she’s exhausted.” Hermione giggled seeing her youngest sleep on her daddy’s shoulder.

“I’ll set her in. You go with the twins.”

As the three left the living room, Draco carefully climbed the stairs to Cassie’s room. On the door there’s a Cassiopeia sign and underneath another sign that was written, CasSIe. It was from when she started learning how to write, he was so proud of it he wanted to put it on the fridge to show it off. He smiled as he opened her door, looking at the large flower on the wall next to the bed she had drawn disappear.

He laid her down and covered her with the blanket. Before leaving, he bent down to kiss her hair.

“My little star, I love you. ”

Draco looked back to the little Malfoy sleeping peacefully on her big bed, also seeing her pink hair magically disappear to the identical blonde on his own head.


It took only 15 minutes to get each twin soundly asleep before Hermione went to her own bed.

“What story did you tell them this time?”

“One about how Harry made Dumbledore’s Army and how we practised making patronuses.”



“The twins will go to Hogwarts next year.”

“I know.”

“It’s too fast.”

“I’ll miss them too. But they’re excited to go and we’ll make sure that they both write to us.”

“Lyra will be in Gryffindor and Scorpius in Slytherin.” Draco stated, yet his face is etched in worry.

“What are you worried about?”

“Scorp’s going to go straight to Slytherin for sure. But it’s Lyra I’m worried about. She has your brains and nothing of me, she practically looks like you, except for her eyes.”

“You’re worried she’s going to Gryffindor? I was in Gryffindor.”

“If she gets into Gryffindor, I’m positive she’s going to befriend one of Weasley or Potter’s pawns.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

The Are you kidding me right now? Your Hogwarts years has been nothing but dangerous from start to finish.”

“Draco. He’s gone. There’s no danger and Lyra will be fine.”

“I trust you, Hermione. I really do. But if she does go into Gryffindor, one of their pawns is going to steal our daughter and fly into the sunset with her.”

“Well aren’t you thinking that far into the future…Listen to me Draco, She’s only ten. Plus from eleven to thirteen years old, girls don’t think about boys at that age. Now please stop this constant worrying and let’s go to sleep.”

“I love you.” He sighed.

“I love you too.” She leaned down to kiss him.




The Lightning Court Landscape (Part 2)

The capital city, Arach, is a colourful and vast one. It is build on an array of buildings, interconnected by bridges and rising on different levels on cliffs surrounded by waters of the most stunning shade of aqua. The capital city and the palace seems to almost float above the rest of the lands and rivers, with some of its architecture lining the river banks. The palace in the center of Arach, built on the tallest cliff of the entire court, is mirrored on all sides, reflecting the sky that looms above it. Tall, twisting towers scrape the clouds and some completely disappear into the rolling gray expanse. It know as the Hiraeth and is huge, housing most of the Court’s Inner Circle that wish to inhabit it, and is the centerpiece of the capital city

Here are the Court Positions and residents so far (please do let me know if I miss anyone out, thank you!)

High Ladies: @mayhemories and @aelin-and-feyre

First: @runesandfaes

Second: @ilikebigbooks-and-icannotlie

Third: @fiery-feyre and her wonderful wife @darlingfireheart

Spymaster: @foxboy-lucien

Spies: @havilliardandgalathynius @cynical-minds-for-cynical-times  @shinywhiteshoe  @tarafitz124 @wingsofanillyrian @zacc-efronn

Executive Assistant: @queenoffantasy

Light Wielder: @destiny14444

Thunder Enforcer: @poisonbooknerd

Storm Whisperer: @kazgavejasonthecrowbar

Dragon Keeper: @bbyshadowbat

Emissary: @cassiancalore

Emissary of Mortal Lands: @dreams-of-feysand

Ambassador: @thebookishshadowhunter

Healers: @rowanismybae and @lifelillysandmagicwands

General: @therealmofgoals

Chief Strategist: @acomafxtog24-7

Commandress of Bloodshed: @rhysand-and-rowan

Cryptographer: @deathbytitanium

Captain of the Guard: @highqueenofmagic

Assassin: @acourtoffuckmylifeup

Lightning Thief: @sugarcoated44

Seer: @aelinxfeyre

Priestess: @rowaelinandfeysandfeels

Hitwoman: @seldomsmurf

Cartographer: @she-was-brave-and-she-was-strong

Librarian/Informant: @deezrmuhsheeple

Researcher: @starzablaze

Historian: @rhysand-vs-rowan

Lady in Waiting: @magic-madness-heavensin

Weapons Designer: @inejcalmarekaz

Painter: @thexscarletxwitchx

The Sassy friend who Wanders in when needed: @tntwme

Random Anonymous Cat: @insert-username-here712

Court Falconer: @m0ther0fdragons

Court Musician: @veinssaxonio

Designer: @tog-trash

Cat Lady: @smokeydiamondstorm

Court Entertainer: @acourtofredqueens

Court Witch: @azuremirwae

Crazy Old Sage: @justanotherpaperheart

Counselor: @whyyoumakemesadstahp

Cook: @alexiea1

Gardener: @otaku-trash-sendhelp1000-7

Architect: @couldilienexttoyou

Shapeshifter: @highladyofluna

Story Keeper: @my-ships-will-never-be-sank

Art Shop Keeper: @skyl0rd5117

Teacher: @amberissues

Mixologist: @ponyjockey

Photographer: @autumn03

Astronomer: @court-of-shadows-and-fury

Soldiers: @aelin-rattlesthestars @the-girl-of-ticking-clocks  (We are open for potential soldiers)

Record Keeper: @feyre-herondale03

Black Sheep Of The Family: @aroyalbluedragon

Court Blog Lightning Court . Court Edits . Lightning Court Landscape (Part 1) . Lightning Court Fashion . Lightning Court Makeup (Part 1) . Lightning Court Makeup (Part 2)

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betty: positivity posts, pink mobile theme, has soft somewhere in her description, animal pictures and videos, speaks on lgbt+ matters as an Ally, “reblog if you love gay rights !”, veronica reblogs all her posts with ok lesbian, 

veronica: selfies get over 500 notes, actually gets asks, only answers two and deletes the rest, Woke posts on racism, has her instagram and twitter linked in every other post, only moderately pretentious aesthetic, reblogs naked girls a lot but no homo just aesthetic, mobile theme is always perfect 

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Video Wednesday No.13 - F

Colour blending! 

This particular Autism Drawing is one I have been developing for a while. I started drawing it a few months ago and kept redesigning it for ages, but now Im finally happy with it. 


This drawing is a statement against the, unfortunately common, ableist narrative that Autism is some kind of terrible tragedy and that Autistic people should be pitied. 

The drawing is of an Autistic girl who is cheerfully stimming and wearing a red jumper with the Neurodiversity Symbol on it, indicating support for “Autism Acceptance” (and rejecting the ‘Autism Awareness’ Campaign). She is stimming by listening to music, pressure stimming with the weight of the headphones and flapping her hands. Beneath her is a coloured in Neurodiversity Symbol with the words “Not A Tragedy” written inside in capital letters. 

Autism is NOT a tragedy and its LONG overdue for neurotypical people to start understanding that. 

anonymous asked:

ok so every time u post abt lush bath bombs and about how lush owns yo ass i always like ur post or w/e but secretly im like..... he's WEAK... baku is weak... how is he lured in by pretty colours.... they're so expensive.. he's a fool...... succumbing to capitalism... but today i was in town w/ my squad and katy was like let's go into lush!!! and so we were like we all broke... but fine... and I straight up bought 7 bath bombs for £45

i dont even know how to respond to this because im just laughing so god damn hard

Parent ExR for @enjoloras !!! Good luck my dude I’m excited for you!!!!

· The most brightly coloured baby bc Enjolras is angry at capitalism and the gender binary so gets ENDLESSLY frustrated with baby clothes shopping so their friends group together and make a bunch of clothes for the kid (but obviously the only person who has loose cloth round there is Jehan so you can…. Imagine.)

· R composing really dumb kids songs while putting the baby to sleep loke theyre super dumb like “baby your a little muffin, you dont have to worry bout nuffin”. He jokingly claims having a baby has destroyed his artistic integrity.

· as the kid gets older family meals become very important. Bc R and E both lead quite hectic lives they make a point of having always at least 1 meal a day sat down with the whole family.

· this kid coming along was definitely a brilliant cover for the fact that both R and E talk to themselves A L O T. E reads his work and essays out loud to the baby as they play to check for errors. R just rambles to the baby as he cooks/paints/does literally anything. They finally have excuses and they are eternally grateful…

· that child’s art work gets stuck everywhere. As they get older it becomes extREMELY embarrassing but secretly they think its very cute. They may as well get used to it bc neither E or R is willing to stop being an embarrassingly proud parent.

· They are eternally grateful for their ridiculously extensive friends bc neither of their families are really in the picture to help with childcare but their friends are MORE than enthusiastic. This means they can go to the theatre or cinema sometimes and just relax and be stupidly in love.


Dear ARMYs: For 보고 싶었다.

Just because I’ve been gone for six months, and this is my first graphic in nine, doesn’t mean I don’t know how to appreciate kind tags.

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Grenada is a Caribbean country comprising a main island, also called Grenada, and smaller surrounding islands. Dubbed the “Spice Isle,” the hilly main island is home to numerous nutmeg plantations. It’s also the site of the capital, St. George’s, whose colourful homes, Georgian buildings and early-18th-century Fort George overlook narrow Carenage Harbour.

Island culture is heavily influenced by the African roots of most of the Grenadians, but Indian and Carib Amerindian influence is also seen with dhal puri, rotis, Indian sweets, cassava and curries in the cuisine. Although French influence on Grenadian culture is much less visible than on other Caribbean islands, surnames and place names in French remain, and the everyday language is laced with French words and the local dialect, or Patois.