Last night, I promised you that
I’d dream of a land where the two of
us were princesses, happily
distant from the stench
of our now-decaying kisses.
Sadly, my sleepy path
led to another, more familiar land,
and sadly, I woke up
the same way, 
irrationally sad and prince-less,
soaked in the sap of 
a pretty past that didn’t last.
Nonetheless, I smiled
to the sky,
knowing that because
I was still the same,
I’d still have you to love me.

2 on 1 isn't fair...

I’m getting tag-teamed here. I’m not complaining. Hi looking-for-jillian!

  • what form of punctuation would hang above your bed?
        !? – Given the option, I’ll always take the more interesting route.
  • what is your favorite breakfast cereal?
        Lucky Charms – They’re magically delicious!
  • if there was going to be a movie about your life, who would you want to play you? your best friend?
        The lovechild of Zach Galifianakis and George Clooney. Stephen Baldwin.
  • what piece of writing are you most proud of?
        This one, inspired by sanddollarpoems:

        I had to take a picture because it’s in my book now, not my archive. -_-

  • what is your favorite lyric from your favorite song?
        “So bear this in mind:
        A true friend is hard to find.”
            –Grinnin’ In Your Face, Son House
  • if you could have any author/writer give you a piece of advice, which author/writer would you want to hear it from?
        Um… Shakespeare, thank you very much.
  • what would the first chapter of your autobiography be called?
        Great Expectations
  • who would you thank in an acceptance speech for an award?
        God, Walt Disney, and Hugh Hefner.
  • what book, poem, story, etc. has affected you the most in life?
        The Raft, Stephen King
  • if you woke up tomorrow in a different country, which country would it be?

Hmmm, tagging: lucyquin, colourofdistantlove, eternallycoilingserpent, awakenedphilosopher, and littleapparatus.



1. colourofdistantlove

You sit atop the tumblr throne
but that’s no cause to be alone.
You are Helen. I am like Troy–
susceptible to your Greek ploys:
when your eyes light (like the tower)
I succumb to their fair power.
Don’t make this some trite tragedy
or keep it like Faust’s fantasy–
a shade of you simply won’t do.
I admire each brill'ant hue.
Around ourselves we’ve both built walls
but mine will crumble at your call.
Our legends would last for all time
if you’d only be my Valentine!

2. myfriendglenn

I love you nonsense for your intrigues give in I make for you together nonsense love It love intrigues me Let’s for your make together nonsense in

3. coldfact


I do not find your annoyances
adorable. I do not make
excuses to see you.
I did not willingly
fall for you. I do not want
to open your skin and 
live comfortably inside. 
I did not write you a poem 
for Valentine’s day.

4. thunor
Valentine’s are simply symbols
we act out on determined tracks.
Patterns passed to us obscurely
by chance take on significance.

This need not mean they’re meaningless
but vessels which fill to our needs,
therefore, take this as intended:
a small screed of how my heart bleeds.

5. dirtyreggae

you make me feel like
          a postmodernist poem

i act erractily because i
    try to fill every niche
                   you need
    i am shatt-
ered by your presence: 
    i keep
    finding others
    rising inside myself

i am trying to determine which
            me you could love
oh my god
          i hope i
                   pick the right one

6. class-struggle-anarchism


To love you only is monopoly:
it, after all, gives us communal strength.
You’re not the first. I guess you’re the nth.
(Forgive me please my poor accountancy).

What would Proudhon say on the personal
and private? And which one is loving you?
–Can’t be private, now I’ve put it on view
but does it stay in our two-man cabal?

I love everyone–some’d say excessively
so why should just you get the best of me?
What gives you the right to privitization 
and why do I submit to oppression?

Radical means to go back to the root.
You upturn me. And just ‘cause you’re cute.

7. theguywhokilledbadguys

Cylons. Spaceships. Here’s more science fiction:
You and me (that’s for sure science fiction)

Couldn’t we be more like Mulder and Scully?
The truth is out there–it’s pure science fiction

I try to entice you with VR trickery–
no luck. I’ve foresworn science fiction

Aren’t there mechanics which underly love?
'Help me! Help me!’ I implore science fiction

There should be, I thought, space for David
in your heart. No hope. I long for science fiction

8. planetnymph

I must send my love over
timezones: which means that you
receive my dawning thoughts 
when you’re nearly sleeping, and when
you run through my mind at night, it is
in fact morning. This is confusing.
We’re out of sync. But love is timeless.
It carries to you regardless: and if
you do not read this on Valentine’s day
that does not mean it is not 
a Valentine’s poem. But means I have built 
a section of time that I hope 
we could both enjoy,

9. amodernmanifesto
Talk to me, darling, of Lefebvre 
(you know it gets me all a-fervour)

Or read to me some more Marcuse
and see how quickly I’m seduced

And if you explained Bertolt Brecht
you’d easily earn my respect

But it’s your knowledge of Deleuze
that makes you the one I choose

My Tumblr Crushes:

  1. colourofdistantlove (5%)
  2. thewordsiwriteformikey (4%)
  3. aclockworkplum (3%)
  4. mj-arnett (3%)
  5. franticallylost (3%)
  6. therealvagabondking (3%)
  7. thehomosexualheartthrob (2%)
  8. s-emi-colon (2%)
  9. mademoisellechapeau (2%)

These are the people who currently make my days worth waking for.

  1. kissingtherivermouth is a big ol’ cutie who AT THIS VERY MOMENT is vomiting in front of a crowd of strangers or something anyway I’m glad she’s my number one this week cos she’s been working real hard on her poetry. My favourite recent poems have been this and this.
  2. everything colourofdistantlove does is trash and she’s only here because i ‘liked’ the posts featuring me on her blog, aka it’s only redeeming feature. somehow she managed to write some poems that didn’t make me puke this week (well i did a bit in my mouth but i don’t wanna be too harsh on the poor girl). 
  3. i only now realised i don’t know if thunor is man, woman or grendel. i assume from their programming skills that they are indeed a grendel. they made a pretty cool post about a poetic form y'all should try and they do awesome things with forms that maybe you should think about the consequences of cos that’s where good poetry’s made SUCKERS.
  4. esn13 probably wrote a load of poems about boys and math or something again and i still ended up liking them?? j/k normally i get a little annoyed with people who churn out poetry but in her case it’s an annoyance of 'no fuck you you don’t get to get away with just being able to use innately beautiful imagery.’ these pieces prove the world is a callous place out to get me.
  5. rex get the fuck off my blog you tool everyone already knows you’re amazing. a fun fact about rex: when he sends you fanmail he sets it out as if it were a real letter and it is TOTALLY ADORABLE. here’s some poems that you’ve liked already.
  6. moderateclimates is actually my favourite person on tumblr and considering she’s only posted like one poem lately i’m beginning to suspect tumblr is somehow actually working out which tumblrarians i have a crush on.
  7. especially because the only reason warren’s on here is because i like photos of his face/sending him abusive asks. if you like people talking about how hot conan is/are wondering what specific subset of men i would bone, check out his page i guess.
  8. i’m not even sure when the last time natalie posted a poem which is a shame b/c she does good stuff BUT she also has good taste in culturey stuff and she’s an ass-kicking feminist and she’s super-rad besides what are all you nerds doing on my crushlist anyway. so embarassing.
  9. a lot of the time i’m convinced trixclibrarian contains some kind of pun on clitoris but it doesn’t, it’s just it has enough of the right letters to confuse/excite my sex-starved mind. but anyway trixc is a HUMAN BEING with DEPTH not a figure for my dewey-decimal-themed fantasies and to prove it she wrote some great poems or maybe she just wrote them for the fun of it??

White powdered face 
Rouged lips 
Big beautiful eyes 
Curved sumptuous hips 
This is what they look for 
What they hope to find 
But alas they never see the girl
That roams free within her mind 

I have yet to meet her yet 
But I’m sure I would be flattered 
By her stunning use of intellect
Streaks of sarcasm,
When it mattered
A girl who yearns for simple things
Like spooning nutella out of the jar
Candlelit meals for two
Watching great plays by the master bard
If I had to pick the colour
That distant love was disguised
I would have to hazard a guess
Similar to the shade of her eyes

Sort of a forced ending and entirely guess work with a little quick research via your blog~ Sorry if anythings a little… off/wrong. Not to mention the contrived rhyme with Jar and Bard… I really couldn’t get anything better =P  

alright i’ve been far too negative time to BRING OUT THE POSITIVE

  1. colourofdistantlove is of course only here because i have an irl crush on her but on the bright side while you’re silently judging my taste in women you can enjoy some pretty great poetry! i liked this one a lot cos i thought the enjambment/rhythm was neat, and Nothing Lies In Verse b/c i’m a sucker for metafiction but also b/c it states a certain truth about the escapism of literature without needing to beat you over the head with it! if you’ve not been listening to her radio show i highly recommend it
  2. coldfact is a very awesome person i’ve been spending a lot of time with recently BUT TO MAKE THIS POST LESS ABOUT NEPOTISM she’s also started posting some of her poetry on bethany-jay which is awesome cos i’ve not read her poetry for a long long time. i wrote this ghazal with her over the weekend and it’s made me real excited about the possibilities of it as a collaborative form
  3. lookingforwisdom has long been my favourite poet on tumblr so i’m super glad he’s on this list this week. i think great poems are like cups of tea (i’m british so this is the highest of compliments): they are inviting, homely, effortless to slip into; nostalgic without specific memories, but always fresh. i’m not sure that analogy totally worked out but you get my point. i liked Three Photographs by Matthew Brady a whole whole lot, and Take Five too; lookingforwisdom has an understated confidence where he never uses an unnecessary word and trusts the reader to understand the poem without the need of qualifications or signifiers.
  4. yaaaaaaaaawn it’s rex-ybanez again. i’m pretty sure my followers and rex’s overlap completely (not rex’s and mine, cough cough) but if not maybe you should re-examine what’s wrong with you. i guess ol’ rexy’s going thru one of his indulgent ‘i’m 21 and only slightly brilliant’ modes so i’ll be nice and say his recent Ars Poetica made me LOL (Laugh Out Loud). (for srs hope you feel better soon <3)
  5. katherinedecember has uniformly awesome taste in literature/art however maybe you’ll disagree?? sometimes in life you gotta take a risk, however i’ve enjoyed a lot of what she’s posted recently and have been introduced to a lot of new awesome things via her tumblr
  6. i’ve only just invented the term 'imagery-ists’ but dr-gibberyshrooms-md is one of my favourites of them. i don’t think i’ve ever seen him use a cliched image, at least not one he hasn’t quickly deconstructed or undermined. Snobbish Harpies War On Loling is a perfect example of this. i don’t like every poem he writes but i’ve never ever ever thought it wasn’t worth reading.
  7. archonofdarkness is someone i’ve only followed relatively recently so i’ll dial down the gushing; but i admire his use of allusions which don’t feel like the poem depends on them but are genuinely used as synecdoches for greater ideas that his poetry capitalises on
  8. poetrynotpoetry has also been a long-time fave; his poetry is exciting and bridges high-mindnesses and accessibilities excellently, tho bear in mind anyone who thinks about that kinda thing prolly isn’t the best judge of 'accessibility.’ his haiku for etheridge blew me away but as that was featured i’ll link this which i adored too
  9. lol fuck off warren


  1. colourofdistantlove continues her embarrassing run at the top of my crushlist. FUN FACT: on v-day when i wrote everyone on my list poems between me starting to write them and actually publishing the post nicky went from 1st to 2nd place but i couldn’t be bothered to rewrite the line ‘you sit atop the tumblr throne’ so i photoshopped the crushlist. as punishment for this fraud tumblr refuses to get her off the list so it looks like am obsessed with her WHICH IS HALF-TRUE AT BEST. she has an etsy store called tweecups which you should all check out and not just because i came up with the name. i liked this poem a lot!
  2. esn13 was very sweet about my poetry today so i’m glad i get to return the favour. she can come up with beautiful imagery effortlessly and it is super-impressive and i hate her because of it. i’m gonna link these ghazals she wrote, one in hindi and another a “translation” of it, cos that’s a pretty impressive feat.
  3. aeternum-somniator i think i have been following ever since i joined tumblr and in that time i have never once successfully spelt her url correctly. but her poetry has also been improving a lot recently so i’m really glad she’s on the list this week. i don’t think she is as popular or at least “in with the cool kids” as most other people on this list so here’s a bunch of poems of hers i like: uno dos tres quatro
  4. SPEAKING OF THE COOL KIDS IT’S REX AGAIN. one time i will write something actually nice about him because he does deserve it but let’s face it he’s not moving from this list any time soon and y'all know how awesome he is so i’m gonna continue with this schtick. check out my hijacking of his heartful poem to see what a dick i am.
  5. samsaranmusing is the only non-poet on the list this week! he’s a blogger who shares a lot of awesome stuff about buddhism and other spiritual things but in a really down-to-earth way, so i recommend checking him out if you are into that kinda thing.
  6. uutpoetry is possibly the best poetry blog on tumblr NOT because of his own poetry–which is great, don’t get me wrong–but because of the other poets who submit to the blog–if you wanna follow a blog that’ll introduce you to some great original poetry that differs a lot from the usual sentimentalist tumblr fare then i advise you to unfollow me IMMEDIATELY and transfer your attention to him
  7. planetnymph is maybe the raddest person i know and i am definitely not hiding my love for her AT ALL. yet i don’t think she’s posted much of her poetry lately and i’ve just been liking the things she’s shared and also photos of her looking adorable but i hope this post will shame her into sharing more
  8. coldfact is my ahem “snuggle buddy” BUT she also has a poetry blog which is bethany-jay which i would hope you check out rather than ogling her personal blog you weird voyeurs ah who am i kidding
  9. thunor has been undertaking a really impressive project which i admit i’ve not really been keeping up with cos i’ve been in a bit of a shitty rut lately but they’re re-writing the iliad in an anglo-saxon verse form and that’s honestly the most interesting thing that’s been happening on my dash in a long time so you classics students (i know you’re out there) should really really check it out.