You get a pattern, and you get a pattern, and you get a pattern! Everyone gets ColourLovers seasonal plumbbob patterns under their chairs! Recolor as much as you want, heck, anyone can even make this into a Sims 3 pattern :D Happy Holidays everyone! My picture for day one for the Happy Holiday Photo Themes will be up soon.

You can find the patterns on ColourLovers here, here, here, and here.

to everyone suffering from patterncooler withdrawals:

i was going to make some big write-up thing about this later, but my personal favorite pattern website is colourlovers!

a lot of people use colourlovers for their awesome palettes (as they should, because they’re perfect), but colourlovers actually has a huge variety of patterns to choose from, as well!  you can sort through the most popular ones, and when you click to make them bigger, you can even color them however you want (or keep them the way they were originally created!).

there are a ton of patterns that you can create and color, and all of them are seamless, so you don’t have to worry about that.

all you have to do when you get to the pattern you like is click here:

and it’ll open up in a new window for you to save, and then you’re good to go!

the patterns are really unique, and there are so many to choose from.  in my opinion, it’s always been a much better option than patterncooler (and they’re not charging you, like, five bucks for any of it).

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Brooklyn’s Vectors: Minimalist PlumbBob.

Have you ever wanted a plumbbob for your pattern designing for The Sims games but didn’t have a compatible file for whatever program you use? Well, this won’t be a problem anymore! I’ve made a minimalist plumbbob into all the major vector file types, as well as a Photoshop brush file which is hi-res. Plus, in the vector zip file, I’ve included a version which is Colourlovers’ Seamless Studio compatible (You have to make vectors a certain size and style to import correctly so I went ahead and included it for you.)

The preview pic here looks aliased but the actual vector/brush is anti-aliased and smooth, no worries! :)

Download Vectors (Includes all major formats + Seamless Studio compatible size)
Download PS Brush (Includes this minimalist one, and the outline one)
Recolor my PlumbBob ColourLovers pattern!

The adoption came through and the little white fox cubs have arrived! And oh gosh, my breath has been taken away - they are more glorious than I could have ever have imagined!
I am honored to share these pins with you all soon! They will be avaliable for purchase/adoption tomorrow. Stay tuned <3 BIG LOVE TO YOU ALL x
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