colourings aside

I’m not sure whether I was feeling a little patriotic in the moment this capture was made… in that the primary tones of this image are red and white - the colours of the Maltese flag. Maybe subconsciously…?

But colour aside - I find this doorway so very scrumptious and suggestive; the bougainvillea flower is such a deep cherry or crimson-like red, it’s so fiery, and intense, I was mesmerised for minutes before I actually took a photo. We are blessed with warm Mediterranean weather which makes all flowers bloom and blossom.

Why is Molly wearing red?

During the first episode of Season four, I could not help but notice Molly’s different outfits to everyone else.

Take Rosie’s christening for example:

All red? When everyone else is dressed in blue or dark colours? (Aside from Mary who’s dressed in all white)

I’m not kidding, look:

Why is she and Mary the only ones to be dressed in colours different to everyone else?

Then there’s this evidence:

Why is she the only one wearing red? Granted, John is wearing white in this scene, but why is she wearing red?

Then there’s the ending:

Stripped red shirt?

Whats with the red being hidden by the blue? 

Then theres this beauty

Hiding the red with the blue?

Y’know who else wears red?


Oh? Is this a coincidence?

Well then, what about yellow?

Molly at the wedding:

Very weird fashion sense. I mean, Lestrade, John, Sherlock and Mrs Hudson are in darker colours (and Mary is once again in white).

Who else do we see in yellow?

Universe, are you making an extra effort to be this lazy?

So, does anyone have any ideas?

Or any more evidence?

Because shit is getting real. 

Tick, tock, tick tock.

Spade Suit emoji review ♠

Apple: Nice shape. I like the smoothness of the curves. In my opinion the shading is not necessary, but it’s nicely executed.

10/10 would recommend

Google: It’s recognisable as a spade, but the point just isn’t pointy enough. And the… the thing at the bottom, the… handle? You know what I mean. It could be better.

5/10 would use in unimportant conversations

Microsoft: As always, Microsoft slaps us in the face with the offensively thick outlines. I want emojis, not the border between two countries. Combine that with the pathetically small handle and the “light black” look, and this attempt becomes an immediate no-no for me.

0/10 wrong colour

Samsung: Oh Samsung, why are you going for the “realistic” look on the spade suit? We don’t need these gradients. To be fair, the shape is acceptable, but learn to use a solid colour, please.

3/10 tolerable from a long distance

LG: I take it back. This shading is the most outrageous, scandalous, abusive abomination of a spade suit emoji I have ever had to look at with my own two eyes. Get it away from me.

-2/10 don’t make me get a knife

HTC: I see someone’s trying to be original here. Unfortunately, when it comes to a symbol like the spade suit, there just isn’t room for originality. Sorry, HTC.

1/10 take it out of the box

Facebook: Is that slightly blue? Colour aside, this is relatively satisfactory. There’s no ridiculous shading, and the handle is proportionate to the overall size.

7/10 could be pointier

Messenger: I like what they’ve tried to do with the highlights and shadows, but it looks a little blocky. However, I like this. This is a good emoji.

8/10 would draw this

Twitter: The emoji designers over at Twitter must have overheard me typing about the size of the handle on Microsoft’s spade. Well, if you’re still listening, you went a bit over the top. But the rest of the design is decent; it’s minimalistic and nicely curved.

5/10 would send to my brother

Mozilla: Another blue-tinted offering, this time from Mozilla. The curved parts are quite pleasing, but I can’t deal with the straight lines at the top. Good for stabbing people who you don’t quite want to hurt.

4/10 either make it a weapon or don’t

Emoji One: What can I say? Yes, it’s grey, but I like it regardless. Although I feel like the handle has just been forced up there.

7/10 would send to friends

emojidex: You know when I picked out the blue tint on some of the others? Well, that was just a tint. This is the sort of blue light that disrupts your circadian rhythms by 10 hours. The shape is horrible. The gradient is repulsive. The bright spot is disgusting. Take this away and incinerate it like the trash it is.

-10/10 if I ever see this again it will be too soon

Unicode: Aaaaaaaah, the simplicity of pure Unicode. The plain, flat black; no gradients, no added extras, no gluten. This is a solid, wholesome, unadulterated playing card depiction. Take a moment to digest the perfection sitting on your screen.

100/10 would get this tattooed

wiccanwoman253  asked:

Hi, I'm a new witch and I went to the beach today and collected plenty of things. I was wondering if you know of any spells that include beach glass.

Hey, I was so excited to get this question because I’ve also collected lots of beach glass and have found so many great uses for it! 

Glass is made from minerals which have been heated up and melted together. Beach glass has gone through the extra steps of getting thrown away, deemed useless, and left to the elements to shape it. That being said, beach glass harnesses the power of transformation and resilience. Because you know what? After all that, the beach glass turned out even more beautiful than it was before. 

You can use beach glass as you would any crystal- it is just as powerful. You can carry it around if you also want resilience or you can use it in spells like you mentioned. You can use it in a wide variety of spells from anything to beauty spells to weather magic. Foggy beach glass can be used in a curse to interfere with your targets ability to think clearly. It can also be used in a glamour to mask your true intentions or a physical quality you would like to hide. Smooth beach glass can be used to smooth over a rough situation or make something go smoothly.

But wait, there’s more!

Different coloured pieces of beach glass have different correspondences. Look up colour correspondences to see which each colour means. Aside from all the magical uses, it also makes a great decoration and powerful item to add to magical tools. You may wish to add them to a wand or make wind chimes with them. In the past I have also glued pieces to a glass jar and used it to hold a candle. It was beautiful.

Since I worship a goddess who came from the sea (Aphrodite), I also often offer her particularly beautiful pieces of beach glass. She loves pretty things and I leave them on her altar.


 The characters of Endeavour 



“Every lady want a piece of me” ~ Mark — indeed they do but first let’s take a look at his fashion.

So I know I literally just did a post on BamBam, but bear with me [I’ll get round to other groups too. Promise]. Mark’s style is very consistent but I think it shows that Mark is okay with who he is and he’s not changing. They say fashion is meant to represent us, right? I think Mark’s fashion speaks for his personality well. It shows how unchanging he is as a person. It’s comfortable and relaxed which is something that Mark always opts to wear during interviews and fansigns. I think a reason for this is primarily due to the fact that he’s GOT7′s high flyer, so he needs clothes that will allow him to move.

Mark’s style [at least to me] is a mixture of both LA and Korea. Korea seems to style it’s HipHop artists in black with bandanas and snapbacks etc. And you can clearly see that inspiration in Mark’s fashion. He enjoys wearing black, as it’s easy to match with everything, and when he’s out and about he often wears a beanie/snapback to hide his hair so he doesn’t have to style it in a particular way. However saying this, the cuts and style of clothing that Mark often chooses to wear is in more the LA style. Mark also uses layer, often wearing t-shirts with flannels and then jackets which is something that has been inspired by LA fashion.

From what I can tell, since GOT7′s “니가 하면” era, Mark’s been exploring fashion a little bit further. At least in the shoe department. Primarily, he would often wear sneakers [i.e. converse, puma, nike etc.] but since then he’s worn a variety of different kinds, from Dr. Martens low cut shoes, to the new high top style that has been seen on many idols [including Jackson, basically the whole of Monsta X with ‘All In’ as well as EXO during their ‘Monster’ comeback.] I’m enjoying Mark venturing out a bit and trying out different colours asides black as well.

During his Fly promotions, Mark wore a light pink/beige oversized jumper with those high top Dr Martens, and he looked very stylish, but also comfortable. I hope he sticks to this new colour fad, as the boy really suits other colours too. Up until then [excluding the promotions for ‘Just Right’] I’d only seen Mark in black, white and red. Now with Fly, we’re getting to see him with unconventional colours such as yellow, orange and pink. However looking at GOT7′s newly released videos, it seems that Mark is reverting back to his black t-shirts and jackets.

To take inspiration from Mark, I think we all need to remember that we stay true to who we are. Wear what you wanna wear because then it shows who you are. Mark wears clothes that he finds comfortable and his laid back LA[ish] style is who he is as a person and he’s okay with that. So find yourself, and wear what you wanna wear, don’t let others tell you otherwise. 

Green-eyed characters

(Yana Toboso blog post tranlsation October 19, 2014)

English translation:

Now that I noticed, don’t you think there are too many green-eyed characters in Kuroshitsuji…?

Since Ciel has blue eyes, I [unconsciously] avoided using that colour for other characters, and the only eye colour that came to mind - apart from blue - was green, which is yet another typical European trait. So when I finally noticed [this tendency], there were already so many green-eyed characters!

Finnian -> Since Bard is a typical American with blond hair and blue eyes, I tried to avoid making these two look the same.
Lizzy -> She’s a British by the name of Elizabeth, so her eyes had to be green!
Edward -> He’s Lizzy’s blood relative.
Grell -> I wanted to choose a colour that looks supernatural, aside from red. I chose the phosphorescence colour (yellowish green) since it is said that ‘Onibi’, [*a mysterious light phenomenon] which is born from corpses, is in fact the phosphorus.
Will -> He and Grell are of the same nature.
Ronald -> See above.
Greenhill -> I had no choice but to choose green because of his name.
Sullivan -> I had no choice but to choose green because she’s the green witch.

I guess I shoud choose another colour next time.

♡Proofread by minacchin

*In Japanese folklore, ‘Onibi’ (鬼火) are mysterious lights that are born from the corpses of human beings and animals. Nowadays, many people believe that the truth behind the ‘Onibi’ is the illumination of the phosphorus from decaying corpses.

One of the things that I kept putting off posting

Wanted to retry drawing a nonbinary jirachi, but this time with a more original design

Yeah, I think I’m keeping this guy to be on mascot duty with Lovebug…

This is an AU changeling! This cutie is a standard changeling with bright colours and details. All changelings in my AU are brightly coloured (aside from the queens of course.) The queens/kings are known to be darker colours like greys, blacks, and at times, even white! The ‘glow’ that these changelings have (located on the spots on their tail, face, and wings) show what colony they came from. Each colony has a designated ‘colour’ and the one shown above is a lime green!

Changeling eggs are laid in large clusters similar to pomegranate seeds. They’re attached to the walls with a thick mucus-slime like substance. All changeling hives are located underground in massive caves. Each cave has many different hallways and rooms just like an ant nest. As long as the queen is living a ‘heartbeat’ beats throughout the chest. Mucus/slime veins stretch out to the entrance of the cave. The farther away the veins are, the more ‘faint’ the heartbeats get. The veins also ‘beat’ with every hoofstep that is placed near/upon them. 

Due to the mucus layers around the changeling eggs, the cluster of eggs ‘beat’ along with the rest of the hive. The eggs themselves are incredibly brightly coloured when alive. Changeling eggs are considered a delicacy in Appolosia (my AU-) and are also heavily sought out for medicinal uses. Different colours of eggs = different uses.

Abandoned hives are crusty and incredibly hard to break into. Egg clusters that have been abandoned are now as hard as diamond and are not easy to retrieve. The medicinal uses are still available via the hardened eggs yet they need to be ground into dust to be used. Abandoned eggs also have little to no colour. The only colour is located within the embryo/fetus/unfertilized yolk. The other gooey bits of the egg are now black in colour. It is common for these eggs to be used as jewelry aswell. 

Many changelings are distrusting to ponies for this very reason. Many changeling kingdoms have fallen due to the greed of many ponies who want to make a profit off of the hives around them. Many changelings are also aggressive to those who come near their nests and will more than likely to attack.

Instead of eating love/affection however, they scour specifically for fruits and insects!