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Green-eyed characters

(Yana Toboso blog post tranlsation October 19, 2014)

English translation:

Now that I noticed, don’t you think there are too many green-eyed characters in Kuroshitsuji…?

Since Ciel has blue eyes, I [unconsciously] avoided using that colour for other characters, and the only eye colour that came to mind - apart from blue - was green, which is yet another typical European trait. So when I finally noticed [this tendency], there were already so many green-eyed characters!

Finnian -> Since Bard is a typical American with blond hair and blue eyes, I tried to avoid making these two look the same.
Lizzy -> She’s a British by the name of Elizabeth, so her eyes had to be green!
Edward -> He’s Lizzy’s blood relative.
Grell -> I wanted to choose a colour that looks supernatural, aside from red. I chose the phosphorescence colour (yellowish green) since it is said that ‘Onibi’, [*a mysterious light phenomenon] which is born from corpses, is in fact the phosphorus.
Will -> He and Grell are of the same nature.
Ronald -> See above.
Greenhill -> I had no choice but to choose green because of his name.
Sullivan -> I had no choice but to choose green because she’s the green witch.

I guess I shoud choose another colour next time.

♡Proofread by minacchin

*In Japanese folklore, ‘Onibi’ (鬼火) are mysterious lights that are born from the corpses of human beings and animals. Nowadays, many people believe that the truth behind the ‘Onibi’ is the illumination of the phosphorus from decaying corpses.

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Its sad that pontaff & graff where harassed by the sonic fandom so much that they don't want to talk about sonic

And some fans have the nerve to say that they deserve it. That’s actually another reason for why I hope they’re not the writers for Forces. Because frankly, I imagine they want to get out of this fandom’s eye as soon as possible by this point. And who could blame them?

This is also one of the reasons for why I’m more lenient on them compared to other fans. Some of the shit they have to put up with is truly disgusting, and I have no sympathy for the fans who see fit to express their contention with video game writing by being despicable human beings.

Look. I acknowledge that their writing has been questionable a lot of the time, exceptions like the public announcements in Colours aside. I’m not white-knighting their work, nor am I saying they’re perfect for the series.

But they do not deserve to be harassed. No one deserves to be harassed just because you don’t like their writing. If you’re the kind of person who thinks threatening them will bring about the return of Shiro Maekawa or whichever other writer, you’re an idiot. Pure and simple.


So, it’s Trizza Tethis? Nice! I’m surprised at how close I got to her colour-scheme, aside from the cape and the armbands it’s pretty much it. A little surprised at her not being a Peixes, given her horns, but her sign’s pretty rad too.

Getting really psyched for this game, can’t wait to see some more stuff for it. And it’ll be great to see the character-models in motion, they’re looking pretty adorable so far!

I made this connection ages ago (and so did you probably) but I re-realised this today and was like does this mean something? Maybe, maybe not. It could be an artistic coincidence OR it could have a symbolic meaning. Much like how some fans have been comparing how the Harry Potter generation rise to overcome the faults of the James Potter generation (sorry can’t give you the link to that post; I read it ages ago and never saved it), perhaps, under Ozpin, Team RWBY’s fate is to overcome the failures and difficulties Team STRQ faced. If that is the case, then I’m matching up the characters wrong. 

If I were to match the characters by personality/fate/character arc then it would look like this:

More or less, ships and colours aside. The only thing is that presently (conclusion of volume 3) we still don’t know a lot about Team STRQ. What happened to them at Beacon? What happened to them after they graduated? What were Summer’s missions really on about? What else is Qrow and Taiyang not telling us? Where on Remnant is Raven and what made her split after Yang was born? Without knowing any more about Team STRQ I can’t make a full analysis or theory but it’s fun to wonder. 

Too few answers for so many questions, and this colour coincidence is one of those.


Alrighty I finished my walk cycle assignment!! well kind of, now that I’ve done a fairly generic walk I want to try something more individual, maybe from a different perspective

but for now. she is finished. my flouncy child.

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Last movie I watched: Eesh… what was it… Idk. I watched a tv documentary today which I guess you can kinda look at as a movie if ya squint. It was called Stacey Dooley In The USA: Gay to straight… It was almost laughable at how America treats homosexuality like… it really opened my eyes at how homophobic some people are still in states I wouldn’t have imagined? It was really interesting, albeit a little infuriating at how they see it as something to be “cured” like jheez, fuck off.

Top 3 tv shows: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Teen Titans (Obvs and yes, still one of my faves.)

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Real Talk : HunHan’s Love Child

Going to be honest, I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing, I’ve had three glasses of wine, so I feel classy as fuck, and I don’t know why I thought this was a good idea…

So let’s talk physical appearance

Eyes is easy, considering both Sehun and LuHan have dark brown eyes, which is a dominant allele anyhow, making the chances of their child having any colour aside from brown a 25% chance (pretty low if you ask me) so let’s assume the child inherrited a set of BB homozygous genes. Brown eyes it is!

Hair, similar concept to eye colour, they both have natural black hair, also a dominant gene yada-yada-yada, black hair!

Next, jaw/chin. Now, this is a little more difficult, considering the fact that Sehun and LuHan have two different types of jawlines, Sehun’s being slightly longer than LuHan’s, whilst LuHan’s is a little more V-shaped. However, after doing a little research, I’ve found that the recessive allele for the shape of a jawline is in fact a slightly longer jaw, meaning that their child would have to have two recessive alleles to have Sehun’s jawline (i.e. jj genotypes). However, the likeliness that the child would inherit a dominant gene would be 75%, meaning LuHan’s V-shaped chin and jaw

Height is a little complicated, since there is no determining gene, I’ll just have to estimate. Assuming the child would grow to be around LuHan and Sehun’s current heights, 5.839895 and 5.93832 feet, their child’s height would be, to take an approximate, 5.8891075 (1.79 Meter…I guess hahahaaa…)

For the child’s build, well, obviously he’d have a high metabolic rate, considering both his parents are and were naturally physically fit, due to genetics, and general physical fitness (sports activity and dance contributing to this a lot). Aside from their metabolic rate, they’re also both blessed with rather slender frames, and the majority of their bodies are made up of muscle (*wheeze*). So, I’m going to say a relatively slim build

I don’t know why, but I’m getting a kind of Jaemin from SMRookies vibe right now. Haha, ahhh.

Is it just me? Keeping in mind, this kid is like fifteen. 

Still can’t get over the fact that SM is promoting foetuses. Like, they’re admittedly adorable and all that, but really? No child should be pressured into performing until going through the full extent of training.

Actual baby-status though…

Legitimate HunHan love child…my god, I’m so drunk right now.


Introverted vs Extroverted traits…we-he-hell, not much of an argument there. Sehun and LuHan both show significant traits of introverted nature, however, there is still a likeliness that their child would not be as reserved, perhaps just a little less outspoken. But on the whole, friendliness is a must.

I’ve read a lot of posts from EXO-Ls who’ve been substantially surprised by how friendly Sehun was in person, and this is because introverts tend to be more affectionate on a one-to-one basis, rather than to a large crowd of people. Aside from that, the fact that both LuHan and Sehun were reasonably playful within their own comfort zones leads me to think the child would have been the same. So, I’d say the most most likely estimate would be fairly introverted, but also friendly, playful at heart, but reserved around strangers, and possibly a touch of childishness on Sehun’s behalf ;) 

Wowwwwwwwwwwww, I’m one strange mother fucker.

On the one hand, this is funny.

On the other hand, it’s a fucking yoga-doing white woman pushing two men of colour aside as she takes up way more space than she needs.

I’m like, normal women, sit on men or rest your bags on them.
Gross barefoot yoga woman? Hide your shame and take up your own space and stop reenacting gentrification on the subway.


the iron wall can be rebuilt again and again.

I love this for a few reasons.

First, because this was the only bit we the audience could actually figure out and (and doubtless already did). SUBTITLE COLOURS ASIDE, your voice (AND LAUGH) are pretty distinctive, so yeah. This is not new information for us. (The Outers, yes, but not us.)


Anger and indifference are pretty much the only emotions we’ve gotten from Galaxia at all, but holy shit, she’s so excited at this reveal that she’s actually LEANING FORWARD. And it’s such a pointless villain thing, like who are you trying to impress here, Galaxia. You know she doesn’t specifically give a shit what the Outers think, but she’s so fucking egotistical she can’t pass up the chance for them to “ooo” and maybe even cower a bit, that would be nice.

Also. Galaxia’s eagerness makes me think she’s been pretty much pissing her throne to tell SOMEONE about this, and that’s extra hilarious when you figure that she probably then MUST have told the rest of Corporate Googlaxia, and just please join me in imagining those reactions.

Gangster Mouse all “OoooOOOOOOooOoo. ….what’s a ‘nehellenia’?”

Siren clapping politely and asking if Miss Nehellenia will be coming by for tea later, because she and Crow-san could run to this lovely corner shop Siren found yesterday and pick up some cakes.

Crow giving the barest reaction necessary to appease Galaxia, while trying to figure out if this “Nehellenia” person is going to be some kind of threat to them or not. She makes a mental note to learn all she can about mirrors. When there’s mention of a “pegasus”, she almost asks “What is it?” but then decides she’d be better off researching it herself.

Fuckoff Meow melts into a sycophantic puddle and oozes around Galaxia’s feet saying how amazing and clever and perfect she is.