Let’s Play - Snipper Clips

i love when they seem to have as much fun playing as we have watching them<3 can’t wait for more of this game!

Havana - Cuba

Cuba is the largest of all the islands in the Caribbean, and with a population of 2.2million people, Havana is also the largest city in the Caribbean. The city was created in 1515 by Spanish conquistador Diego Velazquez. 

Havana’s architecture is incredibly diverse. The cities castles, that can date back to the 16th century, are juxtaposed against colonial buildings, and then modern high rises. Old Havana is where the cities most iconic neo-classical and baroque architecture can be found. This part of Havana is heritage listed by UNESCO. Best explored on foot, there are plenty of walking tours available for those wishing to explore the city. 


What is wrong with you? I don’t understand! - No, see that’s it, you don’t understand. Like, I’m not… I’m not an adult! Like, what we were doing back at the taco festival, like being like all adulty, that’s just not me! Okay? Like, I take advice from butter commercials!

23.03.17 - forgot I even ordered these pens but I’m really impressed with them considering how inexpensive they were!! 🌈🖊📚📝

March 23, 2017
  1. Gemini
     Beauty parlour

  2. Libra
     Cabbage roll

  3. Aquarius

  4. Aries

  5. Leo
     Peach flowers

  6. Sagittarius
     Fusion cuisine

  7. Cancer

  8. Virgo

  9. Scorpio
     Blended tea

  10. Capricorn
     Light blue

  11. Pisces
     Sewing set

  12. Taurus
     Frying pan