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Punish me (Smut)
I did a thing. I figured it to be best if this was EXO member optional, since with this storyline you could end up with any EXO member really. God forgive me for I have sinned. 

Pairing: EXO member x Reader (You will have to choose one at a certain point, or read it nine times)

Genre: Smut

Edit: Apparently the first part can be classified under ‘humour’. My sister read this and she was laughing her ass off? I did not intend for this to happen but yeah… If it’s the same for you, enjoy.

Word count: 4670 words

Warning: Phone sex, Oral sex, explicit language.

Punish me:

“No, I’m not a free phone sex service!” I shout annoyed through my mobile and immediately cut the call, throwing my mobile onto the kitchen counter. Once, just once, I had been spotted in public with the members of EXO and that was the result; forty calls a day that begin with either “What are you wearing?” or “Tell me how wet you are”.

My mother is the fixed cleaning lady for the Exo dorm, but she broke her leg a few weeks ago. In agreement with SM, I replace her until she gets better. It is summer holiday and that way I don’t need to search for a summer job.

The guys from EXO are my age, so of course the relationship between EXO and me is different than the relationship my mom has with them. Whilst my mom is more a motherly figure, I am more of a friend. That’s why a few days ago, they asked me to go out for dinner with them.

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You’re My Drug

Summary: You were drugged to death in an alleyway from a horrible party. Castiel manages to find you hours later, hate and guiltiness flooding through his body, he visits his favourite location.

Warnings: Mentions of being drugged, death, angst

Characters: Castiel x reader, Sam, Dean

Word count: 2k

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“Ca-as?” Your throat felt as though it was closing up. “P-please,”

If only you knew Castiel couldn’t hear you over his brothers and sisters blood curdling screams. You would’ve screamed louder, harder. 

It was a long and painful five minutes before you fell unconscious, your body laying in the dirty alleyway on display for anybody who walked by. 

You weren’t doing too good. Though you were unconscious and practically already dead to the world, you could feel a thumping migraine, and it wasn’t pretty.

It felt like an hour passed before your lungs had finally failed to operate with your brain. It was like you were purposely not breathing. If you were awake, you’d no doubt be clawing at your throat and gaping like a fish out of water.

As if like somebody had clicked their fingers, your heart stopped beating. 

Here you were, laying in the grubby alleyway, dead.

Really dead.

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Engraved pt. 7

<– Engraved 6 | Engraved 8 –>

Short: You’re a tattoo artist for a gang known as EXO who own a club down town. (read synopsis at masterpost)
Words: 3587
Warnings: swearing ( think), a lot of suggestive things, alcohol
Pairings: D.O. x Reader, slight Kai X Reader, slight Chen X Reader
A/N: This part is short, I know. But i’m sort of out of it. I’m sorry for the wait and that it ended up like this. I hope you enjoy though, let me know.

Read it HERE on AFF, or below on Tumblr.


“I can’t talk about this with you.”

Kyungsoo looked at you, round eyes holding a mixture of emotions that you couldn’t really point out. Your mind was clouded and you weren’t sure how to respond. You knew your last comment was wrong. It would make him only the more curious.
You reached out for him, hand circling around his wrist. “Listen.” you started, and to your surprise he didn’t say anything. “I would tell you, but this is none of your concern. It’s only going to trouble you.” There was a strain in your voice and you didn’t hide it, there was no point in it. This boy had just gotten you to admit something you normally didn’t struggle to hide. You never struggled to hide anything, but somehow you wanted to tell him. Like you just wanted to lay everything on the table and come clean, wipe away all the secrets.
He still stared at you. “I’m sure I can handle it.” 

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Galactica, part 10.

Hey guys. Can you believe we have already made it to part 10 of Galactica? To me it feels completly insane.

In this chapter Violet spends some alone time, Katya visits Trixie at work, Courtney continues to fuck up and we also meet everyones favorit supermodel.

A thousand thanks to @samrull and @toriibelledarling who are my rocks in the writing process of this story, and a special thank you to Nyx for being the darling you are <3

I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of this chapter!

(Rating: M)

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Jimin x Reader
Words: 4494
Notes: Y/N = Your / Name
yes you saw correctly over 4000 words 
something i wrote ages ago and decided to profusely edit 
plus i’m au trash

tell me what you think, i like feedback

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You dance around your room, it had been a great evening, it was a shame that your roommates were away, though, they would have loved it. Chelsea and Diana had been away on an exclusive family meeting in Hawaii, leaving you all alone in peaceful, quiet for two blissful weeks. The twin sisters constantly argued, barely an hour went by when they weren’t disagreeing over something, who wore what, who got to be your partner, who ate the last slice of pizza. Though, they were still the only real friends that you had.

The thing that was brilliant about their last minute vacation, was their small suitcase, they could only bring a select amount of clothes and that meant free pickings for the whole month they were gone. You pad over to their flat pack wardrobe, shrugging out of the cream, lacy cardigan you had borrowed.

But, no sooner had the flimsy, white doors been opened, black and white blur flew towards you, holding you a prisoner in its strong clutches. A firm hand is clamped down over your mouth, stopping you from screaming, “Shhh.” A soft voice whispered next to your ear, “I’m not going to hurt you.”

You waited for the ‘unless’ that would probably result in the loss of your hard earned cash or your laptop with all your lecture notes and projects. When it didn’t come, you tried to bite the hand, squirming like a fish out of water to get out of the person’s grasp. All your limbs thrashed around and you finally decided to try the deadweight trick. You let your legs crumble beneath you and your body went limp.

Your captor slackened their grasp on you for a split second, cursing under their breath. You took the opportunity to break free, almost diving across the room. You pressed your back against your desk, feeling around behind you for something you could use as a weapon.

The boy in the middle of your room laughed, not a loud one, but it seemed to vibrate inside you, rattling your bones and beating your heart like a drum so hard you could hear it thud against your ribcage. He lazily, swaggered over to Chelsea and Diana’s bunkbeds, swinging himself down on the bottom mattress, “You’re not gonna do much harm with a biro, love.” He smirked at you and a blush filled your cheeks, you cautiously placed the pen back on the desk behind you.

“What do you want?” You stood up to your full height, gathering all the confidence you had, although, your voice still shook when you spoke. The boy flicked his charcoal, black hair and pulled a bright red lollipop from his pocket, crumpling the clear, plastic wrapper in his fingers and dumping it on the floor. You weren’t sure how someone could look intimidating whilst eating a child’s sweet, but the handsome boy reclined on the bed less than two metres away from you was sure doing well.

You suddenly felt naked under his intense stare, you were only in a short pair of ripped, black shorts and a maroon, lace bralet, you covered your stomach with your arms and waited for him to look back up at your face.

“I just wanted to have a little shelter, I know some bad guys who would very much like me in their possession right now.” At that very moment a posse of three Police cars sped past the building, sirens blaring and their red and blue light casting patterns on the walls. “Just a slight misunderstanding,” he shrugged, “Some people just take things too literally.”

You nodded, closing the blinds, your rationality seemingly have fled the scene. “Okay, you can stay for a while, but any funny business and I will throw you out of that window.”

He laughed, tracing figures of 8 on the bit of bare skin showing through his black, ripped jeans. “Sure thing, love.” You gingerly sat down on your office chair, making sure to not take your eyes off him.

You must have fallen asleep, for when you awoke, the room was bathed in a golden light and your alarm played A/S faintly in your ear. Your mind found its way back to the boy and you sat bolt upright, your covers (that you didn’t recall picking up) falling down around your waist. You were thankfully still wearing last night’s clothes and nothing in the room seemed to be missing. Your eyes caught on a small package on your small, wooden desk, it was wrapped up in a silky, blue and white bandana. There was a note written on an orange post-it note, (probably scavenged from Diana’s bedside table) it read: ‘thanks for the hospitality, here is a token of my appreciation’. You lightly unwrapped the parcel to find a thin wad of cash amounting to $40 [A/N or your equivalent to aud] You groaned, promising yourself to always remember to lock the window in the future and to start counting down the days until you were sent to jail.

It sounded like a bird had hit the window and you sat in wondering why it wasn’t in splinters all over the floor. Although it wasn’t until it happened again that you finally dragged yourself out of bed, tugging on your favourite pair of blue fluffy socks.

At the window you stopped, looking down. A shadowy figure stood in the dewy grass two floors down, the street lights illuminating them like an angel, except, you know fully well that the boy looking up at you was no angel. The green numbers of the clock on your nightstand glowed 3:47 AM, and even from the distance, his eyes blatantly read: “Can I come up?”

Drops of rain streamed down the window like heavenly tears and it made everything outside blurry. Unsurely, you unlocked it and pushed it ajar. A gust of wind trespassed into the room, it’s freezing, autumnal current ravage your skin. The nimbleness that the boy manages to scale the side of the building shocked you and for a second you contemplated closing the window. But then he was in your room, his shoes squeaking on the pine floorboards and drops of water streamed off his hooded body.

You stared at each other for a second, neither knowing quite what to say. “Are you okay?” you asked, his right eye was hooded with a dark bruise, the ugly purple, brown, green and blue colours made your toes curl.

He pushed his grey hood back and ruffled his hair, “Yeah, I guess.”

On a sudden impulse, you took his hand, leading him out of your room and down the corridor, pretending that you hadn’t noticed how bloodied they were. You stopped at the dormitory bathrooms first, he found it amusing that it was the girls, (you wouldn’t have been surprised if he would have preferred it with more people.) You wrapped him up in one of the freshly dry-cleaned towels, sitting him down on a bench so you could dry his hair. You found it to be as soft as it looked and you tried to not look like you were enjoying yourself too much.

After he had decided that he was dry enough, you took him down to the cafeteria. It was strange walking the halls at night, the lights were all off and it was silent, apart from the low hum of the heating and water system, every breath you took sounded like a shout. “Are you hungry?” you asked, he shook his head, even though you knew he was eyeing the vending machines. He sat on the red, laminate benchtop of the 60’s styled booths, patiently letting you mop him up and bandage his hands with papery thin serviettes. You didn’t ask what had happened, you got the feeling you don’t want to know.

The kettle boiled and you froze, you hadn’t thought of what would happen if anyone woke up and caught you with a strange boy. You filled two disposable paper cups and shoved the milk carton and tea bag box under your arms, the milk carton a cold shock to your bare upper arms. You made a comical pair, running down the halls as fast as your legs will let you, the boy with his hands three times the size and you looking like a lunch lady gone wrong, desperately trying not to spill the scorching water down your front.

You drank the tea that you had successfully managed not to spill in quiet. Every now and again the boy flicked his lighter on and watched the flame as it danced and bobbed around. You broke the silence; “I still don’t know your name.”

“It’s Jimin.” He glanced up and with a flick of the wrist, tossed the lighter aside into his shoes, pulling the big, fluffy blanket you bestowed him with, closer around his shoulders. “You?”

You yawned, swirling around the dregs of your tea in the cup, the tea bag had split a little along the corner when you were fishing it out. “Y/N.”

He smiled a tired smile, humming your name under his breath, testing out how it sounded. To you, it sounded beautiful, he pronounced it with a certain twang that you had never heard anyone use before and you found yourself smiling back at him. “You can have your money and bandana back, by the way, I helped you because I wanted to.” (You didn’t add that you also helped him because you were scared witless.)  

Jimin leant back on Diana’s bed, “And I gave them to you because I wanted to.”

Seeing that you were fighting a losing battle, you gave up, rolling down onto your side, snuggling down deep under the covers. “Okay, thank you Jimin.” His name sounded so good aloud, better than it had the dozens of times you had repeated it in your head. “Goodnight, and in case I don’t see you when I wake up, please, please stay safe.”

You had dressed far too lightly and you cussed your head off when a fire engine sped past, splashing a wave of icy water on you. Your feet squelched whenever you took a step in your cream canvas shoes, your socks having soaked up what seemed like gallons of water. Groaning, you scanned the road in front of you for alleys that you could use as a shortcut back to campus.

A street called Broadchurch caught your eye, it was less gloomy than any of the others and was considerably wider. You jogged across the road and started speed walking down it, you figured that it should open back out a couple blocks away from campus.

Midway down the street, your eyes caught sight of a pale orange glow and once your eyes became better accustomed to the gloom, the faint silhouette of a person began to stand out. Your palms sweated and yet your skin erupted into goosebumps, the fine hairs on your arms standing on end. Instead of turning back, you decided to press on forward, tugging down on the fine cotton of your shorts to cover more of your legs.

“Y/N?” you felt your body jump as the shadowy figure called out your name, a tangled ball of fear and nerves.

You let out a sigh of relief as your big, scared eyes land upon Jimin. He leant against the wall, a cigarette hung from his full, red lips. “You dyed your hair!” You exclaimed, reluctantly tearing your focus from his mouth to take in the pastel orange. “It suits you.” He separated his parting, walking by your side down the street.

“You think so?”

You gave him a cynical look, not too different from what your third-grade math teacher use to give you. “I wouldn’t lie to you.”

You walked on in silence, coming out of the street and winding your way up to the campus. You were extremely thankful that you had stumbled across Jimin at all, you were certain that you would have got lost otherwise.

Whilst you walked, Jimin took occasional puffs of his cigarette, the grey smoke raising blowing out of his mouth like out of a chimney until there was nothing left. He then flicked it to the floor, stubbing it out with the heel of his boot. “Hey, Y/N?” He asked suddenly, “Can I bunk in your room again?”

You opened your mouth to reply when a loud, battle-cry-like shout echoed down the lane you were in, “There he is!” It screamed, and obediently five tall and bulky men charged towards you.

Jimin’s face paled and he swore, taking your hand in his and sprinting ahead. You struggled to keep up with him, even though your height wasn’t much different, his legs were longer than yours and that made running a lot easier on his part. The city became a maze, you wound up and down roads, across a park and into a thin passage. But the men always seemed to be right there, clipping your heels.

Then, you hit a blockade, a tall mesh fence trapped you in like the walls of a prison and you turned to Jimin desperately, “What now?”

He took a deep breath, chest heaving, “We go over.” you looked up, the top of it towered over you and you wanted nothing more than to not go over. The loud, angry shouts of your pursuers, however, convinced you that it must be done. You began to climb, going up and up until your arms started to shake from tiredness, the muscles almost crying out every time you moved. Jimin sat at the top, one leg on either side, beckoning you to hurry up.

You finally made it and you held up your pointer finger, “I need a second.”

Jimin’s face was desperate, his expression could have been carved into stone it was so hard.“Y/N, we don’t have a second, they’re climbing up! We have to go.”

“They aren’t after me, maybe they’ll leave me alone. You go ahea-”

He cut you off with a grave and dangerous look, “Y/N, you’re beautiful, even if they hadn’t seen you with me, you wouldn’t be safe.”

You heart jumped to your throat and you nodded. You weren’t sure if it was what he was hinting at that had caused your sudden bout of nervousness or the fact that he had called you beautiful, but the knots in your stomach tugged a little tighter. “Okay.”

You swung your leg over and began to climb down, the thin wire dug into the soft skin on your fingers, almost cutting off the circulation. At the point where the bad guys and you were about to become level at either side, Jimin called to you. He had already reached the bottom and waved madly at you, “Just jump, fall backwards, I’ll catch you.”

Your stomach dropped at how high up you were, but when you felt a hand grasp your shoe through the mesh, you didn’t decline. You turned as best you could and let yourself drop, free-falling the rest of the way down. Your eyes were clamped tightly shut when he caught you, his strong arms cradling you like a priceless vase. “I’ve got you,” Jimin whispered, pressing your head into his shoulder as you sobbed, completely overwhelmed by the situation. He smelt like he had been roasted alive, smoke clogging up your airways and something told you that it wasn’t even from his cigarette. “We’ve got to go.”

Settled safely in your room, you rested your head on his shoulder, “What have you done? Why do so many people want you dead?”

Jimin stroked your hair with a gentle hand, playing footsie with you under the covers. “I’m like the Robin Hood of the slums, I steal from club and arcade owners and gangs and all that, then I burn it all. There are kids there you know, their parent’s just dumped them rather than taking them to orphanages, and no one cares. So I steal from the scrum that blind and corrupt the police.”

“Is that where you live?”

“I use to, my step dad kicked me out when I was fourteen and I lived there until I was seventeen, I got a job, though, temporary as it was, it meant I could buy an apartment. It’s not too bad, I’ll maybe show you sometime.”

You hummed, too tired to talk anymore. You were content being snuggled up with Jimin and as much as you trusted him and he obviously trusted you, you could feel his defensive walls raising.

You banged your head frustratedly against the desk, “Honey,” Diana sighed, looking up from her phone, “You need to calm the hell down.” You groaned at her response, of course, she’d say that you’d be the personification of relaxed if you had just spent a luxurious month in Hawaii helping your loaded parents arrange their second wedding. “It can’t be that bad,” She sympathised, “Your one of Mr Jones’ favourite students right? He wouldn’t bat an eyelid if you handed in a composition on why Jennifer Lopez’s left but cheek is cuter than her right.”

You shook your head, “It’s not that, it’s Phycology, Ms Temming wants me to write an essay on the stupidest subject. I don’t remember why I ever thought it would fun.”

Diana laughed, “Sucks.” She then sat up, her face brightening, “By the way, you had a delivery a while ago, when you went to get a drink.” She fiddled around on her bedside table, picking up a cream slip of paper. “Here, I think you have a secret admirer.”

You took the paper off her, admittedly a little skeptically, the edges were burnt and torn unevenly, ‘water can be fun too’ it read, ‘10PM, Lawson’s corner’ You recognised the writing as Jimin’s from when he left the last note, it was hard to believe that it was over three weeks ago that you first met him. The note, however, made no sense, you knew that he was a little more comfortable with fire than most people, but the message had you completely puzzled. “Who left it?”

Diana, shrugged, “They just slipped it under the door, when I opened it, no one was there. Sooo…” you looked up from your phone at your expectant friend and roommate Diana. You had been researching Lawson’s, your phone told you that it was a greengrocer just outside of the slums. Your eyes flicked to the window where the white-globed streetlights shone through a late night haze, you found yourself slightly apprehensive at the thought of going there and possibly being brutally murdered. “What’s it all about?”

“It’s from my,” You paused, your what? What was Jimin to you? “…friend, he wants to meet up.” Diana waggled her eyebrows at you seductively, you rolled your eyes and began to put your shoes on, it was about 9:38 and it would take a while to get there, so you figured you needed to leave around now. “Goodbye loser!” you called to her as you left.

You got to Lawson’s Fruit and Veg Utopia quicker than you expected, your phone read 9:54, Google Maps had actually done its job for once and got you somewhere quicker than expected. You shivered slightly in your red cardigan, your legs were once again bare, in a pair of shorts that had kept you plenty warm in your heated room. You hadn’t learnt from last time. “Someone’s eager.” A low voice whispered near your ear and you jumped out of your skin. Jimin slung an arm over your shoulder, he smelt, like usual, of smoky campfires. “C’mon love, let’s go have some fun.” A shiver ran up your spine, but this time, it wasn’t from the cold weather.

You reached a dark building and the message finally made sense ‘water can be fun’ you were going swimming.

Inside there were three pools, a knee-deep pool for years 6 and under, with colourful mosaic cylinders spouting jets of water in steady streams. There was a long hundred meter lap pool with blue and red dividing ropes and the third was a large square with six white steps leading down into the deeper end.

Jimin left you at the pool’s edge for a second while he turned the temperature on, you slowly took your shoes off, why you hadn’t thought of this before, you had no idea. You’re not in your bathing suit but you didn’t want to disappoint him by not going in.

A wave of water surged towards you, the tsunami aftermath of Jimin jumping into the water, warm droplets left spots on your shirt and you hesitantly tugged it off over your head. You couldn’t help looking at Jimin, he stood waist deep in the pool, beads of water hung from the tips of his hair and his dark eyes glowed happily. You slowly made your way down the steps so you could adjust to the water’s temperature, the hardest part was trying not to stare at Jimin, his bare chest glistened in the faint moonlight [A/N this is so awkward to write o.o] and you could perfectly understand why scaling the mesh fence was so easy for him.

“Are you sure the owner won’t mind?” you asked, worried that you’d be sent to jail for breaking and entering, even though Jimin had convinced you that it wasn’t trespassing if you had a key.

He grabbed your hand and pulled you over to him, splashing you in the face at the same time. “Relax, it will be fine, I told you I knew the owner, didn’t I?”

You swam around for awhile, the water got warmer and the steam made it hard to see each other, but that only made it more fun. Jimin would dive under water and then pop up and grab you around the waist and spin you around until you squealed loudly. He stopped suddenly, arms protectively tightening around your middle, “Did you hear that?” You frowned, the room was silent, apart from the steady trickle of water from the filter and jets. Then you heard it, the muted sound of car doors closing. “Quick, get dressed. We’ve got to get out of here.”

You looked at him perplexed, “I thought you said we were okay? That you knew the owner?”

He smirked as he pulled on his top, it clung to his still wet body and you had to swallow hard, forcing your eyes not to stray from his face. “I said I knew the owner and sure, I met him a couple of times when I stole his keys and credit card. Now come on!” You groaned, you had known it was too good to be true, but you followed him out all the same. You escaped through a narrow window above the garbage bins and legged it from there all the way back to Lawson’s.

Jimin took a key out of his pocket and unlocked a chunky wooden door on the side of the building, you put your hand on his, “You didn’t steal this key did you?”

He laughed, “No love, I live here.”

His apartment was a three roomed house, the kitchen, the bathroom and a multipurpose room with a rickety, metal bed; sunken, olive sofa and out-of-this-century tv set. “Welcome to my humble abode.” He grinned, his chubby cheeks just begging to be squished. “I’ll get you a new shirt, your lips are turning blue.” Jimin hurried off to the bathroom, apparently were his clothes were kept.

You took the time to look around, there were a row of 9 lighters on top of the tv set in various colours, as well as pictures from the newspaper of burnt down buildings preserved like trophies. You wandered over to a corner where a small, shelf stood shakily, you sat down on the floor with your legs crossed and your cardigan thrown over them like a blanket. You thumbed your way through his book and DVD collection, picking out ones you hadn’t seen or read and making a mental note to ask if they were worth it.

Cold fingers skimmed down your arm and you jumped, something that you seemed to do a lot of in Jimin’s company. “Sorry, did I scare you?” Jimin asked, his face flushed with concern. You shook your head, even though he did. “I brought you a shirt, will it be okay?” You took the black top from his hands and held it up against your chest, it was far too big, but it would be better than the soggy mess you were in now. “Sorry it took so long, there weren’t many that were clean.” He chattered nervously, wringing his hands and purposely not looking at you, You giggled at his boyish awkwardness. “You can change in the bathroom if you like.”

You shrugged, “It’s fine, I just went swimming in my underwear with you, it’s nothing you’ve not seen before.” He looked away to hide the protruding blush filling his cheeks. You put the shirt on and it smelt purely of Jimin; musky smoke and cheap aftershave, a smell that you were beginning to crave.

You settled on the sofa, a thin, tartan blanket covering your legs. You sipped your can of strawberry milk slowly, gazing up at Jimin, trying to map out his face, from his soft cheeks to his dark, alluring eyes and full lips. “Jimin?” You said, “Was it you that burnt down that building that day?” Jimin hung his head, and you put your hand to his cheek, turning him to face you, “I don’t mind if you did, my mum, she,” you swallowed the hard lump in your throat, “she use to be a heavy gambler whilst I was in primary school, I have no pity for anyone who owns a casino.”

Jimin leant into your touch, looking down at you with a strange look on his face, “But the people inside could have died, you know.”

“I know. Just as long as you stay safe.” Then, you weren’t sure if it was your hand that was bringing Jimin closer, or if he was doing it of his own accord. Your lips met his gingerly at first, the pure heat of his skin shocking you. You felt Jimin’s strong arms carefully shifting you so you were lying with your back against the arm of the sofa, with him settled neatly in between your hips. He kissed you slowly as if he had all the time in the world and it drove you mad. You broke away from him for a split second, smiling up at his fiery eyes, “I think you’re going to have to teach me how to climb my wall.”

Jimin nestled his mouth into your neck, kissing softly, “Definitely.”